Cquote1 Nothing is unpredictable. Everything can be calculated for. I calculate for everything. Because of that, I could never be defeated by the likes of you! Cquote2
Wolfe the Hunter

Wolfe the Hunter is a wolf, former elite GUN agent, and professional mercenary. He was also Statyx's former mentor and teammate, and is the team leader of his mercenary team 'Team Hunter', consisting of himself, Valdez Vulture, and Claudia the Cheetah. Ruthless and calculating, Wolfe is a brutal master of his profession.


G.U.N. Agent

Wolfe's early life is a secret known only to him and his compatriots, and is one such secret that none are willing to reveal. All that is known is that Wolfe joined G.U.N. at the young age of 20, eager to take part in defending the innocent and fighting malevolent forces. Over the years Wolfe underwent vigorous training and climbed the ranks of G.U.N., becoming one of their most effective and renowned agents in less than a decade. As an elite agent Wolfe would confront and take down some of the most dangerous threats the underworld had to offer, and was always successful in completely eliminating the enemy forces.

Over the course of the following years Wolfe would come to train the future members of his Team Hunters, Valdez Vulture and Claudia the Cheetah. As a unit the three were utterly unstoppable, regularly being sent on missions that would seem like suicide amongst other agents. In one particularly infamous case the three were sent on a covert operation to dismantle a malevolent army that was quickly growing in power. But instead of a scope and stealth mission that was slated to take a few weeks, the three proceeded to completely annihilate the entire enemy force in the frame of a single night. The efficiency in which Team Hunter had eliminated the threat earned them the applause and approval of many superiors. But others became uneasy, their actions during this mission becoming the first indication that Wolfe wasn't satisfied with how far G.U.N. was willing to go.

Nonetheless Wolfe and his team continued to serve G.U.N. dutifully for years, until suddenly Team Hunter was taken off of active duty until further notice. Wolfe angrily confronted his superiors, believing they doubted the effectiveness of his team and hinting further to his belief that G.U.N. needed to go farther in their intent to protect the world but were too afraid to do so. While his comments raised concern amongst his superiors, he was nonetheless told that Team Hunter were in fact being given their most important mission yet; years ago G.U.N. had performed a raid on a secluded laboratory belonging to a student of Gerald Robotnik, who had been performing genetic experiments of similar scale as Gerald's. G.U.N.'s examination of his research notes revealed that his creation held significant potential as a means of eliminating Gerald's creation Shadow, and as such had been preserved. But the creation had unexpectedly awoken from stasis, amnesiac and unaware of his origins and purpose. Due to their status as G.U.N.'s most effective unit, Team Hunter was assigned to train the creation with the purpose of turning him into the ultimate G.U.N. agent. As such, Wolf was introduced to G.U.N.'s newest agent and Team Hunter's newest member; Statyx the Hedgehog. While disgruntled with being removed from active duty, Wolfe and his team nonetheless took in the hedgehog, training him into the elite agent he would eventually become.

Betrayal of G.U.N

Over time Statyx's time spent as a member of Team Hunter bore fruit; what was originally an amnesiac artificial hedgehog had been molded into an elite G.U.N. Soldier trained in all manner of combat and tactics. But even as Statyx scored among the top percentages in test after test, Team Hunter was still restricted from active duty, under the guise of "completing the project's training". Unfortunately, Statyx's powers over Chaos Energy and electricity were completely out of Team Hunter's purview. Hitting a wall and finding no means to break through, Wolfe eventually had enough of the situation and approached G.U.N.s higher-ups personally, demanding a proper explanation.

While the discussion began on the subject of Statyx and Team Hunters inability to properly complete his training, it eventually diverted to the reason for the training- the REAL reason. The people in charge of G.U.N. had become uneasy with regards to Team Hunters brutal and sometimes downright excessive measures in handling their targets and objectives, culminating in the team completely obliterating a burgeoning army. While all sources of intel had indicated said army was aiming for war and conquest, the higher-ups were intending to use Team Hunters in-field information as a means for negotiations or at worst, covertly disassemble. A strategy that Wolfe and his team were not only aware of but also willfully disregarded in favor of immediate annihilation. The heads of G.U.N. were no longer willing to allow "savage killers" out in the field if they wouldn't even follow orders unless convenient. Using Team Hunter as a means to train Statyx in preparation for action in the field was merely killing two birds with one stone; the higher-ups had no intention of allowing Team Wolfe back in the field.

Wolfe was absolutely livid, furious at being used and disgusted at G.U.N.s unwillingness to do what he and his team felt was necessary. Wolfe shared this information with his teammates Valdez and Claudia, who were equally incensed at G.U.N. deceiving and punishing them for what they felt was the right thing to do. Realizing that they would never see field combat again and disillusioned with G.U.N. and its sense of restraint, Team Hunter refused to be used as mere teachers and decided to make G.U.N. pay for its "mistake".

Two nights later the G.U.N. base was in utter mayhem, Team Hunter having used their intimate knowledge of G.U.N. inner workings to lay waste to its security systems and their armaments. Aiming to spite G.U.N. even further and make some financial gain from their revenge Team Wolfe stole valuable intelligence, detailing G.U.N.s latest projects, technology, and operations, with the intent of selling it to the highest bidder. The trio easily struck down anyone who tried to oppose them, and were preparing to head out before one final obstacle stood in their way; their own trainee and team member, Statyx.

Wolfe attempted to convince Statyx of their cause and to abandon G.U.N. "restrictions" on their power and methods; that following the political clout of G.U.N. would only lead to him being abandoned or locked up the moment he was unwilling to play ball. Having seen the carnage left in the wake of Team Hunters rampage Statyx refused, believing that regulations were necessary in order to maintain peace and order. At that point Wolfes anger towards Statyx- both for being used by G.U.N. to train the hedgehog and Statyx putting his faith in G.U.N. despite their actions against Team Hunter- came to a head; without hesitation or remorse Wolfe commanded both Valdez and Claudia to attack before engaging Statyx personally. The result was a brutal beatdown that left the electrokinetic within an inch of his life. Pressing his boot on the injured hedgehog's head, Wolfe opted to give his former student some parting advice. He told Statyx how his sentimentality would be his undoing, leaving him weak and eventually dead. That in order to attain true power he had to close off his heart and throw away his conscience. He needed to be willing to go to any lengths to achieve his goals, or he would remain the beaten hedgehog unable to rely on his own powers.

With those final words Wolfe departed the base with Valdez and Claudia in tow before detonating explosives placed throughout the base prior, nearly destroying it and ensuring that no-one would chase them. Their "resignation" made clear, the trio escaped into the night, aiming to make sure that G.U.N. would come to regret deriding their methods.


The incident at the G.U.N. base left Team Hunter as some of the most wanted criminals in the entire world. The intel they sold and their willingness to perform any task on the other hand, marked them as some of the most prevalent black-market mercenaries. The trio spent the better part of the next decade selling their services to anyone willing to pay their price, taking special note of jobs requiring a confrontation with G.U.N. While fully capable of operating covertly- and for the most part always doing so, leaving G.U.N. unable to effectively track them for any longer than brief periods of time- they would always make a spectacle of it, leaving destruction in their wake as if sending a message to G.U.N.: that G.U.N.s restraint would be their downfall, and that they were wrong to scorn Team Wolfe.

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At first glance and to those who only know of him the image Wolfe puts forward is that of a cold and calculating consummate professional, one who cares for nothing else but his team, the next job, and the next paycheck. Wolfe will work for anyone and anything so long as his exorbitant prices are paid in full, and wo betide any who might try to shortchange or double cross the aging alpha. A natural commander hardened by experience and unfazed by even the most excessive shows of force, Wolfe puts a heavy emphasis on tactical planning and strategic thinking, acting as an epitome of professionalism and pragmatism. Making the most of every opportunity and twisting even unforeseen circumstances to his favor, Wolfe prides himself on running circles around even the most powerful of enemies, waiting for powerful individuals and titanic organizations to tangle themselves in their own strings before going in with his team for their latest kill. As skilled at reading people as he is seemingly devoid of emotion and never going into a job without a full view of the enemy's hand, to many Wolfe is less a mortal canine and more a soulless demon, working towards some ominous and unknown goal of his own design.

But underneath that nightmarish visage is an image exposed only to his closest allies, most frequent employers, and most personal enemies. And that is the no less frightful image of a very much mortal extremist with a very strong and equally warped personal code. A Darwinist at heart, Wolfe believes that those with power should not hesitate to bare their fangs in full against any who would dare challenge them. Disgusted with G.U.N.s desire to negotiate with potential threats in the hopes of nonviolent resolution and willingness to punish those willing to do what he saw as necessary, Wolfe and his team decided that if G.U.N. was unwilling to do the dirty work to fix the problem, they would instead take advantage of it for their own gain. Though callous and apathetic to the plights of anyone not part of his team, Wolfe's steadfast belief in strength and strategy prevents him from engaging in behavior such as kidnapping or brutalizing non-combatants, seeing such acts as those taken by the weak attempting to put on a facade of having power. Wolfe is not, however, above using everything he knows about his enemies to beat them down physically, mentally, and emotionally in order to achieve his goals. And when backed into a corner pragmatism and survival overtake all, and Wolfe becomes an even more dangerous wild card to whom no means is too dirty or underhanded.

Wolfe's pride is his downfall, as his overwhelming belief in power and tactics over sentiment and compromise leaves him very intolerant of those who might deny his abilities or oppose his world views. Those brave enough to do so will discover Wolfe has an exceptionally short temper that makes him increasingly prone to direct combat and brute force against any who dare to disrespect him. With a tendency to remember slights and hold grudges, Wolfe's professionalism slips whenever he sees an opportunity to strike back at those who have earned his ire, especially when it comes to G.U.N. Wolfe was never able to let go of G.U.N.'s perceived betrayal, and as such tends to forgo his usual practical and subtle MO to leave his mark on his teams more prominent jobs, a direct statement aimed at G.U.N.'s apparent shortcomings and failure to act. Depending on the enemy in question and the severity of their offense, Wolfe is not above manipulating the circumstances at hand to allow him an opportunity to accomplish his latest job while simultaneously satisfying his personal need for vengeance. No matter what though, Wolfe's focus is always on the endgame; a persistent focus that makes him difficult to track and nigh-impossible to capture.


Wolfe is an incredibly powerful and deadly opponent, with a combination of physical prowess and strategic cunning forged by many years of rigorous combat training and first-hand experience. Combined with Wolfe's pragmatism and severe lack of moral boundaries when it comes to success, this makes the Hunter a combatant strong enough to match his former protege Statyx the Hedgehog blow for blow. Even when pushing over 40 years old Wolfe has yet to lose his edge in the slightest, just as capable and vicious as he ever was.

What makes Wolfe especially deadly is his extraordinary speed and physical strength, both of which are well above average. Wolfe has even gone so far as to be compared to Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna in speed and strength, respectively. Wolfe's abilities don't quite match up to either the Blue Blur or the Guardian however, as both are capable of outmatching him in their respective specializations. This does not make Wolfe by any means weak, as what he lacks in individual speed or strength he makes up for in versatility, combining both physical aspects to turn himself into a truly deadly opponent, more than capable of tearing down opponents faster or stronger than him. This is amplified by Wolfe's rigorous G.U.N. training and combat experience. Decades of learning, fighting, and traveling has honed Wolfe's combat experience to near-perfection, allowing him to incorporate numerous aspects of different fighting styles to overwhelm and overpower his opponent through sheer skill and technique. His natural traits as a wolf also make him a natural at tracking targets and an excellent tactical leader, highly proficient in leading group strikes against designated targets.

Arguably the greatest example of Wolfe's combat expertise and incredible skill would however be his former student, elite GUN agent Statyx the Hedgehog. Wolfe taught Statyx virtually everything the artificial hedgehog knows about hand-to-hand combat, and even after eight years of separation and intense training on the part of Statyx, Wolfe was still capable of outmatching the hedgehog until he began taking cues from both Sonic and Shadow and learned to truly master his Chaos powers and electrokinesis. And although Wolfe makes use of them even less than Statyx himself, the aging mercenary is just as proficient and deadly with a wide variety of firearms and melee weaponry, easily capable of picking up a random weapon and using with frightening accuracy and effectiveness.

Another of Wolfe's most prominent abilities is his power to generate and control darkness. Wolfe uses these powers to complement his other physical abilities, generating claws of darkness or launching slashing blades at a distance. His control over the darkness he generates is absolute, allowing him to manipulate it into any shape or form he desires. The origin of these powers are unknown, but Statyx describes them as being "new", meaning he either did not have them or did not reveal them during his time at G.U.N. The use of his powers are surprisingly varied beyond just direct combat, allowing Wolfe to generate platforms on his surroundings and in the air, or consume himself and anyone nearby in shadows for the use of long-range teleportation similar to Chaos Control.


Wolfe's greatest downfalls are his pride and his arrogance. Believing himself to be an infallible tactical genius, Wolfe is quite vulnerable to having his plans derailed by unexpected variables or unknown third parties, from which he has difficulty recovering and is a sure way to make him lose his usual composure. Insults or dismissal of his combat capabilities are also a sure way to boil his blood, causing him to zero in on the offender and attack them relentlessly, sometimes to the detriment of his own plans.

In terms of physical performance Wolfe is blessed with both incredible speed and immense strength. However neither his speed nor his power can match up against gifted individuals such as Sonic the Hedgehog or Knuckles the Echidna; if his shadow powers and immense combat experience isn't enough to overcome his disadvantage, Wolfe is quickly forced on the defensive or even into retreat. His shadow powers also come with their own disadvantages, as removing or damaging his "Shadow Enhancers"- while extraordinarily difficult- is not impossible, and doing so can make his powers difficult to control and prone to malfunction.


Wolfe is a male Mobian wolf with dark grey fur covering most of his body. The insides of his ears are white, and he has sharp eyes of golden yellow coloration. His muzzle is tan in coloration, tipped with a triangular black nose. Atypical of other wolves, Wolfe has three short, shaggy "quills" of fur on the back of his head, which are tipped with silver fur and has a stripe going from said tip to the base of the "quills". Wolfe's stomach is covered by white fur with a large tuft of it on his chest. His tail is long enough to almost reach the floor, and its underside has the same silver fur as Wolfe's fur quills.

For attire Wolfe wears black gloves that have steel plating on the back of the hand and fingers, ending with steel-clawed nails on the fingertips. Wolfe wears high-tech black wristbands with purple light decals lining them, which serve as "Shadow Enhancers" for his powers. He wears the same Shadow Enhancers on his ankles, with black combat boots that have steel plating on the front half. The steel plating has three claw-shaped patterns cut into the front. He wears an off-black trench coat that reaches down to just below his ankles. The coat has short sleeves, and it is only closed around the waist, leaving his tuft of chest fur exposed.


Statyx the Hedgehog

Main: Statyx-Wolfe Conflict

While originally Wolfe and Statyx were not just fellow agents, but also mentor and student, as of now the two are nothing but enemies. While Wolfe originally saw potential in the green hedgehog, Statyx's inability to make use of his electrokinesis and Chaos powers and his eventual refusal to go along with Team Wolfe's betrayal and merciless tactics cemented him as nothing more than a weakling and an obstacle in Wolfe's eyes. When the two eventually met once again years later Wolfe applauded Statyx's cold mercilessness and improved use of Chaos, but still disregarded him as a weakling when he saw that after all these years Statyx was still unable to make any headway in his electrokinesis, seeing him as a failed project. This all changed after their final battle amongst the ruins of the G.U.N. Base where they originally met, where despite the assistance of Claudia and Valdez and using the full brunt of his darkness powers, Statyx was able to completely overwhelm and overtake them with his mastered electric prowess and everything he had learned from Sonic and his friends.

Ever since that fight Wolfe has come to hold a certain level of respect for his former pupil, overtly displaying his pleasure with the idea of fighting Statyx once again. From Wolfe's perspective Statyx's emotionally charged electrokinesis finely contrasts his own darkness powers, and that their emnity represents the conflict of their opposing philosophies. While Wolfe is unwilling to risk trying to fight Sonic, who practically contradicts Wolfe's every belief with his very being, the personal connection Wolfe and Statyx hold in tandem with Wolfe's interest in further exploring Statyx's latent power causes Wolfe to see Statyx as a viable and worthwhile opponent.

Sonic the Hedgehog

For Wolfe, Sonic is nothing short of an infuriating and confounding anomaly. Whereas Wolfe is a cold and professional strategist with years of combat training, Sonic is a friendly jester who rarely plans farther than his next step and has improvised his entire fighting style. And yet despite Sonic representing virtually everything Wolfe considers weak, the blue blur is fully capable of combating Wolfe on even grounds time and time again; during their first confrontation Sonic was able to gain the advantage until Wolfe unveiled his shadow powers. And on top of the fact that Sonics personality and combat ability contradict every belief of power Wolfe has, Sonic has time and again proven nigh-impossible for Wolfe to plan and calculate for, constantly defying Wolfes calculations and meticulously laid out plans. Sonic repeatedly proving himself an "unknown variable" and "random element" have earned him Wolfes personal ire and caused no end of frustration for the mercenary.

The dichotomy between Wolfe and Sonic eventually came to a head when the two directly confronted each other once again. This time Wolfe verbally tore into Sonic, deconstructing his history, his personality, his relationships, and his accomplishments. Sonics response was to simply smile, tell Wolfe he was absolutely right, and then simply laugh it off. This was so beyond anything Wolfe had dealt with that he was convinced that Sonic was deceiving and making a fool of him. When Sonic denied the accusation with his usual upbeat attitude, Wolfes cool-headed and professional demeanor completely shattered and he savagely attacked Sonic, referring to him by name for the first time.

Ever since this incident, Wolfe has made a point of avoiding direct and personal confrontation with the blue blur. While he disguises this under the pretense of avoiding an unpredictable element, in truth Wolfe does so because Sonics complete contradiction of Wolfes every belief leaves the mercenary with a nearly uncontrollable urge to eliminate the hedgehog, interfering with his otherwise consummate professionalism.

Knuckles the Echidna

Team Hunter

Valdez Vulture

Claudia the Cheetah

Shadow the Hedgehog

Dr. Eggman


  • Team Hunter
    • Valdez Vulture
    • Claudia the Cheetah
    • Statyx the Hedgehog (former)
  • Any benefactor


  • Statyx the Hedgehog (nemesis and Arch-Rival)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (foil)
  • Fou the Phoenix
  • G.U.N.
  • Benefactor's enemies

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