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Xantho the Hedgehog
Emerald Trophy3 Voted Best New Character for spring 2012!

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Biographical Information
Age 15
  • Track the Hedgehog (Father)
  • Lynz the Hedgehog (Mother)
  • Kaiser the Hedgehog (Brother)
  • Wovlyn the Hedgehog (Sister)
Alias"The Traveler"
Romantic Interests N/A
Physical Description
Species Hedgehog
Description A dark red hedgehog with bright red stripes, a tanned muzzle, and dark brown eyes.
Attire A dark blue pair of pants, with a scarf of the same colour around his neck, he has white, fingerless gloves and green shoes.
Political Alignment and Abilities
Alignment (Anti) Hero
Affiliations None
Weaponry Kireme Nonai Uiru/ Unbroken Will
Abilities Pyrokinesis, able to control heat in the surrounding area, super-speed & minor umbrakinesis & aerokinesis.
Super Forms Overdrive, Alpha, Omega & Final.
Other Information
American V.A. OmegaEdge ZX
Japanese V.A. Hideyuki Tanaka
Theme Song(s)

The Burning Mountain- The Seven Voices of Thunder

The Meaning of Truth- HIRO X

Appearances None so far
Original Creator OmegaEdge ZX

Xantho is a anthropomorphic hedgehog and the fursona of OmegaEdge ZX.

Xantho is a rather mysterious hedgehog, who is the age of 15. He is a traveler, moving from place to place, not out of nesseccity, but because it's his choice, to not get attached, as he'd prefer to not get caught up in the affairs of the place in question.

He has a exceptionally strong will, which is vital in fuel his weapon, "Kireme Nonai Uiru", meaning "Unbroken Will" in Romaji. He is taught as a swordsman, and also has survival training and has been taught in the school of stealth/ espionage.


Xantho is a slightly cold character, who is prefers to be alone, though he isn't anti-social. He usually backs away from anyone trying to be-friend him though this reaction occurs upon them first meeting, as he slowly, but surely, warms up to people.

He is also a rather serious character, who prefers action to debating, though when the timing is right he's prefer the opposite, though that is a rather rare occurance. He is a rather literal thinker, sometimes not picking up the alternate meaning behind a statement, particually if it is riddled with sarcasm.

He isn't one to cause trouble for no reason, and only if there is a good enough reason. He prefers to stay within the law, if only the border of it, meaning that he would only do the illegal to accomplish his goals, though he would prefer not to.

He prefers to be asking the questions, rather than just sitting on the sidelines or being questioned himself, and he will use any force neccessary to get the infomation, including breaking a few bones, literally.

He is, overall, neutral, though he prefers to side with the heroes, though there may be occassion where he'd prefer to remain neutral in the situation, though this is usually not the case, so in short, he is a hero, with a neutral out-look.


Xantho was the eldest of 5 siblings.. Xantho was a rather lonely child, even before the incident, only really talking to the people he let close. He was constantly bickering with his youngest brother, as his dad called it, "A lion fighting another lion", as they had the same personality.

Though he may not have as much as a tragic past, he still prefers to keep his outlook on others neutral at best, keeping most infomation about him close to his chest.

Not much is known about him, not even on G.U.N. records, other than the trivial stuff, (I.E age, place of birth, etc, etc). He doesn't really like answering questions about his past, as it is for him to know alone, though if he is in the right mood, he might talk, though this is unlikely, and it would have to be with someone that he trusts.

Physical Description + Attire

Xantho is approx. 3'4, a slight bit taller than the generic hedgehog, he as dark red fur, with bright red stripes. He has a tanned muzzle, with a deep red scar going across his left eye-lid and his muzzle, he also has dark brown eyes. He has a slight muscular figure, along with a imposing one.

His pants are a dark blue colour, along with his scarf, which he mainly uses to cover his muzzle, he has fingerless white gloves, and dark green shoes, with a pattern on both his gloves and shoes.

Items in Possession

  • Kireme Nonai Uiru: A sword that is fed through Xantho's will, the amount of will power fed to the sword depends on how much power the sword currently has. The amount of will fed to the sword can be changed, though the higher levels can cause fatigue among other conditions. The level of power is signified through the aura lines the surround the edge of the sword, with dark blue- green being low levels (1-4), purple being the middle level (5), and gray- gold being the higher levels (6-10).

Powers & Techniques


Xantho has extremely powerful pyrokinesis, with his flame being a distinct shade of blue, though this power is highly draining, which usually ends up with him falling unconsciousness if he only uses it in a fight. He also has minor umbrakinesis, which he only uses for defensive and evasive purposes, and aerokinesis, which he uses as his secondary form of transportation even though he can't attain flight, he uses it to float down to Mobius/ Earth when falling from a great height, or to give him a extra boost into the air, also mainly used as a way of evasion.

Xantho possesses as ability, called "Koi no Sutando", which is mainly used as a way to escape a battle situation, even after a K.O. It enables him to get back up after a hit that would K.O. him, though it requires him to activate it mentally, as it doesn't activate automatically, which enable him to get up again, though as a consequence, all his senses are nulled, so he is unable to pick up as much noise, and it more likely to run into things.

He has a rather strategic fighting style, let his opponent strike first, or multiple times in a row after that, as to estimate his reaction speed, and then proceeds to attack with whatever is necessary, whether it be using powerful attacks on a slower enemy, or a series of quick attacks on a fast opponent, or a mix of both if the opponent has a rather medium speed.

The only physical weapon that he uses is his sword, which he prefers to use to counter opponents with sharp appendages (I.e other kinds of sharp weapons, bone appendage weapons, etc, etc), which he can summon at will. He has a quick and steady/ firm grip on his sword, being able to give out quick lashes out at the enemy.

He was taught by his father, though only on the occassions when he rarely came home, leaving Xantho to think and come up with his own special techniques, meaning that they are only used by him and him alone, though he hasn't perfected them all yet, it's only a matter of time.



  • Rapid Burst Kick: A very fast flurry of feet, mainly used to send the opponent back, rather than do damage. It can also be used to re-direct attacks.
  • Phoenix Shot: A weak, but incrediblely fast homing projectile, it's mainly used to burn the opponent, the round is the size of a eagle, and is shaped like a phoenix.
  • Rocket Punch: A attack similar to the homing attack/ lightspeed dash, Xantho rockets towards the opponent, with his fist out infront, giving out a very brutal and painful attack, it's mainly used as a altetrnative to the aforementioned techniques.
  • Burst Fire: A powerful attack, mainly used as a finisher, the user summons all the flames that they can, and directs to at their foe, usually resulting in 3rd degree burns. The user can use the 1/2 power version repeatedly with more use, the full power version is one that requires a skilled master of pyrokinesis to master, and usually resulted with the user being knocked out with a short use, with a prolonged use usually ending up putting them into a coma.
  • Omega Combat: A more refined version of burning and close combat, using both the power of fire and darkness to fuel his attacks, though the charging time is a lot longer, though the power is well worth it if you can fully charge it up.
  • Will Breaker: Xantho's ultimate attack, he combines and places all his remaining power in his sword, which grows ten-fold in size and strength, then he charges in a beam of light at the foe, with the sword's point aimed at the foe, giving a almost certain K. O. This attack comes with a heavy price though, a higher chance of unconsciousness than all his other moves.


  • Kaiser Shield: A technique named after his youngest brother, Xantho creates a nigh impenetrable shield of pure darkness, though the move is rather draining, and shouldn't be used for more than a few seconds in any situation, any darkness attack on this sheild gives him extra energy, though light attacks can disable this shield for any amount of time, depending on the power of the attack.
  • Reflect Pulse: A pulse is sent out from Xantho's hands, which reflects all short range and small projectiles, though anything larger than a average door, can't be repulsed.


  • Darkness Rage: A unique move, as it to boost the power of the user to exponential levels, though the effects are powerful and short term, the consequences are long-term, as the user's power is drained for a certain amount of time, depending on how skilled they are with Umbrakinesis. The time needed is long enough however, to have the opponent attack, leaving the user wide open. This move usually makes the skin go pale and the fur given a darker shade, depending on how skilled the user is and how many times it has been used, the more dramatic the changes will be.
  • Boost Fire: The user transforms themselves into a being made of pure, blazing fire, which gives them in a benefit of speed, agility and the flames give a higher chance of inflicting burn damage, though this gives them a lack of physical integrity and strength, it is a well preferred trade off for the right fighting technique.
  • Shadow Meld: A way for Xantho to blend into the shadows, though this technique is far from perfect, only working in non-combat situations, using this technique on a frequent basis (I.e Keep on using it, then not, continuely) is not advised.
  • Aero Dash: A evasion technique, also can be used as a way to increase jump distance, to evade or anything else of a similar description, though it can be used to ram into things.

Super Forms

  • Over-drive Xantho- In this form, his entire colour palette is given a darker, richer tone, and his pupils shrink to 50% their normal size. His personality is a lot more neutral, and some-what absent minded. He gains this form when he absorbed too much energy for his body to normally handle, so he expels it in this form.
  • Alpha Xantho- His super form, that is named after his oldest younger brother, his personality is a little bit more friendly and forgiving in this form. He gets all the benefits and weaknesses of super-forms in this form. He has no major physical traits other than his fur becomes a honey gold. He attains this form when he has absorbed the power of the Chaos Emeralds.
  • Omega Xantho- Xantho's hyper form, he is alot more snarky and arrogant in this form. His quills are more based upward in this form, with a extra one on this side of his head on each side. His fur stays the same colour, a striking neon blue, with the stripes remaining the original colour. He attains this form when he has absorbed the power of the Super Emeralds.
  • Final Xantho- Xantho's final and most powerful form, his quills have grown to twice their original length. His main colour is a complete range of colours, from the deepest red to bright blue. His personality hasn't changed a bit, though he becomes a slight bit power-mad. It's unknown how he gains this form.


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  • Xantho is a rather hard thinker, and often gets lost in thought.
  • Xantho avoids sleeping, only sleeping when he has to.
  • He prefers to not talk around people, especially when it's a rather small talk.
  • He hates it when people talk about themselves in third person.
  • He hates it when people discuss about him when he is around, as if he isn't there.


Xantho TH Pic1
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