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Xante (Pronounced Zan-tay) is an insane vampire bat that lost his twin sister to Dr. Robotnik. Ever since then, he has lost trust in everyone he's ever met.


Xante stands at around 4'6, with a rather slim body to accompany his height. Most of his body is black, apart from his wings, which are a dark shade of red. He has two small fangs that hang out the front of his mouth, which is almost always in the shape of a grin. His eyes are strangely different colors from each other, his right eye being a deep shade of green while his left eye is a light yellow.

He usually wears brown shoes that barely fit him, which can cause him some discomfort at times, though nothing too serious. He wears a gray coat that covers up his wings, which he can easily take off in case of an emergency. In the pocket of his coat, he keeps a small knife that he uses for attacking purposes, though he rarely ever shows it otherwise.


Xante is extremely intelligent, being able to form complex battle strategies on the spot. Though due to his insane nature, they can never really be used to their full potential, as he usually ditches his strategies after a while and goes into a close and personal fight, which is more exciting to him rather than just doing one thing over and over again.

As evidenced by the above, Xante gets bored rather easily and loves challenges. He thinks simple fights are beneath him and prefers to fight opponents that are equal to or are stronger than he is. Even after going through 100 opponents, he'd still want a challenge, which is the mark of a true warrior, according to him.

He very rarely loses his temper, and tries to stay as cool as possible, though if one were to anger him he would make sure they suffer a most slow and painful death. He is very sadistic, and actually enjoys torturing his opponents before finishing them off, even if they are very weak.

It's not very easy to trick Xante, which is something he does well on other people. If he sees someone he's never met before, he'll probably take the chance to "befriend" them. After which, he will continue to become even greater friends with the person before killing them. To Xante, this is just part of daily life.

Xante likes to solve things, he analyzes things very closely and gathers up all the evidence he can find before making an assumption. He believes that judging just one thing slightly wrong can lead to dire consequences.



Xante was born into a poor family north of where Robotropolis would be in roughly 10 years. He and his twin sister, Molly, were almost inseperable. While they had the occasional arguement, as most siblings do, they would always make up and play together a few hours later. During his early years, his fangs never grew as much as his sister, making him a prime target for bullies. Phrases such as "Mister small-fang" were what he was called for most of his early life, though Molly would always be there for him.

Xante had always looked up to Molly. To him, she was the most interesting person in the whole world. At most times, her intelectual and athletic capabilties surpassed his by far. The only thing he was better than her at was tricking people, which he used against her as a joke numerous times, usually to do child-like things such as have an extra cookie.

During school one day, Xante and Molly were having a discussion about recent family events and upcoming ones when they were approached by a man in a coat who asked them if they wanted to see something magic. Xante and Molly weren't sure what to do, they had been taught by their mother not to go with strangers, though this man strangely promissed them that their mother had sent him there. That was all the proof they needed, as they followed the man into the forest and down a small passageway.

Upon coming out, they found that they were in some sort of lab area. The man continued to walk and so Xante and Molly continued to follow, where they were met by a tall man who called himself the doctor. He asked Molly to step into a machine that he had created, because anyone who went inside would become stronger, faster and smarter than they could ever be had they not went in it. Tempted, Molly started to walk towards the machine, which Xante tried to stop her from doing.

After a few minutes of arguing, Molly insisted that Xante was jealous that he wasn't getting this magical offer and she walked inside the machine. The doctor hit a switch that closed off all entrances to the machine while he laughed evilly. Xante could hear Molly scream from inside, but when he tried to run over to open the machine and save her, he was held back by "The doctor", who revealed his real name to be Dr. Robotnik.

After a struggle, the machine opened once again and Molly stepped out, though not as she once was. Molly's body seemed to be cybernetic, with her body parts resembling machines more than anything else. It seemed that Robotnik was overjoyed at the success of his new invention which he called the "Robotisizer". Xante was furious, he started to fight Robotnik but his former sister stopped him, and eventually knocked him out and left him back at the school at which he attended. Xante became depressed and started to fall into depression. The depression eventually turned into hatred and eventually, insanity.

Up until this point in life, Xante had been rather easygoing. Though after the death of his sister, he became cold to his former friends. He stopped going out with them, he stopped going to their parites. Eventually, he just left school altogether and locked himself in his room for the rest of his young life.

At the age of 17, he finally snapped. During the night when his parents were asleep, he took a knife from the kitchen and killed both of them. To him, it felt rather amusing to see people go through such a struggle to stay alive when they know they're going to die anyway. He enjoyed this and began to finish off his neighbourhood, one house by one he killed them before he ran out of things to kill.

After that, he seemingly dissapeared from the world. Though he occassionally pops up once in a while to invest himself in any events, which he will gladly take part in.

Alternate timeline adventures

During one of Xante's many travels, he came upon the base of Dr. Robotnik (Now going by his alias, Dr. Eggman). Remembering the events that happened in the past, an enraged Xante entered the base and found the evil doctor. After an attempt by Eggman of trying to get Xante on his side, the doctor brought out a few robots to attack Xante, which he defeated with ease. He was about to move onto the doctor himself when Eggman pushed a button on a controller and grinned. As Xante turned around, he was met by a giant laser. Due to utter shock, Xante was paralyzed as the laser fired at him, presumably killing him.

Somehow, instead of dying, Xante woke up in a forest that seemed familiar to him, though he couldn't exactly pinpoint where he was. After wandering for a bit, Xante heard footsteps drawing closer to him, which made him hide. Peeking out from his hiding spot, he saw a vampire bat that looked around the same age as him. Upon closer inspection, Xante noted that the person looked a lot like Molly... though it couldn't have been, Molly is dead... right? Not caring about the fact of whether it was Molly or not, Xante approached her, she instantly turned around as soon as she seemed to sense his presense.

The girl seemed to be breathing heavily, which Xante theorized as meaning she had been running for a while, her face was red too, adding to Xante's theory. When the girl looked at him, utter shock was on her face, she seemed to almost want to burst into tears. Xante was rather confused and asked the girl why she was crying, to which she responded to by saying that about 11 years ago, her brother Xante had been robotisized by Dr. Robotnik, and that he looked just like him.

That was all the evidence Xante needed. Somehow, someway, he had traveled into a different timeline. He decided to keep his identity a secret for that moment though, and asked Molly why she was running. She simply looked up at him and turned her head to the left. A soft mumbling sound could be heard, similar to the sound an engine makes when not being able to be powered on.

A robot approached the two, with a striking resemblance to Xante. It pointed at Molly and seemingly acquired it's target, rushing at her and preparing to strike. Xante interfered and knocked the robot to the floor, smashing it's head with his foot, to which he grinned at. Molly stared at him in disbelief, he had just killed a robot she had been evading for so long with ease. She thanked him as much as she could and turned to leave the forest area they were in, though Xante stopped her and wanted to ask her a few questions, which she agreed with as thanks for the help.

Upon hearing the answers to all of his questions, Xante found out that the Mobius he was currently on had a lot in common with the one he was born on, aside from some minor differences. Xante decided it was time to reveal what he had been hiding, he told Molly of what happened to him and how he got to this timeline. When he heard her story, she was both shocked and happy at the same time, shocked at the fact that he traveled to another timeline and happy at the fact that there's another timeline where she was robotisized instead of Xante, which is something she'd have preferred.

An idea came to Molly's mind, if they were to recreate the events that happened during Xante's first travel, perhaps they could make it go the other way around. Xante agreed and was taken to Dr. Robotniks's lab, trying to find the exact machine that sent him to this timeline. After about an hour of searching, they eventually found it and powered it on. One problem, the machine required one Chaos Emerald to run. Xante hadn't a single clue of where the emeralds could be located in this timeline, so he left that to Molly.

After about 3 days of searching, Molly returned to the lab with a winter coat, carrying a white Chaos Emerald. Xante placed it in the machine and it seemed ready to fire. Smiling, he turned to Molly, as if he wanted to tell something to her. He walked closer to her and pulled his knife out of his pocket, stabbing her with it. She tried to scream but Xante kept his hand over her mouth, causing her to collapse on the ground, lifeless.

Xante laughed to himself and activated the machine, standing right in the center of the beam as it fired at him. Intense heat went through his body as his vision went blank for a few moments. Was he dead? Apparently not. Xante woke up on the lab's floor, it seemed to be a good amount of time after he had been shot by the beam, a day or so. But there was one question on Xante's mind, what version of the world was he in?

Checking around the lab, Xante found no trace of Molly's body, which was a clue that he wasn't in that timeline. Searching outside, Xante found out that this lab wasn't in a forest, instead in an open plain. This was all the proof he needed, he felt his pocket to make sure his knife was still there and flew into the sky with a giant evil grin on his face.


Xante is very agile, being able to move along places without the need for any sort of veichle. Though he isn't as fast as Sonic, Xante could be considered one of the fastest runners in the world.

Another key strength for Xante is his intelligence. He often forms battle strategies and uses them for a while before resorting to pure speed to overwhelm his opponent. He is as cunning as he is intelligent and often tricks people into doing his bidding.

Due to his species, Xante can fly for an amount of time. Though he usually prefers running, Xante will sometimes fly to give his legs and break. It can be used in combat too, usually involving a mixture of flying and his knife to divebomb into his opponents.

Another ability he has gained due to his species is the ability to hang from ceilings, which he often uses for stealth purposes.

Xante is also very skilled with a knife, he even taught himself some signature moves with it. While they aren't anything too fancy to look at, if you find yourself at the end of Xante's knife, know that the end is neigh for you.


While he is very intelligent, Xante is nowhere near as smart as Dr. Eggman or Tails. For them, outsmarting him should be rather easy.

Another thing Xante lacks in brute strength. While he is very fast and can deliver a lot of swift blows to his opponent, if one were to use something that could slow down time (Ie, Chaos Control), he would be rendered almost useless in combat.

If Xante is ever hit while flying, he will most likely plumit due to his wings not being used to handling attacks all that well (Which is also why he sometimes keeps them hidden).


  • Xante's species was changed a few times during his creation. At first, he was going to be a hedgehog, though this was scrapped. For a while, he was going to be a fox, but this was also scrapped. He eventually became a vampire bat due to his creator finding it a tad more creative than either of those two, and it fits his personality a little better.
  • His last name is a pun on Dracula
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