Prayers is one of the seven World Ring Hedgehogs. Made by Chrismh
World Rings Prayers

Our loyalties must be felt, not just known.


Prayers looks to be in her early twenties but is ageless. She was born in the sky and remains there until the World Rings must meet up. In which they live together in a big base protected by a giant sphere of energy. She is single, but not due to any reasons. She just hasn't found someone she feels is the one she is meant to be with. Prayers controls the emotion of hope, peace, and faith. Her element is ice and air.

Abilities and Attacks

  • She is strongest in terms of healing and status induced attacks.
  • Can make small barriers or shields of energy.
  • Frozen Heart: Freezing her opponent from the inside ice, this freezes them.
  • Air Lift: Using her air abilities, Prayers can raise the speed of her target.
  • Freezing revival: Wakes up someone put to sleep during a fight.
  • Icicle shatter: A giant snowflake crystal appears before bursting.
  • Wind storm: Summons three mini-tornadoes. Can also be used to raise people, as in, float for a few seconds.


Prayers is often the one who makes the decisions and what not around the group. She is considered the leader and because of this, she doesn't have much free time to just play and goof off. She seems to enjoy writing and reading however, in the spare time she does get. She also seems to enjoy going to others and having nice conversations with them.


  • Some consider her to be too peaceful. Prayers never seems to get upset.
  • With fire and heat, she cannot use her ice abilities.
  • She is easily stressed.
  • Often gets headaches.



A calm woman who does not at all like fighting and violence. But she does understand sometimes you need to force people to listen when your trying to help them. While she does approve of such behavior, Prayers does know how to show she means business. She is very calm and peace loving, even in the middle of a fight she will offer both enemy and friend alike tea. She also stays back to help bandage the opponent for injuries she or her "Sisters" may have caused.

She is seen as the mother/older sister of the group and because of this. Prayers is very mature and is often come to for advice.


  • Good vibes or feelings among people
  • Helping others
  • nice people
  • Soft materials (they make her feel at ease)
  • Favorite foods: Shortcake, sorbet, juice, spicy desserts and other weird combinations (Something that surprises everyone...)


  • Sadness
  • Rude or mean people
  • Ignorance
  • Hated foods include: She isn't too picky, but seems to not like pickles and fatty dishes.


A blue hedgehog, similiar to Sonic's own with same blue colored eyes. She has pale skin, this being her muzzle, chest/tummy, arms and hands, and inside ears. Her nose is ice blue. She has spiked toward the left, four bangs with one long one that frames her cheek. Her hair is near tummy length curling outward like echidna quills. She dresses in a refined, classy queen look.

Prayers wears a long, light/powder blue dress with a cut slanted part revealing most of her legs. She has sleeves, though not attached ending after her shoulder, the dress is lined in a milky blue color. A thin string is around her waist, like a belt with small oval like green gems dangling from them. She wears two aqua earrings, and silver clip into her ear, earrings. She also wears bright/sky blue heels with fancy spiraling designs going up her legs.

Her icon piece is a Sapphire blue cross. She wears a off blue ribbon with part of it over the top of her head also. Like the echidna tribe before them. The world ring girls have white wrapping/bands around certain parts. She has them on the tips of her bangs, with the one bang not having any, and the longer one having a thin strip around it. She has these strips on three of her long quills, while three of them have them along the tip. One long quill does not have these.


  • "Who is to say what is right and what is wrong?"
  • "Do as you feel best."
  • "Let me help you."


The world ring girls had randomly appeared after trouble was being held. They met someone and each person led them to the others in the temple they currently live in. However they still go back to their previous places on occasion.


  • Her colors are a invert of Pleasures (In a way.)
  • Her dress resembles Rosalina from Mario Galaxy. (This was not intention, keep in mind.)


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