Cquote1 I`m gonna beat you in the final time. Cquote2
Wind the Hedgehog, Famous and signature quote

Wind the Hedgehog
First Appearance
"Super Wind"
Speed, Gaming.
Darkness, Evil.
Appears In
59 pounds
Theme Song

Wind the Hedgehog is a 14 year old gray-steel like hedgehog, he can float and control the wind and run fast, His speed is the same as Sonic`s. He will appear in some fan-made series.


Born in 1996, In a city. Although he was born in real life, He was not a Mobian. When he was born, The city was in danger from a evil monster, After the city was destroyed and completly in ruins. He actually never knew about that. Few years later. He is searching the monster to pay for it.

In Games.

Wind will be appearing in his own game. And named after him.

In Books.

He never appeared in a book.

In Comics

He will get his own comic.


  • Speed: ★★★★★1/2
  • Strength: ★★★1/2
  • Stability ★★★★

Personality Status

  • Color: Gray
  • Food:All
  • Personality: Neutral.
  • Hates: Monsters,Claymens,Evil Users from YouTube.
  • Weakness: Fire,Water,Electric.
  • Appearances:

Wind will be appearing in fan-made series, games and more!


Super Wind is like other super transformation. He is gold. He makes a attack called " Metal Punch" that punches the enemy to a One hit KO.

Special Attacks

Steel Spin Dash is just like the original.The spin dash can not protect Wind from getting hurt by spikes. The steel spin dash can. The steel spin dash is also a lot faster. The only issue is that Wind can only use this type of spin dash twice in every level he's playable in.

Sword Attack is an attack that is used with Wind`s sword. He can slash anyone with this attack. The attack results very hard.

Attacks That Can Be Used By Other Characters

  • Chaos Control (can only use it when holding 2 Chaos Emeralds in both hands)

Voice Actor

English: Unknown



"Beating you is the final time." (S rank)

"(sigh.) Good." (A rank)

"This is meh." (B rank)

"Well, made it." (C rank)

"Hmph. This is really bad." (D rank)

"WTF?" (E rank)

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