XenoArts is a type of stat change that a user can manipulate its speed, power, wits and a mix of the following, this is Known to be a built in gene or implanted inside a artificial being. This is inspired by The Manardo Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles used by Shulk with some tweaks to make it more original and more sonic related.


  • Geno the Hedgehog
  • Veno the Hedgehog

(add if you Created a character with this ability)


How it started is a descendant of the infamous Dr. Eggman created this gene called the XenoGene and created 2 Hedgehogs Genetically Based off of Sonic And Shadow, to do his bidding, then implanted the XenoGene inside both hedgehogs. After that Geno and Veno was born.


How to preforms this, you need to have the XenoGene inside his/her body then he/she simply say the type of change he/she wants. for example, Geno says "Rush" meaning speed, allowing him to speed. there are more to it tho, even with the gene, it is required to train enough to master this technique.

Significant Variants

Xenoblade Slash

Xenoshock Punch

Weak Points

Depending on the Change in stats, it does have its weak points, for speed, it sacrifices power, for power it sacrifices speed and vice versa, its can be canceled by magic or sealed so it can't be used, other than that there is not many things that can cancel or disable this. This art of Stat Change is very complex to learn, so it requires a lot of Wits and willpower to master.


This has limited time of use, about 20 to 40 minutes of time for that stat to stay active, and can cause headaches after switching too much. This can also can cause harm to the user for switching too often. also if genetically altered, this could cause the user to think differently, causing the user to change from hero to evil and vise versa.

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