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Windstalkers' Corps: Earthen Assault is the first KP-UC Game to be thought of, It was first thought of when playing Medal of Honor: European Assault.


WAR! A Group of Rogue Mobians break away from the United, And they then dub themselves as the Fascix. The Windstalkers are sent to infiltrate the most deadly areas of the Fascix, behind enemy lines. And also to Liberate the fallen of the United..Shahooter, being one of them most toughest of the Windstalkers, is to lead through a series of Tactical Missions


The ones listed with ??? Will be found out throughout the mission, these objectives are listed in order. However there is different paths.

St. Neausmix

Operation: Firebird

Objectives: Locate the Captain, ??? (Fall back).

Petroleum Tank Seige

Objectives: Destroy the Petroleum Tank (Original), ??? (Destroy the Anti-Aircraft Weapon, Forward), ??? (Destroy .44 Battery, Right.), Get Tank Documents (Right.), ??? (Eliminate Slash's Lieutenant!, Right.) Secure Bunker (Original), ??? (Fall Back).

Lights Out in St. Neausmix

Objectives: Destroy the Power Plant (Original), Take down the Bunker, (Forward.), ??? (Destroy Rocket Prototypes, Right), ??? (Plant the Charges on the Submarine, Left.), ??? (Eliminate Slash's Lieutenant!, Original), Steal Execution Orders (Original).


Objectives: Get to the Countryside (Original), Destroy MG Nest (Original), ??? (Destroy Tank.) ??? (Destroy Radio Tower, Right.) ??? (Eliminate Pierre Magnum, Original) Get North Mobi Orders, (Original).

North Mobi

Operation: Sabertooth

Objectives: Destroy Tank Prototypes (Original), Take Control of Ruins (Original), ??? (Destroy Communications, Left.), ??? (Eliminate Slash's Lieutenant, Right) Get United Documents (Right.), (Escape into Bunker, Original)

Rocket Destruction

Objectives: Destroy Rocket Prototypes (Original), Free United Operatives (All over), ??? (Eliminate Van Shransler, Right), Steal Rocket Film (Right), Steal Sov Motherland Documents (Right.), Take Photographs of Schematics of the Rocket. (Original), ??? (Destroy Tank, Original)

Sov Motherland

Road to Svalronrod.

Objectives: Take the Church (Original), Locate P-Fighters (Original), Take out Rail Gun. (Original), ??? (Destroy Radio Tower, Right), Destroy Three Tanks (All over), ??? (Eliminate Slash's Lieutenant, Original), Take V-Bomb Documents, (Original), ??? (Defend the Chruch, Original).

Climbing the Hill.

Objectives: Push the Fascix back (Original), Destroy the Tank (Original), Locate the Commander (Original), ??? (Set off Smoke Signal, Left.), ??? (Destroy .44 Batteries, Right), ??? (Eliminate Alain Warwick.), Recover V-House Documents (Original), Radio to United. (Original).

Battle of the Key.

Urban Warfare.

Objectives: Get to the HQ (Original), Take down Thor's Hammer (Left), Destroy three Ult-Tanks (Original), ??? (Retreive the C4, Original) ??? (Eliminate Slash's Lieutenant, Original), Take Execution Orders (Original), Destroy the Bridge (Original).

Farmhouse Infiltration.

Objectives: Rescue the United Operative (Original), ??? (Destroy .44 Emplacements, All Over), ??? (Destroy the Ult-Tank, Left), ??? (Eliminate Slash's Lieutenant, Original), Recover V-House Information (Original), Defend the Farmhouse for Reinforcements (Original),

Final Assault

Objectives: Shut down the V-Bomb and Eliminate Slash (Original), ??? (Destroy Entrench Ult-Tanks, Left), Call for Air-strike (Right), Steal Slash's Journal (Right), ??? (Eliminate Slash)



See the Windstalkers' List for Weapons, Vehicles and Tools for the United.


MC400- A Fast-firing weapon most effective for shots in the head. Used on the St. Neausmix and North Mobi parts.

Saint George Fourty-four- A fast-firing weapon which is best for taking down groups. Used in the Battle of the Key Part.

988K- A single-shot Rifle that is often used in sniping. Used in all parts excluding North Mobi.

G-Scoped- A Scoped Rifle that is also used in sniping. Used in the Battle of the Key Part.

G42- An Unscoped-form of the G-Scoped. Used in the Battle of the Key Part.

Negortson-44- Often used against the Sovs in the Sov Motherland Part.

N44-Scoped- Often used against the Sovs, but however the United as well, used in the Sov Motherland and The Battle of the Key part.

Bronzing SMG- A Fast-Firing gun for Cover-Fire.

P-Tank- Step-down from the Ult-Tank

Ult-Tank- Toughest Tank, step-up from P-Tank.

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