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Sadness is one of the seven World Ring Hedgehogs. All of them are made by Chrismh and you can view the rest on


deviantart. Until uploaded on here.


This girl is ageless but looks to be near twenty. Born in a dark chao garden she currently resides there until all of the World Rings come together. As she is a negative person, Sadness remains single. She feels guys will dump her and she automatically turns down any romantic interest. Sadness controls the emotion of.. sadness and depression. Her element is a mixture of water and darkness.

Abilities and Attacks

  • Has learned some seductive dances from her travels around Egyptian areas.
  • Darkness Rain: Small balls of dark energy rain down on the target.
  • Gloomy Mist: Anyone sprayed either gets blinded or automatically gets very depressed....
  • Droplet of shadows: Covers the area in darkness, basically.


Usually to play with the chao, Sadness would dance with and for them as it usually perked them up. This was how she was discovered actually, After someone was led to said chao garden, they took her to be with the other World Ring Girls. Sadness also likes to make jewelry from small materials or cheap gems she happens to come by.


  • Sensative
  • She wont do anything if she's very depressed. Including fighting.
  • Feels ill being around Happy people.



The depressive one of the group, its safe to assume she's a Emo. She was born in Darkness and depression so it cant really be helped however. She doesn't bother to correct those who assume otherwise and Sadness is very mature and adult like. She doesn't take kindly to those who act younger then they are. This is why she often is seen scolding Joy over her careless behavior. Prayers seems to be the only one she likes considering she often finds faults in all the others. But at the same time, As Rage and Hatred are negative emotions also, they somehow click. She really does love all of her sisters but she just wishes some of them would grow up already!


  • Bad weather
  • Things with downer endings
  • jewelry
  • when Pleasures does her hair.
  • Favorite foods include: Rice pudding, Fancy desserts, Raspberry ice tea, Omelete rice, Bread.


  • Happy people
  • Happy stories
  • Comedy
  • Fire for some reason...
  • Sunny weather.
  • Hated foods include: Candy, Soup and other messy meals, spicy things, some fruits, salad.


A purple hedgehog with dark purple eyes. Her skin is pale and this is her belly, inside ears, and muzzle. Sadness has a purple nose almost waist length hair worn in curled pigtails at the top of her head. She also has three spiked bangs with the last one framing her face, almost to her shoulder and a single side quill.

Is often said to resemble a Arabian Princess. Sadness wears a tight short Tee-shirt with a triangle shaped neck showing off the top of her breast. Tiny sleeves are attached and its lined with light pink frills. She wears lilac colored arm length gloves with the fingers cut out and a simple pink triangle charm around both wrist. Connecting her top to her skirt are thin dark purple straps. The skirt itself is very short with frilled edging and pink triangle charms going around on a string like belt. She also has a thin pink choker on and over her skirt is a long light purple seethrough cloth with light pink pantyhose with the toe part cut out and a ring connecting the cloth to her middle toe. She wears neon purple nail polish, lipstick and eyeshadow.

Her icon piece is a dark purple halo shaped thing with a purple teardrop in the middle. Like the echidna tribe before them. The world ring girls have white wrapping/bands around certain parts. Her longer quills have them near the middle while her shorter bangs has two thin ones. Her left pigtail has a thin one around the middle, the right one is covered by said wrapping along the bottom.


  • "What the point....?"
  • Sighs*
  • "I'll be there... in that corner..."


The world ring girls had randomly appeared after trouble was being held. They met someone and each person led them to the others in the temple they currently live in. However they still go back to their previous places on occasion.


  • She is sadness, but she often/in general looks annoyed if anything.