World rings Rage

Sexy and violent~!

Rage is one of the seven World Ring Hedgehogs. All of them are made by Chrismh and you can view the rest on deviantart until uploaded on here.


Rage appears to be nineteen but is ageless. She was born in the deepest layer of a volcano on Red Mountain. She currently resides there until the World Rings must meet up. Rage is single as she tends to assume the worst when with a guy. Which leads to him usually dumping her, or her beating him up. She controls the emotion of Anger. Her element is Fire.

Abilities and Attacks

  • She is the strongest, physical wise between all seven girls.
  • Lava Shot: Uses the lava and fire around her to form a big arrow that then shoots at the target.
  • Fiery storm: Lands many hits within a minute before finishing with a single fire covered kick.
  • Flaming Fist: Like her fire kick, hand is engulfed by flames before she strikes.
  • Passion Strike: Distracting the target, Rage places a single fire tag on them somewhere (usually the face) then runs before it can explode/catch said thing on fire.


Rage is usually seen running and playing around the giant parts of rock inside the volcano in which she resides in. She also enjoys playing by the Jailed ghost and challanging new people to beat a certain time limit inside said volcano.

Rage when not there however is usually practicing her fighting.


  • People consider her anger this
  • She rushes into things.
  • She usually upsets/offends people despite not actually trying to.



Rage is pretty violent and angry, due to this its safe to say she lacks friends. Its unknown why Joy has such a crush on her though considering she is one of Rage's favorite people to harass. Joy usually shrugs it off and calls it affection. Much to the... shock of the others. She is very serious when it comes to fighting and if you act like its a game, prepare to get a black eye! As violence is usually her answer, and she is very strong. Many people mislead this and assume she is weak in the mental department. As that happens with many people fitting that type. But if you get to know her and she can remotely stand you, then it turns out she's actually pretty deep.


  • Blood
  • Winning
  • A good fight
  • Joy (Only a little though as she claims...)
  • Favorite foods: Things like Soda, spicy curry and other hot things (especially the candy~) Filled buns.


  • Happy people
  • flirts
  • people who get in her way
  • Losing
  • cold places
  • Hated foods include: anything healthy, caramel and other sticky things, juice.


A red hedgehog with red eyes. Her skin is a bit tanned, and this is her muzzle, inside ears, arms and hands, and chest. She has a ruby colored nose and shoulder length hair spiking outwards with a slight flip. Her bangs are also like this, but in her face, and she has two long side quills reaching her shoulders. Among the seven girls she is said to be the more "shapely" but this is most likely due to a lack of clothing in general. She however pays this no mind.

Rage wears a single piece bathing suit like outfit that is dark red in color, with a pair of light red tight shorts ending way above her knees and a thin cloth belt consisting of light pink and orange. She also wears dark red fingerless gloves, and light orange armbands. On her tail is a pink "Tail-Ring", and under her tail she wears a light pink, messy cloth like piece of clothing. It is rumored that she used to wears a skirt and it was mostly burned off. But whether this is true or not, nobody knows. Rage also wears three light red earrings, and orange colored boots with the one being knee length and the other shorter then her knee with pink lining.

Her icon piece is a ruby colored Vein/"Anger Mark" held around her head by two thin connected headbands. Like the echidna tribe before them. The world ring girls have white wrapping/bands around certain parts. She has one side quill covered by this, as well as a small one around her other side quill and one off her bang. She has three short ones on the lower part of her hair.


  • "Bring it!"
  • " *insert bad words* !!!! "
  • ".....Jerk."


The world ring girls had randomly appeared after trouble was being held. They met someone and each person led them to the others in the temple they currently live in. However they still go back to their previous places on occasion.


  • Her icon piece is based on an anger mark, often used in Anime to show a person is getting very ticked off.


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