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X-Nad the Robian
Also Known As
Ned the Cat, "The Roboticized Citizen"
Roboticized Mobian, formerly a cat
3 ft. 6 in.
70 lbs
November 12
Power, machines, winning, beaten opponents
Being insulted, feeling helpless, losing, weakness

X-Nad is a roboticized Mobian who decided he likes being roboticized. He is constantly making upgrades to himself inorder to become more powerful.


X-Nad is selfish and arrogant. He sees himself as a superior being and everyone else is an obstacle to his goals or a test of his strength. Obsessed with becoming more powerful, he will go to any length to improve himself. He has a bad temper and will go off on anyone who calls him names. He is stubborn and takes orders only begrudgingly. He is constantly on the look out for parts that are better than what he has now, even if they already belong to someone else. This includes the fact that he's willing to dismantle another robot in order to get a part.


Due to his constant upgrades, X-Nad's abilities have a tendency to change. These are some of his abilities currently:

  • Able to shoot laser bolts from the canon on his left arm
  • His right arm can extend to almost 20 ft away
  • He has magnets in his feet so he can stick to metal surfaces and walk on metal ceilings
  • He can pick up all sorts of radio signals
  • He can see in most vision spectrums including infrared, ultraviolet, and heat vision.
  • His eye piece also allows him to do various scans and analyses, such as scanning for weak points.
  • Able to fly with the rocket boosters on his back.

An ability he has that is not related to his current parts is his technical knowledge. He is able to modify both himself and the technology in the Cat Squad's base such as the defenses.

Older Versions


X-Nad used to be Ned the Cat, a normal Mobian working a mediocre job as a sales clerk. He was captured and roboticized along with many other Mobians by Dr. Robotnik. He mindlessly served Robotnik for a long time, but when the Robians regained their freewill after Robotnik was defeated by Sonic, he wanted to stay one unlike the others. He enjoyed the power and new abilities that came with being a robot, but soon became dissatisfied and wanted more power. He turned to a life of crime and began stealing parts and installing them on himself. He became proficient with technology and now designs many dangerous weapons. He was discovered by Nerin and Slish who gave him direction and he is now allied with them.


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Nerin the Cat

After some persistent persuasion and her helping him, X-Nad joined Nerin's team. Her being the leader, he listens to her, but considers himself better.

Slish the Cat

Although they're team mates, X-Nad is thorougly weired out by Slish's personality. He trys to avoid her as much as he can.

Macro the Giant Hedgehog

Macro is a member of the enemy team. X-Nad sees him as a threat that needs to be taken care of and will sometimes go after him first. He usually just refers to him as "the giant."

Roleplay Appearances

Oregon Trail


New Year Madness


~"They're gonna get you dead." - Said in response to Bubblegum announcing that she was wanted dead or alive (Oregon Trail)


  • X-Nad's theme is This Machine by Julien-K
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