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"I'm not insane. I just control hundreds of little ghost :3 "

Wisp is a rabbit/Bunny created by Chrismh.


Wisp is currently a nine year old bunny girl who was born and raised at Pumpkin Hill. Her parents have since disappeared but she still lives there. However, now Lolita has come and the two females keep each other company. She is single at the time and isn't really looking for anyone (not saying it cant happen though.) She is on the Neutral side, but is mostly good. Minus a few ill-fated pranks....


Wisp can control small ghost (such as those found in the Sa2 levels) But she refers to that as, "Ghost Summoning" Besides this, Wisp has learned to spin-dash/curl up into a ball and of course is a great jumper. She can't fly with hear ears like Cream or anything though.

  • Defensive soul: A Spirit/soul shape appears before her, this can reflect attacks in the forms of energy balls.
  • Spiritual Tornado: Small ghost of rainbow colors (the really little chibi ones x3) form and spin in a tornado. Plain and Simple.


Wisp has her ghost summons of course. Her and Lolita will often team up as Lolita can posses things. She can also identify bodies pretty easily, and if your ever looking for a specific grave she's a great person to come to. Wisp can find the right one in five seconds flat. Often Wisp will play with the bat or skeleton dogs when bored or waiting for someone to arrive.


A mature, but young rabbit. She is smart and is somewhat unstable. But not a total psychopath. Wisp sees almost everything and everyone as a plaything or toy and uses this as a excuse to start a fight. Not one to mess with, Wisp takes revenge seriously and has every intent to carry it out. If she is aiding someone who backs out of it, she will flip out on them and yell. She find's fun in playing with dead bodies and is often summoning ghost to keep herself company. She see's nothing wrong with torture and gladly allows It. Only a few people are safe from this, such as those she considers a friend. Wisp is known to be very perky or cheery when fighting someone she is about to severely scar or injure. She also carries her dead chaos remains in her vest and will show it to people as she sees nothing wrong with it.


  • Darkness
  • Someone to play with
  • graveyards
  • chao
  • Favorite foods: Pears, fruit juice, pretzels.


  • Childish people
  • Rudeness
  • Sunny weather
  • Heat
  • Hated foods: Tea, canned vegetables, meat.


Wisp is a sickly mint green, almost glowing color. She has purple markings around her eyes, with her left eye being yellow and the right being yellow with a green ring around it. Her skin, which is just her muzzle and chest are white. She has a dark green button nose and her hair is a lilac color. She has four messy spiked bangs and two chest length side parts of hair. Her hair is almost waist length and spikes up along the edges. The inside of her ears are light gray.

Wisp wears a dark red sleeveless dress with the skirt part being three layers of ruffles, along the lining are peach colored frills and over this is a half way opened gray vest. She has on dark purple armbands starting below her elbow and ending at her wrist, and pink berry colored bracelets. On her head is a blue and silver striped, almost sock like hat and she wears dark gray socks with red mary-jane styled shoes. In her right ear is a small blue clip earring.


A lonely rabbit girl who was born and raised inside the cemetery hidden within Pumpkin Hill. Bound to the spirits of her dead parents, Wisp feels she cannot leave this haunted place or else she will feel guilt by this action. So she is forced to stay there until otherwise noted.

She had a chao named Darky that had died after a incident occurred, she carries the remains and because of this it sometimes appears as a rare summon for her.

Sometime ago she met Sonic and them who had been looking for a grave that had been hiding a emerald. A dead body wasn't in it however, but as this place was covered in them, the person who hid said Emerald had just randomly dropped it inside a empty one. Wisp knew where it was, she quickly located. But after accusing them of just using her and not even staying to play for a while she refused to hand it over to them unless they fought her for it.