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Overcharge mode is a sort of last ditch method Xavek rarely employs because of the inherent risks associated with the form, preferring not to take unnecessary risks in combat; even so he will only resort to this mode if he deems it necessary or when one has sufficiently enraged Xavek. The change is marked by a shimmering red energy surge around Xavek as the various cybernetic implants and circuitry inside of his body is rendered visible. In addition, his right Plastech Gauntlet starts to expand all the way up to his upper arm, thus becoming something reminiscent of a tank cannon and his left Plastech Gauntlet's plasma saber starts to increase in length as the temperature of the blade rises.


"The extermination of all organic life! Begins! Now!" - Xavek, Overcharge mode


  • His physical attributes are enhanced greatly because all of his implants are running at full power.
  • He can access his ZVK Electro-telepathy cluster, which allows him unparalleled control over machines via advanced alien cyber-warfare nodes and signals.
  • His second mouth (the one on his chest) starts to secrete a clear, odorless cyber-venom that in low dosages can kill a fully grown mobian and severely injure one who's in a super form of some kind, depending on the power of said form.
  • He can freely cycle through secondary ammunition types for his gauntlet cannon and weapon types for his melee styled Gauntlet Buster without having to absorb certain elements and materials with his Energy Absorption and Converter Matrix. An example would be his cannon going into napalm mode while his Plasma Saber converts into a fusion axe.


  •  Xavek's overcharge form has a time limit as a result of his implants overclocking themselves, placing him in emergency stasis lock after a total of two hours had passed in Overcharge Mode.
  • His second mouth can only be used as a surprise attack as it cannot launch it's secreted cyber-venom in the air towards Xavek's opponent.
  • While this mode increases his physical attributes, it does nothing to enhance his speed; meaning that he is still very slow. Naturally this means that anyone fast enough could potentially hammer away at Xavek with hit and run tactics. This is of course assuming that Xavek doesn't decide to break engagement in favor of ranged combat.
  • The glowing of his cybernetics is a clear indication that Xavek is powering up. Something which a smart opponent could use to his or her advantage.

RP Rules

  • Xavek can only activate this form if his health is below 45%, which is indicated by the on-board HUD that Xavek has. (Meaning I would ask about an opponent's RP character's attack stats and compare them to Xavek's defense stat.)
  • Each post of Xavek after he uses this form counts as thirty seconds, with ten posts being the maximum time limit of five minutes. In which case, Xavek's Neural inhibitors would activate. Rendering him docile, curious and relatively harmless. However, if Xavek is in the possession of a chaos emerald or is under the affects of chaos control, the number of posts before Xavek powers down would be doubled as the time increments would be cut in half.
  • (E.G, 1 post = 30 seconds, 10 posts = 5 minutes w/o chaos emeralds/control. With chaos control, 1 post = 15 seconds, 20 posts = 5 minutes.)

"The extermination of all organic life! Begins! Now!" - Xavek, Overcharge mode

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