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Cquote1.png Sir Xarax at your service. For now at least.. Cquote2.png

Xarax the Caracal is a fallen knight who betrayed his kingdom for their injustices towards him, basically shattering the entire place. He then became a sort of assassin for hire. He's known for his manipulative tendencies and backstabbing nature. He is regarded as a threat and is on the most wanted list by the Messeans.


General Appearance

Xarax appears as a slender and normally sized Caracal. His fur is the standard sandish-brown/orange, typical of the species. He has dark patches of black fur around his eyes and ear tips, as well as a black nose. His muzzle and ear fur is a creamy white with grey outlines. His eyes are a charred black, with some red around the iris. He rocks a decently lengthy slick-back with some strands of hair hanging in front of his face.

Armor & Clothing

Xarax is a Caracal of flash and style, he does not like wearing anything that doesn't show off his new found riches and respect. He casually wears a long black coat (similar to something out of the Victorian era), black leather gloves, long black trousers with knee high boots.

As for armor; his set includes of a black long coat with orange accents and some chain mail, a thick black breastplate with the similar orange accents, a black squid-like helmet that completely covers his head (only revealing his ears), black gauntlets, and some reinforced leather for boots. The back of his breast plate holds two sheathes for his parrying daggers (Sai).


Xarax is what can be described as cunning. He's a quiet, yet ruthless individual with strong ambitions. He is utterly obsessed with bettering himself and being better than others. Once driven towards something, nothing can deter him on his conquest. It was such an attitude that gained the attention of the royal Queen Yarga.

Because of his poor upbringing, Xarax is exceptionally well at conserving things of any matter. Unlike many other knights of Slevka, he didn't get himself flashy weapons and bright armor that would only attract the attention of enemies. Yet, despite this he tries his best to ensure he looks presentable towards others. To him, appearance is not something to miss.

Xarax is not a caring figure at all though. His character is one of selfishness, greed. Everything he does is simply for himself. Even when joining the Four Knights of Yarga all he could think of was the money he would earn from it, he didn't care for his kingdom either, as it was never where he was born; only where he was raised.

He has no intention of making friends, he simply views others as playthings to reach whatever agenda he has in mind. Xarax has no sense of loyalty and doesn't care to make one. If betraying some one is the right thing in his mind, he will not hesitate to betray. He was once bound by honor for he had to become a knight, but once he became one; nothing mattered to him.

His cut throat emotionless nature led him to being titled many degrading and insulting names back in Slevka.


The Beginning

Xarax was born on the coastlines of Mavenland in a small town known as Arong Harbor. His family wasn't rich and was broken during his birth, as his father had left the family. Xarax only knew of his mother and younger sister for a brief period of time. He did not stay in Mavenland for much of his youth. His mother grew weary of Mavenland and knew that with the declining revenue that his family had, she had no choice but to set him up for adoption and send him over seas. Young Xarax was sent to neighboring island, Oris where he was raised under a household of moderately earning lords.

His new found family was quite rich compared to his old one, but this did not affect the way Xarax was taught and how he was raised. To the contrary of his new family's money, Xarax was treated like a dirt poor peasant. Slevka was a rich kingdom with very little peasants, to suffice for slaving work; the new family treated Xarax as a peon to do their bidding. The family cared very little for Xarax, only making sure he ate, was clean, and presentable to others. Despite having all that money in the family, he had lived a life far worse than what he could've been living with his mother.

Teenage Years

Xarax's family grew more revenue over the years by getting closer to Queen Yarga. Often the family would visit Yarga during her massive speeches. The family was even known to have political power in some ways, determining what classes could get into certain events just to see the Queen. It was through his family's ties that Xarax got to finally meet Queen Yarga.

The meeting was short, but Xarax was ordered to assist the Queen with some of her burdens. The task at hand was to find other youth of his age and to introduce her to them. Xarax wasn't a social caracal so he suffered through a lot of difficulty with the task, yet eventually he did find a group of kids that stood out from the other youth. Xarax chose three other children due to their ranks in society and how popular they were. The Queen promised a reward to Xarax that he would find out only once the task was completed.

One was Lorant, a strong eagle who was skilled at fencing from family lineage; he possessed the powers of fire. The second was Alexia, a young panther who was raised a archer turned devout scholar; she possessed powers of magic/poison. The last was a hulking ox, his name was Urbek, full of hulking strength and had great endurance; he possessed lightning.

Yarga was pleased with his discoveries and instantly took the other children into knighthood. Xarax whom was eager for a reward asked the Queen if he too could be knighted, only to see the other children laugh due to the fact that he was a relatively unknown character with no background of any kind.

Cquote1.png Him? A knight? That's hilarious. I only came cause Queen Yarga insisted, I almost didn't believe him, ha. Cquote2.png
Lorant to Alexia and Urbek.

Yarga denied but she hugged young Xarax and patted his head, telling him she was done with him for the day. Infuriated and betrayed by the Queen's false promises, Xarax went home with his fist clenched and for the first time with tears in his eyes. He was heart broken and disappointed, however this wasn't the end for his journey to become a knight.


The kingdom of Slevka was under constant anguish from the Daviau territory up in the north and the Démoniaque family of the same location. It was under war with two different kingdoms and Yarga wasn't looking too good. She began heavily looking for adolescence she could raise into knights as quickly as possible. Lorant, Alexia, and Urbek were her royal knights to protect her at all costs; but she felt she needed a fourth knight. One who didn't let emotion linger in his work or complain. She started a trial of tests for her knights in practice.

Xarax joined the ranks the instant he heard about her hiring to find a fourth knight. He knew it was the perfect chance to live up to Yarga and actually earn his title as knight. Despite how heart broken he was before, he wanted to prove to the Queen he was worth being that fourth knight; to prove to the other knights he was better.

Despite joining, he was denied of many opportunities as his new family labelled him as a peasant, causing him to have a heavy disadvantage to becoming that actual fourth knight of Yarga. He was put through constant tests of strength and skill.

It was through these years that Xarax learned how to use weapons of all kinds. He ended up with a preference of Flails and curved weapons, his prized weapon was the shotel he first trained with. He trained himself to left hand it, while primarily focusing on flail combat in his right (dominant) hand. Soon after mastering these two weapons, Xarax learned how to parry, counter, and riposte with his twin Sais. He was easily the best combatant out of his competition.

Once he won however, the decision of him becoming the fourth knight was rebuked and handed to a much more privileged scholar who possessed prowess of Water. He was instead moved to a far lesser rank of permanent Squire. Xarax was outraged.

Cquote1.png I must be knighted! Cquote2.png
Xarax's outrage post loss.

Guards moved him and sent him to assist in cleaning after Lorant and Urbek. Xarax hated his new found job so much he was moved to sabotage his fellow knights to earn the Queen's love. Xarax returned to assist the knights with advice on how to get the Queen's trust, and even taught them how to fight, unbeknownst to the Queen that is. He earned the trust of the young knights, even the scholar who "bested" him. Little did the knights know how much jealousy and disdain he had for his kingdom and how little he cared for the other knights.

Xarax wanted to best the other knights, and he didn't care what cost it would have on the other knights.

Becoming the Fourth Knight

Xarax sabotaged each and every knight close to the ranks of being fourth knight. He made it so that there would be no more challenges to rivaling the fourth knight. He did this by oiling up weapons with his oleokinesis. This was a power genetically handed down to him due to the fact that his mother was a pyromancer and his father controlled sludge. The powers mixed granting him thick oily prowess since youth, Xarax was ashamed of his power but he grew to love it in his adult years.

He also injured the other knights, and since no one knew of his powers he had gotten away with it. Since Xarax was a squire, he had deep connections with the knights. Regardless of who they were, Xarax knew Alexia, Lorant, Urbek, and Scholar Yukuh well.

He made it a priority to get close to Yukuh, the knight that replaced him. Yukuh was very apologetic for stealing his rank, but she understood that Yarga needed a new knightess. She went as far as to kissing Xarax's cheek in order to comfort him.

Cquote1.png I know you're hurt.. Believe me.. I'm not like the other knights, I wish nothing but to give you your well deserved rank. I honestly didn't want to be a knight.. I didn't think I would win.. But Yarga needs me, you must understand correct? Cquote2.png
Yukuh to Xarax

Xarax didn't care about her kind words or her sympathies, he wanted her rank. Guards began to get suspicious of all the injuries and disappearances of the other knights, but they simply couldn't afford to keep track of that as the kingdom was under constant battle outside its walls. Queen Yarga grew worried but even she knew to prioritize her kingdom over the lost children.

A battle took place right at the kingdom's gates, it was a bloody one where every knight was at their post. Lorant led his troops and other knights into victory, Alexia assassinated the commanders, Urbek laid waste to many scoundrel and scum of the Daviau and Démoniaque troops, whereas Yukuh was missing. Xarax took Yukuh to a small area far from the battle field and warned her to take care of the civilians behind the doors of Yarga castle. Yukuh complied, trusting Xarax.

Xarax knew well that this would stall her and make the other knights untrusting of her, and because of this lie, it brought time to Xarax to assist his kingdom in its time of need. He took his weapons from Knighthood and fought alongside the other three knights of Yarga. 

Yukuh stood behind protecting no one, she explored the castle to find any soul inside and nothing was found. She felt she had been betrayed by Xarax. Though her realization was too late as the enemies were thwarted and deterred outside of the kingdom once more.

It was because of the lateness of Yukuh why she stood trial for not assisting her companions. Yukuh blamed her ignorance of the battlefield on Xarax to which Xarax denied, stating he assisted far more than she ever did. Queen Yarga was hesitent but she sided with Xarax as he proved his might in the battlefield along the other knights.

Cquote1.png You were handed one chance as my knightess to assist me during my time of need. You didn't, but this young peasant did.. I'm displeased with you, young Yukuh. Your title and rank is no more. It shames me to say so.. Cquote2.png
Queen Yarga's decision with Yukuh.

The young raccoon fled in tears, as Yarga stood watching, the old Queen was heartbroken. She then stares at Xarax and tells him to bend his knee before the other knights. She pulls out a lengthy sword handed to her by Lorant who stood by her. She began to knight Xarax out of desperation.

Cquote1.png Young peasant, you have presented yourself to not only your kingdom, but your queen. I present you with a power long awaited for you. I care not of what the court thinks of this, my rule is absolute. Xarax of Mavenland, you are now Sir Mirrah of Slevka. I am humbled by you, my honorable knight. Cquote2.png
Yarga when knighting Xarax.

The other three knights were displeased but did not show it and chose to ignore their emotions for their Queen. Xarax had finally become the fourth knight he's dreamed of becoming.

"The Great Betrayer" Earns his title

Once becoming the fourth knight, Xarax knew exactly what to do to enact punishment on all the other knights for their foul treatment towards him in earlier years. Xarax carefully planned how he was going to betray the others and his kingdom for spite of what they did to him.

Lorant had a deep love for Alexia, the same love was shared back to him and the two were passionate lovers during their knighthood. Xarax knew that in order to set things in balance, he had to break the spirit of the other. Lorant was too powerful, too aggressive to have his spirit broken over Alexia; Alexia however was just feeble enough to crush. Due to the recent attacks by enemy territories, the kingdom was never safe ever since the Yukuh incident.

Xarax assisted in the battlefield, but only enough so that he would never be stricken with betrayal of the Queen like Yukuh was; not quite yet. Xarax took the time to earn a degree of trust between his fellow knights, nothing close though.

Lorant had a deep fear of water as he was a pyrokinetic who needed assistance when he was to clean himself with water. All Xarax needed to do was trick Lorant into jumping into a pit of water. Since Slevka was nearby water at almost every edge the trick wasn't too difficult. Lorant wasn't terribly intelligent, he was only a tactician who relied on his team to assist him in his decisions, Xarax paid close attention to this behavior.

During an attack, Xarax took the time to separate the groups into two so the knights could get better footing. Lorant did not like this idea, but Alexia and Urbek did. With that, the four split into duos.

Xarax of course went with Lorant to guard the coast for any sea attacks. Xarax was right and a sea attack came, taking the attention of the guard to fight the other on coming knights and infantry. Xarax and Lorant were victorious to which Xarax convinced Lorant to meet with him closer by the shore to inspect for more enemies, leaving behind the other soldiers to take care of more infantry. Lorant complied as he had gained trust of Xarax. It was at this moment Xarax coated himself in oil and Lorant began to pick the pieces of who sabotaged the other children and his misdeeds with Yukuh.

Cquote1.png I-It was you! How could you, Xarax!? Thi-This is your kingdom! Wha-! Hey! What on Earth do you think you're do-! AGH! Cquote2.png
Xarax as he grabs Lorant by the throat and slams him into water.

The oil coating of Xarax's body left him impervious to the water's effects. Lorant tried his best to fight back by setting Xarax a flame, only to find out that it didn't affect him and his grip didn't loosen. Xarax walked closer and closer into the ocean diving Lorant's flaming body into the water only to watch his flames turn into steam.

Cquote1.png Out of all, I hated you the most. Cquote2.png
Xarax to Lorant.

He dived deeper and deeper with Lorant hanging by his throat. The young Eagle was drowning and couldn't struggle enough to break free as he had run out of energy as soon as his flaming body touched water. Xarax strangled him under water and held his body down with oil and rock. Once he arose from the water, there was nothing but fire and oil at the surface of the ocean, Xarax didn't even care to clean up after his tracks.

Once the job was done, Xarax lead the soldiers back to their quarters claiming victory. Alexia and Urbek had too won their battles. Queen Yarga then ordered for a knights meeting, only to find Lorant gone.

Cquote1.png Where's my Lorant?.. D-Did he die in battle?.. Cquote2.png
Queen Yarga asks cautiously.

Alexia was the most heart broken just as Xarax expected. He saw her spirit crumble. Soon after, Alexia drops her kingdom's crest and becomes crestfallen; leaving her former knightess title. Yarga quickly banished her from the kingdom. With no other knights but Urbek and Xarax, Yarga's grip on the kingdom grew worse. Citizens became worried they were going to be enslaved by the new territories, they all lost faith in their kingdom despite their recent victories.

Xarax had only two to sabotage before his deed was complete, to get rid of Urbek and to destroy the Queen. Urbek was easy. Urbek had primitive intelligence that he made up only with strength and skill. He could take a beating and quite badly, but he wasn't undefeatable or unkillable for that matter. All it took was simple manipulation to bring Urbek to the depths of the castle for a small chat.

Xarax went in quickly for the kill by punching Urbek in the throat, causing the Ox to stand stunned. This did not stop the large ox however, he quickly shifted into massive aggression by attacking with his great axe and lightning bolts. Xarax quickly coated himself with oil, and he spread it across the room.

Urbek grunted and nodded, knowing he was going to die due to the how cramped the room was and that the oil was going to set itself into flames with the electricity. Such a thing just happened. While set a flame, Urbek fights back as best he could, trying to grab Xarax and set him on fire as well. Little did Urbek know that flames didn't affect Xarax in the slightest. It only coated the ox in more oil causing the flames to increase. The Ox eventually lost strength and burned to a crisp.

Lastly was the Queen. Being suspiciously the last knight of Yarga, Queen Yarga got grew very weary and afraid of Xarax. She didn't order him to die as she knew he was her last defense, or at least she hoped he would be. With no one to lead the soldiers and infantry into the next conflict, enemies stormed into the castle of Yarga eager to behead the Queen.

There Xarax stood beside her awaiting the enemies. The enemies entered and destroyed the rooms until they were face to face with Xarax and Queen Yarga.

Cquote1.png Go, Sir Xarax! Die for your Que- Your kingdom! Post haste! Cquote2.png
Queen Yarga desperately commands as a group of enemies close in on her.

Xarax began to laugh and pace side to side looking at the groups of soldiers. He shakes his head now, continuously laughing in a condescending fashion. The Queen gets enraged but she's more frightened than anything.

Cquote1.png You know what's funny? After all this time, I've been protecting and saving your disgusting kingdom from these crazed fools but never have you done me a favor. Never has anyone in this blasted kingdom ever cared about me, so why should I care for it? I killed your men, I made it so I would become the fourth knight. Now I have riches, fame, and a body count. My blood thirst is quenched, have at her. Cquote2.png
Xarax waves his hand to the infantrymen as they begin mercilessly attacking the Queen.

Queen Yarga's last words were muttered, calling Xarax the "Great Betrayer". The caracal shoved and pushed the infantrymen out of his way exiting the kingdom, every citizen who ran in peril called him the fallen hero, the coward in shining armor, and the sinister knave.

Outcome & Future

Xarax left Oris by boat back into Mavenland. He became a petty street criminal for hire. He is dubbed as an assassin as his work always job requires him to kill personal targets. Xarax is filed by the Daviau family for murder and treason of his fallen kingdom, they sent assassins after the long gone caracal.



Xarax has the natural power to control oils. Whether it's bodily sebum, flammable oils, or gasoline; Xarax can control it. He can make it out of no where, make his enemies excrete sebum to give him vigor, or simply make the environment a hazard. He can coat himself with this to make him impervious to any other liquid and immune to flames as the coated oil burns. It can also be used as a means of sticking to objects.


Nullification of Fire & Water

Fire and Water are simply useless against Xarax and for good reason. Due to his his mother being a pyromancer, Xarax has gained a natural affinity toward fire, it quickly grew into a resistance, then nullification of the element all together. This is because of how strong the pyromancy genes were in his mother. But due to the gene mixture of parents, Xarax gained Oleokinesis.

When coated in Oil, he can ignore water to a certain degree. As long as huge waves of water aren't hitting him, his oily coat will not fade. He could be in the deepest depths of the ocean and still survive if his oil coat is still intact. The draw back is that it will tire Xarax quickly undersea.


Skilled with Blades & Maces

Xarax is quite the bastard when it comes to his skills with curved swords and maces. Taught exceptionally well by Slevka trainers, he learned quickly how to battle with a Shotel and Morning star Flail. He even taught himself how to fight ambidextrously in order to fight enemies quicker with tenacious combos. His flame imbued Shotel and bleeding flail work well and chain with each other quite nicely.

Skilled Deflector and Counter Artist

Xarax is no fool when it comes to combat, he can deflect most weapons momentum (anything besides huge weapons) to stun his opponents and leave them open for a riposte. He does this with his small sai which he switches to very quickly to parry an enemies attack on strike. His counter attacks are very hard hitting and quick as well, they are timed almost to perfection in certain occassions. These combat skills were also taught by masters in Slevka.



Xarax is quite weak to anything that can rupture his oils. This leaves him open to attacks from geokinesis, magic, and several other fields of elemental practice. Freezing his oils also makes him quite vulnerable. If frozen, he literally will have almost no offensive or defensive against any kind of attack. It's honestly very unpredictable to him.

Overly Confident Fighter

Xarax think's he's the best in the world at fighting and will show off often in a fight. He does this by waiting for an enemy to strike so he can parry it or counter attack it. The problem comes with if he misses he's incredibly vulnerable as his guard was broken by the enemy, leaving him open to any sort of damaging attack. He doesn't dodge much and refuses to dodge until he can parry his enemy at least once. It's this stubbornness that makes him quite weak as a fighter. Quick attacks that are hard to predict will throw the Caracal off.


  • Xarax's concept and ideas stem from the lineage of Vile Knights in Dark/Demon's Souls Franchise.
    • He shares the same weapon as Yurt, the Silent Chief (Demon's Souls), Knight Lautrec of Carim (Dark Souls), and Ringfinger Leonhard (Dark Souls III) which is the curved sword called the Shotel. He even uses the Sai for parrying.
      • His middlename is Leonhard, a direct reference to Ringfinger Leonhard of Dark Souls III.
        • He killed his once called allies, just like Creighton the Wanderer (Dark Souls II) did when he was betrayed by Pate.
          • His last name is Mirrah which is a referenced fictional location in Dark Souls II.
  • Xarax's birthday is November 16th, just the same as his owner's. This makes him a Scorpio, but he has a Capricorn moon. /wink
  • The Daviau family is the same family as Vrai's and Faux's.
  • His comrades partnering knights were all based of Dark Souls characters themselves. They were based on the Four Knights of Gwyn.