Wodash the Werehog

Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Anti-Mobian/Werehog
Attire None
Relatives' Cinos the Werehog (Mobius Prime counterpart)
Romantic Interests Barby the Koala
Weaponry None
  • Mimicat
  • Shockball
  • Nega Spectral Beam
  • Ultra Spectral beam
  • Barrage Spectral beam
  • Mobian 2 Step
Super Form(s)
  • Hell Wodash
  • Beezle Wodash


Search for the 4 Doom Stones

Its start by stealing the blue one from Cinos, his Mobius Prime counterpart. He's successful the first time.

Next steal it from bruces's ancestor the werejackal named Alister the werejackal he killed the werejackal and took his power and got stronger he got the red one

next steal the orange one from Darby the koala who Tricked bruce and barby that she was barbys sister Devlin isn't a jackoala hes the orange doomstone in disguise why did you think he had all that power she was definently the trickster goddess Devlin appeared and tried to slash at wicked goddess she snapped her fingers and Devlin was suddenly out of power she turned him into his original form the orange doomstone she gave it to Wodash

hes was one doom stone away from possibly takeover mobius prime and the universe

little did he know that Devlin's infant daughter had it and with Devlin gone, no one could defend the little from Wodash.

He got to Mobius Prime and then took the doom stone and it that if all 4 were on mobius bad things would happen nautral Disaters and then a orange energy spirit of Devlin came out the orange doomstone and said wodash youre done Wodash swung his arm and hurt Devlin.

alternate ending

He successfully takes over Mobotropolis and then the rest of Mobius. He banishes Cinos for a years long act of Treason and all heroes were wanted for treason and then every villian worked for wodash

new beginning

the doomstones were destroyed except for devlins the most devlin returned to jackaola form wodash was in Cryptic core a part of his twisted mobius but until he as put in a lab under mobius he was acting weak so the scientist could heal and when was fully healed he would brake out of the tube they had him in he heard away to fuse yourself with someone else and get there abilities in a diffrent tube they were on Operation:Titan this operation was three species of super Mobian bird, hedgehog, and jackal combine them into one ultra mobian the computer said Brinning up files on allister the hawk of team babyloanian R super form diamond Allister died around the time of huh wait funny all info on how he died got deleted nevermind bring up file on darkness of team darker Super form universal darkness And bring file on the Bruce the jackal he was to have been apart of a anciet species of mobian who existed circa the time of cinos Super Form underbruce WARNING TUBES OPENING wodash then fused with the ultra mobian and said Im back he flies out the lab and goes to the cryptic core.


Wodash's appearance is far more similar to Darkness the Hedgehog rather than Cinos, an uncommon trait with Anti-Mobians.


Wodash is a perfect example of the fact that the Anti-Mobians have the opposite personalities of their Mobius Prime counterparts; while Cinos is chivalrous, kind-hearted and brave, Wodash is arrogant, cruel-hearted and self-centered, caring only for himself (although he does appear to have feelings for Barby Koala).

a unsavory war

ahh a werehog among us wants a war wodash explodes with anger. He then makes thousands of spawn solidiers he said this will be our base the super being council building. he used his spawn army to become chancellor of super beings the spawn then pulls out a lava blaster and froze the council cinos had no choice but to escape he was out matched the mobian decided to unite and one spawn solidier decide to remove his and go to the mobian R planet wide army gathering hwas there they asked why he said he is a remmant of a good spawn cronos I'am cronos the 2nd I will help you he then puts on the uniform his father (cronos the 1st) made in desprate times the days of his old age. their ships went to the super being planet a rock based warship they airships scrambled Cronos the 2nd went to the building and wodash's throne room and wodash said my own spawn betrayed me cronos said as he pulled out a emerald he said its your turn to fianally die cronos powers up and they battle chaos energy travels throught the room then wodash release a chaos icinerator and cronos then grasps the energy in his hands and releases but a power strugle happen and then cronos deicides to convert his whole body into energy an explosion happen and the building collasps wodash barely gets up and looks at the body and says you were just a solidier cinos says hes no solider and he grips his claw on wodash's arms and pulls harder the he ever did wodash's had nothing he detariated into darkness and cinos said its over...