City of Wolfington
Vital Information
Founded January 5, 1687
Country Federal Republic of Emeraldsbourg
County Hunter
Type of government Democracy
Head of government Patrick Baronbaum (ELP)
2009 Estimate 104,674
Density 600/sq. mi
Denonym Wolfingtonian

Wolfington is a city in Eastern Hunter County. The city is the SECOND richest in the country (behind Chaos Lake), and one of the richest on Mobius. Before 1913, the city was the county seat of Hunter County, and from 1931-1936, the county seat of Wolfington County.

About The City

Wolfington is a suburban city about 12 miles to the east of Parkview. The population is over 101,000, and some streets (e.g. Main Street), are paved with gold asphalt. Many wealthy Mobians (now including Miles Prower,) live in the city limits, and the city's schools perform very well, making GYP. The city is home to a lot of mansions.

Notable Landmarks

Along Main Street

  • Cafe o' Dollar
  • The Kaching Cafe
  • Hunter County Library - Wolfington
  • Bank o' Bucks
  • Mobian FirstBank
  • Baron John's Mansion
  • Bank of Wolfington Plaza
  • Highrise apartments/condos
  • A few mid-size houses.

Richie Parkway

  • Wolfington Area Country Club
  • Camp Bolton
  • MobiMart - Richie Parkway
  • Houses and mansions (a LOT of big mansions)

North Airport Area

  • Parkview-Emerald Coast Regional Airport is to the south of the city.
  • Hunter County Library - Airport
  • Saving$Plus Shop
  • Big Houses

Surrounding Area

  • Emerald Coast International Raceway (future - Pulaski County)
  • Big Bucks Docks (Route 99)

Education in Wolfington

Public Schools

Schools in Wolfington are served by the Parkview-Hunter County Unified School District. The schools here are the richest in the county. Unfortunately, athletics are not so well, given the fact that the players count their money during the game.

Private Schools

  • Wolfington School of Business
  • Wolfington Barron's University
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