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Arrow the Wolf on Wolfhart City, Resistance Rising

Wolfhart City is a location in Mobius that appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. As the name suggests, it was inhabited entirely by Wolves, though it was abandoned when almost all the inhabitants were murdered by Infinite during the Great Rebellion, though Vernon the Wolf, Tammy the Wolf, Tammy's sister Gabby, and Vernon's parents Jay and Morgan escaped and are the only surviving inhabitants(though they all live elsewhere). It is currently the residence of Lucky's Resistance.


Since the city was completely abandoned in the Great Rebellion, little is known about it.

Known Residents

These are the known residents from the city that appeared in The Wandering Pup(Vernon's story) or other stories. Only natives will be listed!

  • Arch-Red male with white stripes(not related to Arrow)
  • Arch's Father-Male with unknown appearance
  • Vernon-Pale yellow male with white flame pattern and green eyes
  • Violetta-Purple female
  • Jane-White-furred female
  • Kevin-Brown male
  • Paco-Black-furred male
  • Paco's Father-Male with unknown appearance
  • Paco's Family-Unknown amount of Wolves with unknown appearances
  • Jay-Pale yellow male with white flame pattern(Vernon's father)
  • Morgan-Pale gray female(Vernon's mother)
  • Unnamed pale gray Wolf
  • Unnamed orange Wolf
  • James(WC)-Male Wolf with unknown appearance


As the name suggests, Wolfhart was inhabited completely by Wolves, though at one point a puppy Monty was given shelter after fleeing Mountain Lake Village as its only survivor, making him its only non-Wolf resident, if for a short while.

Currently, it is inhabited by Lucky's Resistance due to the fear that they would draw attention to New Mobotropolis while hiding there.


The history of the city is unknown up until the Great Rebellion. As revealed in Tales of the Wanderers, Vernon used to live there until the Jackal Squad kidnapped him as he waited for his parents outside a shop near the edge of the city. Vernon was held captive in Eggman's desert facility until Ash the Wolf, a captured Wandering Wolf, escaped with him. Due to Ash not knowing where Wolfhart City was, he and Vernon remained on the run until they found Red Gate City, where they remained until the warriors came to rebuild it, after which they were taken in.

After fleeing Ocean Point as its other inhabitants were brutally murdered, a young Monty the Dog found Wolfhart City and was taken in by a resident family, where he befriended the two young daughters, Tammy and Gabby. Shortly afterward, the city was attacked, and the citizens rounded up and murdered while Monty, Tammy, and Gabby all fled, and it was later revealed that Vernon's mother Morgan and father Jay somehow escaped, only to end up the captives of the Dark Legion under King Shadow. The city has remained uninhabited since.

In Resistance Rising, the Resistance hide in Wolfhart City after moving away from New Mobotropolis. They remain there to this day.

Notable Areas

Currently unknown

The Battle for Wolfhart

The Battle for Wolfhart City, more commonly referred to as the Battle for Wolfhart, was a massive battle between Lucky's Resistance and the combined forces of Lycus' Gang, the Destructix, and an army of clones created by Infinite. The fight is mostly shown from Lucky's POV, with him fighting Lycus. It was a long and vicious battle, with Lucky being clawed badly by Lycus before the Lycanroc is knocked away by Tundra. While Lucky's trying to catch his breath, he is body-slammed by Scourge, who prepares to kill him, but is driven off by a surprise attack from Zero the Zeraora, who relentlessly attacks him until the hedgehog flees, and the battle is won when the others flee and even Infinite is forced to leave after being constantly harassed by Moray the Eagle.


Wolfhart City is the second location known to be inhabited entirely by one species of Mobian, being inhabited by Wolves.

  • The first location like this is Albion and later Echidnaopolis, both of which were inhabited by Echidnas.