This is an article about WreCool, a character created by The Evilbreaker on 05/25/2013.

WreCool is a fusion of Wreck the Fox and RavenCool the Sol Grey Wolf.

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WreCool in all of his/her glory.


WreCool can only be created when Wreck and Ravencool are both feeling an immense amount of the same thing, and whatever they are feeling, the form will be different. E.g, if they both feel anger, the form will be a fiery form based on anger. The pic here is the general look of the form. Even if they are feeling the same thing, chaos unification must be performed in order to reach this form.


A fusion of Wreck's and Ravencool's.


This form came from testing with the Chaos and Sol emeralds, when Eggman harmed two people close to RavenCool and Wreck, both were made mad and the test worked, making WreCool. There are three known forms of WreCool. One is mainly flames, made of negative feelings. A middle form is mainly metal, made of feelings that are in the middle. The last is ice based, made of the + feelings.But all three elements can be used in any form.  All three forms were used before, on diffenet people.

  1. Ix: Knows of the Ice form.
  2. Eggman: Knows of the Fire form.
  3. Databye Egg: Knows of the Metal form


All of Wrecks fused with RavenCools, e.g, can use fire and ice metal powers.

Special Abilities

All of Wreck's, all of RavenCools. Abilities that this has the same as Fuzion RavenCool: Impovred chaos powers, swordsmanship and flying.


  • Swordsmanship: One thing that RavenCool always can do, and so can WreCool
  • Claw to claw combat: RavenCool has claws she can use to attacks, something WreCool has.
  • Elemental powers: This comes from both base mobians.
  • Some super speed, go at fastest, Blaze the cat speed.


All of Wreck's, all of Ravencool's.

A serious disadvantage.

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