Wind Lung is a wind-element counter-attack.


This attack starts off with the user inhaling deeply, taking large amounts of air from the atmosphere. Upon taking in the maximum amount of air possible, the user releases it in a powerful drill-like blast, which slashes and tears at the opponent(s). Aerokinetics and aeromancers can also supplement their own air, while those who control multiple elements can mix additional elements to make the attack more powerful and add additional effects. This attack cannot be used underwater, and using it in polluted environments is dangerous, as the user takes in any gases or toxins in the air directly into their body.

Some combinations and their effects are;

Fire: The air becomes super-heated, and can inflict burns.

Poison: Poisons can be inhaled and exhaled safely.




Due to requiring large lung capacity and/or great aerokinetic or aeromantic skills, this attack is a B-rank technique.


  • This attack does not require the user to be aerokinetic or aeromantic.

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