Character- Windos 'Arias' Negon

3 tails!?!? OBJECTION!!!


Windos "Arias" Negon is Nova the Hedgehog's best friend from the Tribolt Galaxy. He has an IQ even higher of that of Tails, and speaks 300 languages and knows 493 Martial Arts from across the Milky Way and Tribolt Galaxy. He loves to invent things as much as Tails, and follows Nova around and depends on Nova for rescuing at times, much like Tails with Sonic. Arias is good friends with Tails, Nova, Saturn, Sonic, and Kannon and Godzilla. He is a master of the Wind element and uses a Bow as a weapon. Nova the Hedgehog taught Arias everything he knows with the exception of Arias' engineering and inventing skills, which Nova learned about from Arias. Arias died during the Tribolt Genocide led by Transformas the Cursed, but Nova and Tails revived him, Saturn the Hedgehog, and Kannon the Echidna.

Weapon of Choice

"My hands, my feet, and my bow!" (--Quote from Windos "Arias" Negon)

Arias, in addition to using his martial arts mastery to full effectiveness, wields the magical Triboltian Bow known as the Bow of Blizzards. The Bow of Blizzards fires a unlimited amount of enchanted, magical ice arrows. Arias makes the arrows fly rapidly by propelling them forward with the wind energy from his hands.

Personality, cont.

"He's a really nice guy, until somebody insults ME." (--Quote from Nova The Hedgehog)

Arias, as the above quote says, is very, kind, gentle, and friendly, until somebody insults his best friend, Nova The Hedgehog. This has led to his rivalry with his own cousin, Vince The Fox, and his hatred of Nova's brother, Transformas the Cursed. His hatred of Transformas almost matches that of Nova for killing not only their entire people, but Nova's own family.

Arias' SubRace

There are three SubRaces amongst the Triboltians. They are:

  • Starrians
  • Comettians
  • Meteorrkers

Arias is a Comettian. Nova is part Starrian and part Comettian, (Father is a Starrian, Mother is a Commetian.) Their friend, Kannon The Echidna, is a Meteorrker.


Arias' mastery of 493 martial arts refers to the 493 Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.