Hatred is one of the seven World Ring Hedgehogs. All of them are made by Chrismh and you can view the rest
World rings Hatred

She looks a lot like Rage huh?

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Hatred looks to be sixteen but she is ageless. Born in a big jungle, Hatred currently resides there until the World Rings must meet up. A single female, she does not like people at all and because of this, she doesn't date. She controls the emotion of hate and her element is Grass and Nature.

Abilities and Attacks

  • She is the second strongest, of the group. Because of this her and Rage often work together.
  • Restricting Vines: Pretty self explanitory.
  • Hate storm: Razor sharp leaves fly at the opponent.


Hatred doesn't really do much, she hates everything and everyone so she honestly doesn't seem to mind just standing around doing nothing.

In secret however, she can be seen designing plants and cutting little bonsai trees.


  • Much like Rage, she has a temper.
  • Hatred isn't at all sympathetic, which in terms basically means nobody likes her.
  • Fire/head in general.



A lot like Rage, people point out that Hatred also looks a lot like her. She claims to hate everything but is often tending to her plants. Due to this, if someone finds out she actually enjoys/likes something. She gets upset and very hostile to said person. She cant stand those who lie, cheat, or steal either so its often brought into question as to whether or not she has a moral code. Considering how she acts in general. Hatred is also swear happy when upset, in general she is not one you want around children or young furries, otherwise she is likely to scar them mentally.


  • Bonsai trees (Their so cute~!)
  • Pretty gems like emeralds.
  • Yoga
  • Favorite foods: Ice tea, Carrots, peppermint sticks and other mint candy, soup.


  • Hot weather
  • Happiness
  • people who harm nature (especially her cute little trees)
  • A lot in general
  • Work
  • Hated foods include: Things with Jelly in them, meat, fruit, regular tea.


A bright green hedgehog with slightly darker green eyes. Pale skin, this being her muzzle, inside ears, chest, belly, and arms. Hatred has a dark green nose and short length hair. She has small curved inward bangs and two curled inward quills framing her face, a curled cowlick, and short hair spiking upward in a flip. Hatred also has on eyeshadow.

Rage wears a single piece ivy green dress with her chest showing and a diamond shape cut out at her belly button. This outfit is sleeveless and the left side is very long with a slight wave ending almost at her ankle. She wears mint, ivy green just below the shoulder gloves with two very thin blue designs around the top. She wears a off green boot above her knee, while on the left foot is a sandle with a strap around it and the rest of the Kanji for Hatred attached to it.

Her icon piece is a green kanji symbol for Hatred worn on double thin, but impossible to break string. Like the echidna tribe before them. The world ring girls have white wrapping/bands around certain parts. Two of her bangs have a single strip on them, with the one having the very tip covered, while her left side quill has two thin wraps, and her right one is halfway covered.



The world ring girls had randomly appeared after trouble was being held. They met someone and each person led them to the others in the temple they currently live in. However they still go back to their previous places on occasion.


  • She is the only world Ring girl with her symbol/icon in two pieces, instead of just one.


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