Pleasures is one of the seven World Ring Hedgehogs. All of them are made by Chrismh and you can view the
World Rings Pleasures
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She looks to be in her late teens, or mid-twenties. But Pleasures is actually age less. Born at the bottom of the sea, Pleasures resides there until she is called for to be with the others. Pleasures is single, but really REALLY wants to be in a relationship. Straight or not. However, she has a habit of being with more then one person. However she uses this as a excuse. "If I'm with someone else then obviously your not good enough." She is a major flirt also~

She controls Pleasures, however this means both happiness, and.. obviously pleasure. Her element is water.

Abilities and Attacks

  • Very seductive
  • Claims her sexy-ness is great to distract.
  • Lovely Champagne: Summons many bubbles in heart formations.
  • Kiss of Life: Heals her partners/target from status ailments like Poison or Sleep.
  • heart explosion: Summons a giant heart that explodes to create a big wave of water.


Pleasures really likes to, basically play with people, being the flirt she is. She also really enjoys shopping and buying sexy dresses. She also seems to enjoy fancy jewerly and dancing seductive like, with Sadness. Her and Joy often make flower chains together also.


  • Easy to offend (which in turn, makes her act like a... B-word.)
  • Ice can freeze her water
  • She can't use her abilities in storms


  • World Rings: Sadness: The two often dance together, but Pleasures also feels Sadness has potential, if she would just lighten up a bit.
  • World Rings: Rage: She hates how much of a "Brat" she acts. She loves to tick her off.
  • World Rings: Prayers: She respects Prayers and often compliments her beauty.
  • World Rings: Joy: These two are related and she loves her sister, but hates how she only uses her cuteness to get her way, instead of sex appeal.
  • World Rings: Wishes: Likes to play with Wishes.
  • World Rings: Hatred: She tries to pretty up Hatred, thinking that would make her less.. angry.


The flirty member. Pleasures is often flirting, or getting her way. Almost princess like in manner, she can be a bit spoiled and only wants the best of the best. She only goes for cute guys and seems to ignore those with a actual personality if their not this. She isn't a bad girl, she just wants what she wants. She and Joy are sisters, but she dislikes how Joy only uses her cuteness to get what she needs. While Pleasures on the other hand uses sex appeal to get her way and what she wants. This often leads the two females to butt heads. As Joy puts it "Your just a cheap floozy." While Pleasures puts it as, "Your just letting the family talent go wasted."


  • Doing hair-do's
  • Cute outfits
  • gold
  • Swimming
  • The beach
  • Favorite foods include: dessert, whip cream, fruit, fruit juices, jello.


  • Ugly things
  • Boring things
  • Darkness
  • Cold weather
  • Cheap/fake jewelry
  • Hated foods include: Soda/pop, soup, messily prepared dishes, canned foods.


A cyan hedgehog with Aqua colored eyes. She has light tan skin, this being her muzzle, inside ears, chest, arms, and hands. Pleasures wears her hair in a curled pigtail at the top of her head and has spiked bangs curling back with thin, shoulder length side quills with a slight curl to them. Pleasures has light aqua colored eyeshadow on also and sometimes lipstick.

Pleasures wears a dark blue, one piece bathing suit like outfit with small hearts on the bottom with a light blue piece of cloth hanging from them, pink and white garderbelt like pieces on both legs and blue high heeled sandles. She also wears a thin dark blue bracelet and a matching choker with a heart on it. She wears giant pearl earrings, and a dark aqua crown with her symbol piece, a cyan ^_^ face.

Like the echidna tribe before them. The world ring girls have white wrapping/bands around certain parts. She has one bang covered with this, as well as the edge of her ponytail, left side quill, and two thin ones on her right side quill.



The world ring girls had randomly appeared after trouble was being held. They met someone and each person led them to the others in the temple they currently live in. However they still go back to their previous places on occasion.



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