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This is an article about Wysteria the Deer, a character created by SnowlessWinter on 11/14/2017.


Wysteria is a pale brown deer with speckles of white on her ears, between her eyes, on her chest, shoulders, and stomach. The underside of her tail and muzzle is white and the top part of her tail has speckles of white. Wysteria's hair is a pale lavender color and is usually up in a ponytail. Her right eye is replaced with purple flowers that vary in shades of purple. Her left eye is pale sunset orange. Wysteria's antlers are a deep chocolate brown color and are adorned with the same purple flowers that her right eye shares. Her attire consists of a dark periwinkle sleeveless dress that stops above her knees and matching fingerless gloves that start after her shoulders. A semi-translucent purple shawl is connected to the collar of the dress and she wears a pair of pale periwinkle ankle boots.


Wysteria is a quiet and secluded person, preferring to be alone than with others. With the exception of her sisters and adoptive mother, she holds a disliking to just about everyone she meets. Despite this, Wysteria can be respectful and kind when she knows it's necessary.


Early Life

Adolescence and Teenage Years








The Cold

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