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Wind the Dove

Biograhical Information

Wind the Dove is the half-


  • Sonic Heroes X: 13
  • Sonic Double X: 16
  • Mobius Future 25 years: 38
  • Sonic Super Riders the movie: 13
  • Sonic Underground: 13


  • Crystal the Swallow (Mother, deceased)
  • Wave the Swallow (Half-Sister)
  • Jet the Hawk (Future Husband)
  • Jenny the Dove (Future Daughter)
  • Jetson the Hawk (Future Son)
  • Dash the Hawove (Future son)

Romantic Interest

  • Jet the Hawk (Ex-Boyfriend, still has feelings for him)


  • Songtress Bird
  • Windy
  • Jet's girl (by Storm)
  • Sis (by Wave)
  • The Aurora Jewel
  • Birdy (by Jet)


sister of Wave the

Swallow and ex-girlfriend of Jet the Hawk. She is a former Babylon Rouge and is now part of Sonic group

Physical Description






  • Fur: White
  • Eyes: Purple


  • Pink bra piece
  • Purple and pink skirt
  • blue pants
  • Blue sneakers
  • Fingerless pink gloves

Political Alignment and Abilities


  • Babylon Rouges (Formerly)
  • Freedom Fighters


  • Martial Arts
  • Swan Fan
  • Extreme Gear Racing

Super Form

  • Songtress Wind
  • Rainbow Wind

Other Information

American V.A

Japanese V.A


  • I am the Wind (by Cynthia Harrell)
  • Colors of the Wind (by Christy Carlson Romano)

Original Creator



Wind ran away from home because she never wanted to steal anything and left a letter so her friends would not worried, while at it, she break up with Jet at the time and was heartborken about doing that to him, but has no choice.

Wind meets Sonic and the gang and was happy to stay with them, but kept secret about her past because they might shun her away. The only one she ever told this to was Solina the Chinchilla, her best friend who is very supported of her and help her with her problems. Wind is very closed to Tails, Charmy and Cream and very protective of them. On Sonic Heroes X and Sonic Super Riders the movie, it shows that both Wind and Jet still has feelings for each other, with Jet trying to get her to come back with him, but she refuse him and refuse to go back to her former team. In the future it shows that the two are happly married and have three kids.


Wind is a hyper, energetic, giggly and happy as well as gentle, very out-spoken and caring girl who can get worry about others. she can be very sad or upset when her old team show up and shown to hate stealing when with them. She is unaware how cute she is, as Sonic and Knuckles keep telling her that. She is very fair and playful with others and shown to love kids, when with Tails, Charmy and Cream and even plan to have kids of her own one day. Wind is shown to be very loyal to her dead mother's last words to never become a Babylon Rouge, this is the main reason why she left the group.


Like her former team she is a great broad rider, her main talent are the skate ones as she gracefully beautiful on them. She is also a martial artist as she was tought by her mother at a young age. she also shown to be a good singer.

Friends and Foes


  • Freedom Fighters


  • Shadow the Hedgehog


  • Dr. Eggman
  • Nazo the Hedgehog
  • Eggman Naga
  • Metal Sonic
  • Team Hooligan

Romantic Interest

  • Jet the Hawk (Ex-boyfriend, but still has feelings for him)


"I'm ready to win it" when starting a race.

"Yes, that was sweet" when winning a race.

"Oh, man, I wasn't fast eoungh" when losing a race.

"I'm sorry, Jet, but can't come back. I'm sorry" before she and Jet kiss.

"Wait, you think I'm cute?" When Sonic or Knuckles tell her she cute.

"Ohhhhhh, I just love your cooking, Amy!"


It is shown that she and Wave share the same mother, but not father.

It's unknown how her mother died, until Wave said she was killed.