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Weapon Scans

This is a list of all the ranged weapons Xavek has scanned and retrofitted for his own use. Note that all weapons resemble weapons from the Games Transformers: War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron.

Plasma Caster

Xavek's starting ranged weapon. It fires off a red bolt of energy and can be charged for greater effect. Can also be used with Xavek's zoom function to fire at would be snipers, though the projectile is less effective. This drains a miniscule amount of energy each time it is fired. This can be used in both gauntlet busters simultaneously. Resembles the energon battle pistol.

Plasma Railgun

Xavek acquired this when he scanned the railgun a mercenary was using to try and kill him before said mercenary's gun jammed and Xavek killed him with the Plasma railgun. This gun fires off red bolts of plasma at a high speed at the target, though it drains a small amount of energy with each shot, the sheer amount of plasma bolts fired wil drain energy rapidly.  This can be used in both gauntlet busters simultaneously for double the plasma bolts fired. Resembles the X-12 Scrapmaker.

Plasma Sniper

Xavek scanned this weapon type during the cyclone bank heist he took part in, it resembles the null blaster from transformers: War for Cybertron with four shots of highly condensed plasma before it has to cool down. As it is a precision weapon, it has a slow fire rate and high recoil but can inflict grievous wounds if it hits. Xavek mostly uses this for headshots.

Plasma Harpoon

It is unknown when Xavek acquired this weapon but based on the design of the projectile, it seems it was meant for grabbing on to ranged enemies in a gruesomely flesh ripping manner while also cauterizing the wound. Once grabbed, Xavek could flail around the enemy like a mace using his augmented strength or drag them into melee range.

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