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Cquote1 I may be lifeless, but that doesn't mean I have no meaning. Cquote2
Xander the Cat

Xanderine "Xander" the Cat


First appearance Opal the Cat
Game appearances
Real-world designer(s)
Creator (real-world) Kitten-Cookie
Voice Actors
American Voice Actors
  • Monica Rial(Present)
Japanese Voice Actors Unknown
Biographical overview
Age Immortal (Physically 12)
Birthplace Mobius
Also known as
  • Xander (Everybody)
Physical Description
Species Robotic Cat
Gender Agender, technically female
Height 3'3
Weight 50 ib.
Fur Black and White (Muzzle)
Eyes Blood-Red
  • White and Gray Boots
  • White Gloves
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Good (Formerly bad)
Affiliation None
  • Technology
  • Reading
  • Pencils
  • Sunflowers
Skills, abilities and powers
  • Spin Dash
Ability type Speed


Xander is a black cat with red eyes, and light brown hair. She wears white gloves and grey and white shoes. Xanderine is armed with a bunch of gadgets and weapons.


Xander is a cold person that would rather just adventure than socialize. Although through time, she gets a little bit brighter towards people. She is very powerful and wise though when she turned good, she is now a nice robot although she is very independent and mysterious.


Xanderine was created for world domination made by Dr. Eggman, and to do his bidding. When Amber first joined the evil side, Xanderine and Amber teamed up for world domination. Xander threatened Inferno the Fox when she was going to turn off a bomb,


Xander can control electricity anywhere since she is a robot, she can shut off lights, turn them on, or take there power to gain energy. She also can take energy from living creatures so she can be stronger.

Special Abilities

Xander doesn't seem to have any special abilities yet, she may have some but just never uses them.


Xander can spin dash, and it leaves a path of black foggy smoke behind.


Since she is a robot, Dr. Eggman never wanted any weaknesses into Xander, so she doesn't have any, YET.


Fandom Characters

=Opal the Cat

Xander used to hate Opal, but when she turned good, she realized that Opal was pretty cool. Opal has a bit of a bad feeling about Xander, but they are close friends.


"I may be lifeless, but that doesn't mean I have no meaning."

"Um, i'm a robot, not a living being."


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