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Windy Von Fang
Cquote1 The greatest thing about science is that there is no such thing as failure, only results. Cquote2
Windy being a little too "confident" in science than she should

Her body may often fail her, but give her a moment and Windy, real name Vane Margerita Von Fang, will literally blow you away. Windy is a Junior Hunter with an unusual and incredible talent for spellcasting, as well as a strong affinity for the element of Air. She is also a major character in The Huntstonian Chronicles, in which she is working with her sisters, Glacier and Aqua Von Fang, and her eldest sister's closest friends, Voltage Bouncealot and Ricky Carraway, in solving the mystery of the deaths of her parents.


Much like her sisters, Windy sports dark grey fur around much of her body. Meanwhile, a relatively lighter shade of grey rests on the fur of her muzzle and front torso. She also sports greyish-white hair that reaches just around her chin area. Small tufts of dark grey fur can be seen on each side of the back of her head while a small black nose can be seen on the very center of her muzzle. Her eyes sport a very light shade of blue and a small fang-shaped birthmark can be found on her arm.

Windy's outfit consists of an orange long-sleeved leather jacket with a white fur collar, a white turtleneck, and a white knee-length pencil skirt held up by a black belt. She also wears a pair of orange boots, and a pair of eyeglasses with orange quadrilateral rims. She sometimes wears a stark white lab coat instead of her orange leather jacket whenever she's seen working in her lab.


Windy is pretty much the brains of the operation out of the three Von Fang sisters. Simply put, she is a person who favors approaching a situation and acting upon it based purely on logic rather than on emotion. While this does make Windy rather level-headed for a girl of her age, it also makes her seem ironically colder and more emotionless than either of her older sisters.

Despite having a great deal of intelligence, Windy is far from being the most mature person on the planet. Because of her over-reliance on logic, coupled with her aforementioned intellect and incredible potential with Huntsonian Magic, Windy can sometimes come across as arrogant and a little too confident in herself to a rather annoying extent. This causes her to sometimes butt heads with her sisters, primarily Aqua. On top of that, she is also somewhat impatient, often becoming annoyed whenever someone is unable to do something she considers as simple as breathing, among others.

History and Appearances

Early Life

Windy was born in Royalcoast Horizon, Huntstonia to Brittany and Carlos Von Fang as the youngest of the Von Fang sisters. Though born rather weak-looking than normal, it would soon be discovered in her early years that she possessed an incredible intellect and a great amount of potential in the art of Huntstonian Magic.

A few years later, upon graduating from the Hunter Academy and becoming an official Hunter, she traveled to the Temple of the Hunt with the rest of her fellow trainees to receive their Hunter's blessing. Upon approaching the Huntstones, Windy received her blessing from the Huntstone of Air, granting her a strong affinity for the element of Air.

Some time later, however, Brittany and Carlos were declared dead under unknown circumstances, which would eventually lead her and her sisters to get to the bottom of how this apparent death occurred.


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Powers and Abilities

Even before becoming an official Hunter, Windy already possessed an impressive level of potential with Huntstonian Magic. Upon completeing her basic training, however, she has already become nearly as skilled at spellcasting as more-experienced Elite Hunters, at the very least, despite being only a Junior Hunter. Because of this, along with her overall intelligence, she is considered to be the best overall caster out of the Von Fang sisters, let alone her entire team.

With her affinity for the element of Air, Windy excels at casting spells that pertain to that lement, which consist of spells ranging from quick and sharp gusts of wind to devastating hurricanes that cover a large area. In addition, she can also manipulate the very air around her however she wills it, if she ever so pleases. Her most-utilized methods of this particular ability are creating a small cyclone that grants her added mobility underneath her person and creating a barrier that can repel most physical attacks with no issue.

Windy also possesses a great deal of knowledge in certain fields of science, with meteorology and astrology being the fields that she is the most well-versed with. She is also often seen working her Huntstonian Magic prowess into many of her frequent experiments. 


  • Hunter Staff - Windy's primary arm and her main tool for her spellcasting. Unlike the rest of her teammates, however, Windy's staff doesn't seem to have an alternate form of any sort.


  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 2 - Having a poor physical condition means Windy is basically next to worthless in a melee fight.

Defense: 3 - Windy isn't particularly tough either, so it's important for her to stay as far away from immediate danger as possible.

Speed: 5 - Windy is, unfortunately, also not particularly fast on her feet. Often injuring her own ankle doesn't help matters. However, she can use the winds to carry her a fair distance when necessary.

Magic: 9 - Despite her poor physical condition, however, Windy is actually the best overall caster of the party and can be capable of casting some of the most powerful spells, provided she is not in critical condition and given enough practice.

Evasion: 5 - Windy cannot dodge quite easily on her own, but she can use the winds to carry her to safety when needed.

Intelligence: 8 - Another strength of hers is that she is good at analyzing enemy weak points, as well as being well-versed with some fields of science. Of course, it should go without saying that this intelligence also adds up to her amazing ability in spellcasting.

Skills: 7 - As long as you don't expect her to fight in the frontlines, you can count on her to devastate the enemy with her powerful spells and fix you up if need be.

Accuracy: 7 - Being the team's best caster, Windy definitely sports good accuracy when casting any of her spells.

Stamina: 4 - Windy gets quite tuckered out fairly easily, which is another effect of her poor physical condition.

Tolerance: 3 - With her poor physical condition, Windy is especially susceptible to excruciating pain if ever she gets hurt.

Overall: 53%


Despite her age, or maybe because of it, Windy's intelligence can make her a little too confident in the field for her own good and occasionally stubborn to an annoying extent. She has also shown a fair bit of impatience with some people at times, mainly towards Aqua.

As per the laws of Huntstonian Magic, Windy can only cast so many spells before she begins running low on mana. Unlike the rest of her group, who have other methods of combating their opposition, Windy is practically rendered a sitting duck if ever she does run out of mana due to her strong specialization for spellcasting. In addition, her affinity for the Air element leaves her especially weak against spells from the element of Ice.

Windy's body strength is also very poor, meaning she cannot afford to be in the front lines of a fight at all costs lest she get seriously hurt. In addition, she also has a bad habit of twisting her ankle and hurting her back when she moves around too much, due to her bones not being very strong and mostly staying indoors, often burying her nose into a book or conducting another experiment, without doing much physical activity. Because of this poor body strength, Windy sometimes risks injuring or even killing herself when casting particularly more powerful spells due to the heavy amount of strain those spells can put into her body. 


"Hello. I am Vane Margerita Von Fang, but I would prefer that you call me 'Windy'."
—when she meets someone
"It's actually not that difficult. You see, what happens is that..."
—Windy about to talk technobabble
"¡Cállate, estúpidos idiotas!"
—Windy slipping into Spanish in a burst of annoyance.


  • All three of the Von Fang sisters actually have corresponding main and eye colours.
    • In this case, Windy's main color is orange while the color of Glacier's eyes matches.
  • It was mentioned once that several people, except for her sisters, tend to get her age wrong.
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