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Melee mode weapon scans

This is a list of the current melee weapons Xavek has scanned and is able to use. Each weapon can be used in both buster gauntlets either simultaneously or singularly.

Plasma Sabre

Xavek's starting weapon, composed of highly condensed plasma in the shape of a long sword. This weapon drains a steady but miniscule amount of energy. The blade is orange and gives off a neon glow. Used as balanced weapon meant for reliable offense, speed and defense.

Plasma Mace

Xavek acquired this weapon when he scanned the mace that previously belonged to a mercenary who was quick to anger and relied more on his brutish size and strength than intelligence or planning. Composed of plasma, yet the coloration and glow are different. The coloration of the mace is purple and the glow is ultraviolet in contrast to the plasma saber's orange blade and neon glow. This mace is used for heavy attacks, favoring offense and speed over defense. This mace drains energy at a slightly faster rate than the Plasma saber.

Though it is rarely shown, Xavek can extend the mace to hit targets that are further away from him. Thus using it as a sort of ranged weapon without actually taking the time to fire his other gauntlet or swap to a ranged weapon.

Plasma Axe

Xavek axquired this weapon when he and Erya Bernadette had a little altercation, mostly with her being scared of Xavek until he deemed her as not a threat, even after that little skirmish he found her to be weak. The Axe gives off a red glow while the axe itself is composed of plasma, which is in an orange color. The axe is used for defensive/heavy attacks, favoring defense and offense over speed. This axe drains energy at a low to moderate rate.

Plasma Claws

These claws are a verdant green with a faint blue glow surrounding them, of course being close to eight inches long and completely composed of plasma meant they are very hot, able to cut through most anything like warm butter. How Xavek acquired the scans for a set of claws might've been unknown, but one can speculate that it was during one of his routine observations of local fauna. Specifically the more predatorial kind, though they are for the most part impractical for xavek to use in combat given his slow and methodical fighting style contrasting with how the claws should be used in combat, Xavek does use them for making his own entryways into hostile territory.

Plasma Chain

The Plasma Chain is composed of white hot plasma, hot enough that it gives off a few distortions in Xavek's normally heat resistant frame. Thus, Xavek does not use it as much. Following the same principals as his Plasma Harpoon and his Plasma Mace, the plasma chain is capable of extending to hit targets normally out of melee range for Xavek and can even be used to grab onto objects and enemies. However, those struck by the chain would end up with very nasty burns that are often times crippling and can turn out to be fatal. Even more so for objects and individuals grabbed by the chain, as the chain is comprised entirely of plasma it will melt down anything not suitably heat resistant given enough time.

Even so, Xavek has yet to display this weapon in combat and when he acquired a scan of a combat chain is up in the air, though one can speculate it was during an encounter with a particularly egotistical 'hero' who thought he was another eggman robot or something along the lines of that.

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