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Xander the Bat is a introverted bat who has a knack for trouble. He is under a deep war with the Scorpions who took over his homeland. He is blinded and uses echolocation to see, he also controls geokinesis and sonokinesis under a power combination called Thala's Combo.


Xander the bat by fracturedmirror-d8id1iw

Xander's face n stuff. Done by Haunted Alchemist (SHE BRIBED ME WTF)

Xander appears as a slender, youthful, bat.

He has a particularly fuzzy black fur with some gray and white patches. He has elongated ears that add an inch to his normal height and gray patches of fur inside them.

His chest has a white marking on it simliar to the one between his eyes, this pattern stretches to his lower stomach. His legs are particularly skinny, they too come with a white pattern around the edge of Xander's feet.

Just like real bats, Xander has his wings biologically stemming from his arm. His wings are a gray and white color in light. Lastly, Xander has black hair pitch blue eyes with no pupils, a goatee at the bottom of his chin, a black nose, and sharp fangs that always pop out in his smile.


Xander wears a small sleeveless overcoat with a mix of colors and symbols. He wears cargo shorts that are tied to his upper thigh. His boots then take up a majority of his leg space, stemming from upper knee to the bottom of his feet.


Xander is interesting when it comes to the personality spectrum. Fearless and quiet, Xander looks at the face of death and smiles eagerly awaiting whatever it may have afoot. Nothing can instill fear into the heart of this bat!

On the outside, Xander appears as a quiet, yet heavily observant bat. He asks a lot of questions and always pokes for a deeper meaning of things. Besides the quiet sterness, the bat often shows a shy behavioral habit, typically toward those he doesn't know very well. On the lighter side of the outside spectrum, Xander has a pretty dry; yet sarcastic sense of humor that can garner him some friendship in the long run.

As stated before, Xander is fearless. This bat will do things just for the hell of it, or to test his inner strengths. He loves the feeling of getting stronger and progressing passed his limits, whatever those may be. Nothing can back this character away from what he is determined to do in life. He is extremely ambitious and very goal oriented, never straying or hesitating when on a fixed decision.

Besides these typical traits, on the inside is something one would never guess plagues the bat. Xander is mentally depressed ever since his very being in the world. Nothing can satiate such a thing, not even power. Xander secretly wishes for his own death and as stated earlier, will test his limits to see how far he can go with out actually dying. He cares nothing of his life and has even less regard to that of others (except for his homeland and family clan).

The bat is also extremely vindictive. He will stop to no limit to make sure those who wronged him suffer worse than anything that was bestowed upon himself. He cares not of honor or good will, he simply does what he feels is right and benefits himself or those pertaining to him. But this bat is rather patient, he'd much rather wait and hide his feelings about a situation before letting them loose surprisingly and silently taking out whatever wronged him.


Xander was born and raised in the cavernous civilization that is homed in Carda-Ko. He was born into the Brotherhood of Thala, along with his cousins and brothers.

He was born with no parents, just siblings and some other bats he'd refer to as cousins. From birth, him and his family had to fight and fend for themselves away from the Scorpion threat that plagued his village. As he aged, combat was just an every day thing. Him and his brothers would train with one another by surviving whatever attacks the Scorpions would lay at them. Learning combat from the clan's elders, Xander was a force to be reckoned with at age six.

His brothers and himself would constantly try to outwit their foes. Among learning how to fight, Xander learned a many of other skills with his brothers. He learned acrobatics from jumping off broken bridges and using the ropes as a means of travel, to flight, to swimming. This was all in case his wings would ever be damaged. Another skill he picked up on was his unique climbing skills that he learned from the clan elders.

Around his times as a teenager, Xander learned of his powers passed down from genetic traits that his two parents once had. Xander was gifted, just like the clan elders. Upon seeing the elder's display the powers of Sono and Geokinesis, Xander began to mimmick them and to their surprise; was able to actually execute the use of the powers accordingly. He created a small quake in the ground and a deafening screech. They quickly took note of Xander's prowess and taught him how to control his two keen powers. The elders taught him how he can use his feet to sense movements in the ground, allowing the bat to see through the floor and attack accordingly. The combo of Geokinesis and Sonokinesis was known as Thala's combo.

For a very long time, Xander did not know how to speak. He relied on echolocation to communicate with his comrades like standard bats. It was also a form of speaking with out the scorpions understanding. Xander actually learned how to speak when studying the tongue and language that the scorpions used. Once he took note of this, he reported it to the elders and the elders quickly began to study the english language themselves.

Because of that discovery, Xander was promoted into the rank of Espier (Spy). And thus was a great asset to the fight against the scorpion tyranny. Things were not well for the bat though. He often questioned why his parents never were around to see him grow and why his brothers and cousins had the same issues as he did. The elders never responded, leaving Xander often very sad.

Later in his life, a mass invasion of Scorpions infested the Brotherhood of Thala's head quarters. The Scorpions over powered the bats, this was because of their advanced weaponry and sofisticated tactics. The Brotherhood collapsed, Xander was apart of them. He was held prisoner by the Scorpions along with his brothers.

The Scorpions committed the most heinous crime of all, and that was direct assassination of those Xander called family. Left and right, Xander's brothers died due to poisoning and brutal murder methods. With the elders almost dead and the smaller population of the Pied race. Xander couldn't see them die, but he felt it. He heard their screams echoe in his mind, whispers of what dreams they had, or how they would never let the brotherhood down. Xander also felt their cold bodies impact the ground once dying. The bat became hopelessly depressed.

The bat lost reason to fight after losing his comrades, and would soon come to accept that his time would come later in life. The Scorpions noticed he was one of the few prisoners that had not been killed yet. The Scorpions struck for the bat's eyes with their stingers. Even though Xander was blind before, he now had no feeling in his eyes at all and could never see past a pitch blue color tone. The poisons made the bat collapse just like the others, but he didn't die. Soon the scorpions would move onto the following group of bats and preform the same thing, all those bats remained living.

A small group of some odd twenty bats survived the relentless attacks from the Scorpions, Xander being one of those bats. This sparked a small bit of hope for Xander and eventually he got the bats to group together. The remaining brotherhood of Thala teamed up and used their guerilla tactics taught by their previous elders to ensure themselves free of the Scorpions' clutch. The group escaped with their lives barely intact.

Ever since then, Xander's life has been a relentless fight for survival against the ever so powerful Scorpion race. As he aged, he soon became the youngest elder the tribe had ever had, only at age thirty-three Xander was declared an elder because of his elemental prowess. Xander also helped the group find remedies to the toxins that the scorpions would inject into them.


Thala's Combo (Sono & Geokinesis)

Thala's combo is the art and combination of knowing the two almighty elements in Carda-Ko, Sonokinesis and Geokinesis. Xander is not a master at these elements, but is good enough to use them in creative ways that would baffle his opponents, or if carefully used could cause their demise.

Geokinesis, Xander's primary power. Xander uses his prowess to create earth shattering quakes and create sediments in rock formation. Xander controls the earth with his feet and teeth. Upon contact with the ground Xander can do almost anything he wants with the earthy surface. He could also create large boulder structures and shift the ground before him. Whether it be stairs or a slide, Xander was unpredictable when it came to his earth powers.

An interesting feature to Xander's earth powers, is that Xander can use his feet as supplements to his eyes. He uses the vibrations in the ground to figure out where one would be, and how close they are to him. With this feature Xander can also counter other earth or stone based attacks at the source since he can reverse their sediments by shifting his foot.

Sonokinesis, Xander's secondary and all purpose power. Xander uses this power by accessing the tones of his voice as sound control. If he does a low puff, the bat will mute the sounds he makes to on coming targets, making him use stealth and flight to his advantage. Xander can also control his pitch and sound level. This can allow the bat to deafen opponents with a shrilling scream or cause a distraction by mimicking the noises of other objects/animals.

His sound control also allows his ears to listen in on the vibrations of his environment. So he can tell how hollow a room is or how large/small (etc) by simply paying attention to the sounds of an environment. Though such a practice does recquire immense concentration, unlike his Geokinesis.



Xander, like any bat, can fly. Xander does this by (obviously) flapping his two wings in sequency and launching into the sky. His flight isn't so much flying; as it becomes more or less gliding the longer he spends in the air. Since Xander's wings are located conviniently, he can fly at high speeds with a lot of ease. His wings also come across as great tools for swimming, but that's a different situation.


Another natural ability Xander gets use of is his echolocation. This is a simple function used by bats to detect what they are surrounded by at all times. Xander uses noise vibrations to give him an idea of what's around. This is another basic bat feature. Though this ability is enhanced with Xander's Sonokinesis, making his idea of what's around very accurate.


Wing-to-Wing Combat

A strange skill-set Xander uses would be the way he fights with his wings. Since his wings have a very thin/sharp lower end, the wings act as sharp weapons that Xander can use against his enemies. The way he does this is by mimmicking the slashing motion of a sword and attacking. In motion, the attacking looks a lot like dancing or fast action arm sways. Combined with elements or his feet, Xander can pull off some heavily damaging combos to non-suspecting enemies. This combat style was taught to him by the Thala Elders. Xander is quite skilled with this combat style.


Xander is an axeman. Ever since he was given the choice of Thala weapons, Xander stuck true to axes. He was taught the art of Axemanship by the Thala-Elders. The way he swung and used axes were close to that of modern-day combat oriented axe usage. Just llike his Wing-to-Wing skill-set, he's very skilled on the ways of using an axe, especially in combat.


Xander is no power house, no matter how he may seem on paper.

Let's begin with some elemental weaknesses. Xander being a controller of Geokinesis is very uneasy around water of any kind. This is a deathly weakness that could change a battle field with in minutes. What's worse, Xander doesn't understand water/feel it properly. Despite his ability to swim fine, he can not fight in it or concentrate very well. This causes his quakes to be very weak and a huge inability to create rock formations (ETC). What's even worse is that it disrupts his balance immensely, the bat will turn side to side and waddle in large puddles of water.

Next, structural weakness. Xander is not the most built bat in the world. While he is tall and does have enough muscle to get around, his weight and structure will do him more harm than anything else. Since the bat attacks with his wings, it leaves him in the open for wing severing or worse. If one can damage his arms enough, he won't be able to attack properly since he relies on them for everything.

Despite being able to control sonokinesis, Xander himself is vulnerable to other sonokinetics. Because he relies on echolocation to sense the positions and sounds of others, disrupting his sense of sound will leave him quite delirious. He won't tell what from where and it's not like he can combat other sonokinetics well if he's constantly lead into traps by fake noises. His ears are also very delicate and if intense noise were to make him go deaf, Xander would loose another pair of eyes to say the least.


  • Xander has eight fingers, three on each wing, and five on his hands. The winged fingers aren't really fingers though, they are actually blades.
  • Xander was born January 3rd, making him a Capricorn. He also harbors the moon of a Scorpio. And odd moon sign considering his hatred for all things scorpion.
  • Xander has an obsession with death, borderline keeping the skulls he collects just for study. In his homeland, it is suspected that his living quarters is made from skeletal bones from unfortunate scorpion enemies.
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