this is a energy based slash attack, great for long range, swift attacks, unlike the Xenoshock Punch, this requires a sword of any kind, once used, its very powerful and swift, almost nearly impossible to dodge unless you slow down time and is implanted into the XenoGene.


Geno the Hedgehog

Veno the hedgehog


How it started is a descendant of the infamous Dr. Eggman created this gene called the XenoGene and created 2 Hedgehogs Genetically Based off of Sonic And Shadow, to do his bidding, then implanted the XenoGene inside both hedgehogs. After that Geno and Veno was born. (the same as XenoArts bassacally)


How to preforms this, you need to have the XenoGene inside his/her body, the user also needs to Train very hard to use this, Geno and Veno got it already Due to Instinct, so other users must train With a Sword in order to access this move. this move Is also required in the XenoGene itself and can not be removed once implanted. also this can be very hard to master, due to its complex Movements and very overwhelming power, but if mastered correctly, it can be a very useful Move to use.

Significant Variants

Xenoshock Punch



Although this move is very swift and powerful, this can also be avoided just by slowing down time or having really extreme reflexes, its can also be countered by a sheild, luckily If the shield is weak, then it can break but if the shield is made of a strong metal or Energy field, then this attack is useless. If genetically altered, this can have fatal consequences in terms of health and Physical being, in other words, the user can die if the gene is Changed in any way.

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