This is Wvia Coahan the Skunk in part of the Pursuit of Colona series, adopted by TZ from Silverluv on 10 Oct 2016.
Cquote1 When you have someone mesmerized, they have you controlled. At least, that's how I do business. Cquote2
Wvia Coahan when first quarreling with Opia Cilia
Wvia Ellise Coahan is the ruling icon for the Colona National Broadcasting Station (CNBS) and side-ally to Opia Cilia in participation of the content found in the Colonaian Royal Post (CRP) in the Pursuit of Colona series. Her claimed attractive looks bring most people to their awe when she confronts them, but with enough cheating business to gather the truth also. Born in Pertan, she came out to be one of the most assertive people besides her rival, Opia Cilia, while maintaining beauty as the recipe for success.

Wvia Coahan uses her extensive knowledge about Reyonis Platura to fill in gaps of questions that most anchors are unable to answer. As she is technically filling in a temporary truth often, most of her theories cannot be proved right or wrong, therefore built on lying ignorance. Since that she was cultivated in critical-thinking standards from her family, she uses much knowledge that she could to accommodate these skills and to also boast of her beauty. Every now and again, she will clash with either Princess Tuwark or King Zak-Ryder. When she does, she does have some level of anxieties that come with her, due to a possibility of suffering her public reputation. These anxieties are the very reason why she avoids too many clashes with the monarchs, and therefore seldom teams with Opia Cilia to find means to express her cause.

Concept and Creation

It is not exactly remembered how this character came to mind for Creator, but it was remembered that this character would serve as the rival for Opia Cilia for the reason of contenders with contenders. The design was formulated by Silverluv in an adoption session. Since the typical skunk is white, the adoption that was closest to the desired design was chosen. Other than this, this side character does not have too much intricate detail which stands out to Creator.



Born Wvia Ellise Coahan the Skunk, the young child was born underweight and just a day off of the predicted due date for her arrival. She was at the Illiany Health Institute when she was born, and the Pertanese doctors there were certain Wvia would have some mental flaw developed after birth. For this reason, her mother, Olpha Coahan, desired that Wvia be put up for adoption instead of having to take care of her. She did not want to endure the painful caretaking for a seemingly retarded child. On the other hand, Sadik Coahan, Wvia's father, did not want this to happen, because he believed the doctors were wrong. After all, Olpha was attempting to find an excuse to escape the dreadful marriage. So, when Wvia was born, Sadik had taken the child, and Olpha dismissed herself in short time.


When Wvia was three years old, Susa Coahan, her older sister, and Limpis Coahan (surname at the time), her older brother, were both moving on to some higher education, and therefore they were not present to assist their father Sadik and take care of Wvia. At the same time, the two of them were in Pertan in search of a new place to stay. Her father taught her the basics of education before sending her off to school. That was, when he was not busy at attendance to his infrastructure design occupation.

When Wvia was four years old, her life mentor would be recruited by her father for the means of filling in time Sadik could not. Vernao Ispens, a woman which Sadik met at a night club, served as Wvia's alternate mother full of intelligence and insight. From Ovilis, Vernao would tell special stories to Wvia to loosen her Pertanese, logical side of life. Although Wvia's father was in slight disagreement with the way Vernao taught his daughter, he still had Wvia engaged with some fable-like stories himself. Susa and Limpis always were in disagreement with Vernao, and they also had some spiteful nature toward her because of the inching romance between their father and Vernao. Wvia kept mind to all of this mess, but at the same time, she was still naiive to the issues. Exploration was her fun, and she would often stop by the city's most friendly of people and spend time there.

However, when Wvia was five years old, the peace slightly began to change. Civil wars were uprising in the land regarding the recollection of some older texts from the Cycloonis Chapter of Platurian history, which meant some riots and destruction. Although the attacks were rare, the risk of it taking place left the city on perpetual tension against each other.

So, instead of sending Wvia off to school, Sadik decided to keep her at home and have professionals come to the home to teach her. Vernao was not excluded from this, but she was only limited to teaching what she was accredited on by her few Expertises gained at the Pertanese Enforcement Assembly Academy. The Nonbinding Academy, with influence of the Bondas Covoy education system, came to Wvia for learning opportunities all at home. All the teachers required for her learning were there to assist her and do more hands-on activities compared to a public school system. And, Wvia loved the school system most of all.

Over many years being under the Nonbinding Academy, she had studied basic and intermediate math, geometry, Pertanese history, Surreal history (all about fables deemed true), Illian Obselete Dialects, Reyplatal, Supreme Arts, Theatre Theory, and more meaningful experiences such as visiting previous President of Pertan Lartie Goppah - all before her tenth birthday. She also took a class called the "User Necessity" class, which all Pertanese children were required to take in order to discover her abilities. She came to discover that her ability was "Deemed," an ability which made one's perception of a particular situation seem less important than it could be. She used it on numerous people, causing them to have a carefree attitude about the most important situations. However, the teachers told her not to use this until it is very important to, and it would be best not to use it on governmental leaders. So, she agreed to do so.

But, during this time of learning expansion, this brought about issues in her family once again. Limpis, who was educationally disadvantaged because he failed much of his higher education schooling, began to strife against Wvia by behaving in misconduct with some of her teachers - including romantic relations. This is how he came to meet Xallao Axoby, and he eventually got married to her a year later. However, much of the teachers were dismissing themselves from the Coahan household, and in some cases for percaution, Sadik dismissed them for behaving unaccordingly to the academy's handbook.

So, by the time Wvia was twelve years old, Sadik finally gave in to let Wvia attend public schooling under the Bondas Covoy system. It would receive quite a bit of scrutiny at the time because of the still-raging civil war, but it was safer than it was before she started school. From there, Wvia would meet countless people who would later account for her success, notably Quinta Pillipa the Cat. They worked together on many projects and teamed with more people. Even at some point, they began to have a "friendly date" that would turn into a greater failed romance later in life. Sadik, being Pertanese, discovered this and began to arrange a marriage for them.


Wvia was now fourteen years of age and becoming more independent in the family. She no longer needed to ask for permission to go anywhere, and she began to decide if she wanted to attend school for a day or not. However, her father Sadik had arranged marriages in mind for Quinta Pillipa and her, and he did not tell her about it. Quinta Pillipa also had Pertanese descent, so his parents did not mind the arrangement. Even Quinta Pillipa was alright with it. However, Wvia felt that she was too young and too intelligent for Quinta, and she ended up breaking the romance between them as much as possible. She fled to Phertan for a few weeks to have the documents undone for marriage. She did not win the fight herself. Her mentor, Vernao Ispens, assisted her with the battle and won it against the two families. So, this would start some family turmoil (common in Pertan).

Wvia began to suffer some anxieties of confronting family members on the Pillipa's side, especially the paternal side, which practices hard-traditional Pertanese practices. For this reason, when she was approached by one of them, she would cower in fear and run to her father. She was not unintelligent about the situations; she was just afraid that she would be harmed.

However, a harder year for her would come sooner than expected to amplify her anxieties. When she was fifteen years old, Sadik, her father, arranged that she meet another Pertanese family called the Neverans and stay with them for a few months. They had an honorable son, Noy Neveran, who would be a lover for the beauty of Wvia Coahan. The latter did not want to be with the Neverans. She realized the reason behind her father's zeal for the meeting. However, because poor Noy Neveran had a passion for her and wanted to marry her, she pretended as though she loved him.

Wvia began to miss school, for she was not attending to it at all. Instead, she was wasting her time with the intelligent and rich families and attending emotionless banquets all the time. She did enjoy the prescence of Noy being there for her when Noy's father, Zan, was critiquing her flawed manners. Yet, at the same time, Wvia was very unsatisfied with her life and began to consider running away. This brought about more anxieties, that, if there was an opportunity to run away, she would hope to not be discovered of her wants.

One particular day in the same year nearly changed her life, though. One night at another banquet, Noy Neveran walked her inside the scene of great people around Reyonis Platura all sitting at a long, long table. However, what this great scene brought was quite a bit of eyes focused on her and her beauty with too many compliments and flirts for her to handle. Noy did not bail her out of this one this time - on purpose. When there was dancing taking place, one male named Felura Nasmas, who would later be Devoyva the Conqueror's tertiary courtier, developed an obsession for Wvia after she accepted to dance with him. During this dance were a series of touches and pulls to the face which she did not accustom to entirely but had an idea what they implied. Immediately, her adrenaline raced as she pushed Felura off of her and ran out of the banquet, embarrassing herself and Noy Neveran. Ever since that day, she decided to not return to the Neveran family.

When her father went to go get her from the family, the family forbidded them from returning back to them as they paid Sadik handsomely. At the same time, when Wvia ordered her father to never further attempt to arrange her in marriage, he ultimately responded with dismissing her out of his home. Wvia would become one of her own enemies, deciding on a life to become paid for her attractive looks. Numerous times, she attended night clubs and lingered around for other people to linger with her. The One Moon Night Joint in East Pertan accepted her into the family of lingering. She also gained some exceptional skills of bailing herself out of trouble by using her looks or offering a good amount of money she earned there.

However, when she was sixteen years old, the old mentor and mother figure Vernao Ispens came back to her as soon as the she knew where Wvia was. She pulled her out of the joint with a struggle from Wvia and sent her to Colona instead, for it was settling down in the revolutionary wars. It took Wvia a whole year to pull herself out of depression and anguish she would receive from the abscence of compliments. Vernao was there to assist her, still teaching her what she knew about life and what she needed to do in order to get herself out of the problems.

She was not the only one that came to help her. Quinta Pillipa, her old school friend and one she now tried to avoid, came to her as she attended the Colonaian Universal Institite and asked her if she wanted to take part in the Colonaian Royal Post. Because of snappy Opia Cilia, who she barely remembered from the institute, Wvia rejected. However, later in time, the Post became very successful to extend to the Colona National Broadcasting Station (CNBS), and Pillipa exhorted that her beauty be used for broadcasting purposes. This being a way for her to display herself and fill in the missing feelings from the One Moon Night Joint had her accept this offer. For her reason to do this was the reason for Vernao Ispens to disapprove of it, but it did not make her set her back. From there, Wvia was able to get through the ranks rather quickly.


To the present time, Wvia uses her beauty and communication skills despite occasional setbacks on anxieties for monarchs and nobles. Her service in the Colonaian National Broadcasting Station (CNBS) and the Colonaian Royal Post brings the success in her life to go past the most troubling of situations. However, some shadows of her past attempt to uprise in her reputation, so she attempts to remain low-key on taking reputation-risking actions, especially against prominent people as Opia Cilia has no shame in doing. She does have some level of courage to speak against Zanlak Hammane when she can but no other leader. At the same time, Felura Nasmas comes to serve Devoyva as his courtier to only go and see Wvia Coahan at times, which would account to her fears of having an established husband. She does come in contact with her father and siblings still, and she even met her mother once, but Wvia seeks to keep her life in the hidden from everyone to prevent her unshaking of fresh wounds.


Wvia Coahan can be considered attractive outside in the looks, so she knows this most to be her advantage. She has a flirty personality which masks it with ignorance in order to attract other people. At the same time, she uses this device for ignorance in order to bail herself out of lies which people discover. Normally, she sees life as a seeming experience in which she does not ultimately give definite answers to life's questions. Yet, this would bring her down to the conclusion that it is best to avoid ruining her reputation.

In mind of her reputation, she normally acts upon caution driven by her anxieties. When she is socially put to the test to put out her impression, she ensures that this is done by the best means possible. She is also one to put up a psaud in order to get what she wants. If she has to, she will cheat for it using one of her flirtatious schemes only to fraud or betray her targets in the end. Her vices are done "in the dark," because she does all of this in order to maintain her reputation.

Outside of this, she can be a willing person to assist others when it is needed, especially Princess Tuwark to have Opia Cilia under control. She has an open trust for her closest of co-workers, and she is ultimately obedient to higher authority as long as she is paid in return. At times, when she is complimented, she does not go the role of exhalting herself. Instead, she attempts to focus on humility in the public so that she can be exhalted later on. And, she would at least thank them for that.

Power and Abilities

Wvia once took a class class in order to discover her ability. This would be the first time discovering her power, which Pertanese researchers formally call "Deemed", as the rest of Platurians call it "Call for Carelessness". Simply, Wvia has the ability to cause nerves in a target's body to be relieved when in stressul situations and be further viewed differently. This is not the same ability of "Peaceful Touch," though. As "Peaceful Touch" only affects the nerves of the body to relieve them, "Deemed" makes a target's perception of a particular situation seem less important than it could be. In other words, the target would become careless about a situation and lose interest up until the point the stress builds up again. Wvia used it on various people, notably her siblings when they attempted to unleash her anger against her, causing them to have a carefree attitude about the most important of situations (such as higher education). However, many people admonished to her to prevent using it until it was a legitimate necessity - for it could put an entire country in jeopardy in short time.


(To be completed at a later time.)

Character Theme Song

Musashi: Samurai Legend - Vixen Maiden


  • Wvia Coahan was orginally a fox. However, because of the time of the adoptions and the portrayal of the character, she was changed into a skunk.
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