Joy is one of seven World Ring Hedgehogs. All of them are made by Chrismh and you can view the rest on deviantart. Until uploaded on here.
World Rings Joy

The lovely light~ World Ring Joy <3


This girl is ageless but looks to be sixteen. She was born in the desert and currently all of the world ring females live together in a protective base. Currently single, she has a habit of scaring off guys because she's overly affectionate. Sister of Pleasures, Joy controls the emotion of Happiness. Her element in relation is Light.

Abilities and Attacks

  • Her cuteness can be used against others.
  • She has some healing abilities.
  • Heart Beam: Making a heart shape with her fingers Joy can shoot out a beam of light to blind the target.
  • Refreshing Kiss: Heals the target.
  • Passionate Bubble: Heart shaped bubbles act as shields. Also works like the Magic Glove in SA2.


As she is usually in the desert, its pretty boring there! So she tends to raise baby cactus in her spare time, even naming them and taking them to give to people. Once their big enough though she lets them on their own. She has also taken up to making flower chains after watching someone do it.


  • She is very sensative
  • She doesn't fight others (in a offensive way.)
  • She happens to have a crush on fellow World Rage: Rage.



A cute hedgehog who just loves, love <3 She's very happy and perky which often test the patience of others. It can be slightly annoyed to them but she doesn't seem to notice this. She likes to believe everyone has goodness in them, which is why she will not fight. The only thing that seems to upset her is seeing someone in pain. Her sister, Pleasure often worries about her crush on Rage. And while their similar to each other there is a mild rivalry between the siblings. While Pleasure is more into sex appeal, Joy is into cute appeal. So they tend to criticize each others fault but generally they do love each other.


  • Happiness
  • Bright sunny weather
  • Jewelry
  • things shaped like Hearts <3
  • romance novels
  • Favorite foods include: Candy, grilled things, Pineapple juice, Lemonade.


  • Violence
  • When people are sad
  • rude/mean people
  • Hated foods include: sour or bitter things, vegetables, spicy things.


A bright yellow, perhaps topaz colored hedgehog girl with honey yellow eyes. She has slight tanned skin but only a little bit. She has a bright yellow nose and a heart shaped marking under her eye. Joy's hair is very long, curled at the tips. She has three spiked bangs, formed to the left with wavy chest length side quills. She wears very little makeup, consisting of lemon flavored lipstick.

Due to being in the hot weather Joy tends to dress revealing, but with reason. She wears a gold sleeveless tanktop held up with light yellow straps around her neck. A matching short skirt with slits on both sides of the legs. Around it is a thin, loose string with a small pink diamond on the side. She also wears plain gold sandles. Joy wears a lot of jewelry consisting of: Two metallic pink bracelets, gold hoop earrings, four gold rings, a metallic pink choker with a yellow heart jewel in the center, and even light yellow bands beneath her shoulders. And her icon piece, is a giant yellow heart, attached the the golden beads around her head.

Like the echidna tribe before them. The world ring girls have yellow wrapping/bands around certain parts. One bang has two thin ones while half of her side quill is covered, the other is only slightly covered. Three of her bottom quills are covered as well.


  • "No matter how Dark there will always be Light~!"
  • "Aw..."
  • "Rage!!! ~<3"
  • "I don't appreciate people like that. But I believe everyone is good~!"
  • "Pleasures can be...."


The world ring girls had randomly appeared after trouble was being held. They met someone and each person led them to the others in the temple they currently live in. However they still go back to their previous places on occasion.



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