Wind Clan of Khazri

Wind Clan of Khazri

Current Leaders

Hurikale Galefront - leader
Tatsuma the Spider - second-in-command

Location Windy Valley
Alignment Hero, Neutral
Current StatusActive

The Wind Clan of Khazri is one of The Elemental Clans, and they reside within the Windy Valley, located on the continent of Soumerca. They are centered around Khazri, the Goddess of Wind.



A long time ago, the founder of the Wind Clan, Sir Szelvihar Galefront lived in peace with the other nine founders. Arguments about who's Element was superior arose, however, and eventually the ten friends split away from each other, traveling their separate ways.

As Szelvihar traveled, he came across like-minded individuals, those who worshiped Khazri and were proficient at manipulating the Wind Element, just like him. These new "followers" of his accompanied him to the Windy Valley, the spot where the Wind Clan would be founded.

Early Years

Like all new settlements, the early Wind Clan village was small, comprised of Sir Szelvihar and his roughly 20 followers.

The Elemental Wars


Allies (good to fair terms)

Neutral (purely ambivalent)

Enemies (poor to bad terms)



The soil of the Windy Valley is rather light and crumbly, and doesn't retain moisture all that well, making farming somewhat difficult. What plants do manage to grow, however, are quite hardy.



  • Khazri -
  • Latobias - A primordial god of the sky, and the mate of Saranyu.
  • Saranyu - A primordial goddess of the sky, and the mate of Latobius.
  • Theia -
  • Stribog -
  • Rasvelgar - An ancient beast said to take the form of a massive, eagle-like creature. It is a deity associated with storms, and is said to be the guardian of the Gale Orb.
  • Rayquaza - Hailed as the God of the Sky.
  • Lugia -
  • Tornadus -
  • Dialga - One of the few Deities that all of the Clans collectively worship; the other two are Palkia and Giratina.
  • Palkia - One of the few Deities that all of the Clans collectively worship; the other two are Dialga and Giratina.
  • Giratina - One of the few Deities that all of the Clans collectively worship; the other two are Palkia and Dialga.

Main Members

Hurikale Galefront

The current leader of the Wind Clan, a member of the Galefront family and the descendant of Sir Szelvihar, the founder of the Wind Clan said to have been spiritually connected with Khazri.

Tatsuma the Spider

The current second-in-command of the Wind Clan.

Blackmoon the Hedgehog

Blackmoon, a genius of Wind-type attacks who hails from the Tropic Sanctuary, and a devout believer of Khazri. He made a living of killing trolls, and even perfected techniques which could be used to starve individual muscles of oxygen and air...and so of the energy required to attack. He was a master of rare attacks, and used that fact to his advantage. He joined the Wind Clan at first to teach, but now he is a loyal retainer and member.

War Council

Alongside the leader and second-in-command, the Wind Clan's War Council consists of the Head Soldier, Head Battle Mage/Magess, Head Summoner, Head Knight and Head Tactician.

Members are;

  • Hurikale Galefront - Leader
  • Tatsuma the Spider - S.i.C
  • Vendaval the Catbat - Head Soldier
  • Vikkela the Tenrec - Head Knight
  • Alcyone the Kingfisher - Head Battle Magess
  • Ventos the Olingo - Head Summoner
  • Vashti the Fanaloka - Head Tactician

Honorary Members

While they don't live full-time at the Wind Clan village in the Windy Valley, nor were they born there, Honorary Members are singular allies of the Wind Clan, having gained their collective trust through various means (often through helping them numerous times).


Weapons Vault

Like the other Clans, the Wind Clan has a well-guarded vault containing powerful Wind-aligned weaponry. The purpose of this vault is unknown, but it can be speculated that the weapons contained within are only to be used in dire circumstances.

Some of these weapons are;

  • Rasvelgar's Claw - A hook sword
  • Titangale Hammer - A war hammer



  1. Karmus = Estonian word for "swiftness"
  2. Kecepatan = Indonesian word for "swiftness"
  3. Kelajuan = Malaysian word for "swiftness"
  4. Velocidade = Portuguese word for "swiftness"
  5. Ruskanas = Lithuanian word for "foggy"
  6. Nebuloso = Portuguese word for "foggy"
  7. Cetos = Romanian word for "foggy"
  8. Vrolik = Afrikaans word for "breezy"
  9. Ventos = Catalan word for "breezy"
  10. Povjetarac = Croatian word for "breeze"
  11. Vjetrovit = Croatian word for "breezy"
  12. Vanek = Czech word for "breeze"
  13. Luchtig = Dutch word for "breezy"
  14. Tuuline = Estonian word for "breezy"
  15. Sariwa = Filipino word for "breezy"
  16. Brezza = Italian word for "breeze"
  17. Esintili = Turkish word for "breezy"
  18. Vikkela = Finnish word for "nimble"
  19. Ventania = Galician word for "gale"
  20. Szelvihar = Hungarian word for "gale"
  21. Makonis = Latvian word for "cloud"

Names For You

Names you can ask to claim in order to create a Wind Clan member.
  1. Okretan = Croatian word for "nimble"
  2. Ciperny = Czech word for "nimble"
  3. Axil = Galician word for "nimble"
  4. Furge = Hungarian word for "nimble"
  5. Apsukrus = Lithuanian word for "nimble"
  6. Spreten = Slovenian word for "nimble"
  7. Sigabo = Filipino word for "gust"
  8. Puhuri = Finnish word for "gust"
  9. Hembusan = Indonesian/Malay word for "gusts"
  10. Gusius = Lithuanian word for "gusts"
  11. Buffuri = Maltese word for "gusts"
  12. Vindkast = Norwegian word for "gusts"
  13. Vichrice = Czech word for "gale"
  14. Wichura = Polish word for "gale"
  15. Xafegada = Catalan word for "squall"
  16. Bourrasque = French word for "squall"
  17. Oradane = Marathi word for "squall"
  18. Vijelie = Romanian word for "squall"
  19. Raffiche = Italian word for "gusts"
  20. Rukha = Punjabi word for "gust"
  21. Tufana = Punjabi word for "hurricane"
  22. Sakaula = Punjabi word for "squall"
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