This is an article about Willow the Snow Leopard, a character created by SPop120 on 02/18/2013.


Willow is a tall, young snow leopard. She wears a brown vest with a pink hood, and a shirt that stops right above her stomach. She wears shorts that stop a couple inches above her knee, and she wears brown boots. She always carries a pack on her back, and her staff in hand. She has yellow eyes, and black and yellow hair.


Willow is a bit brash at times, especially when she's angry or upset. She's not always that way, however, and can be nice, but is good at hiding things about herself. She hides a lot of secrets, and doesn't trust many mobians. When she first meets someone, she can be nice. She is often depressed.  She can be kind, but when she is annoyed, she will be extremely rude. She will speak formally and then she will not.


Willow doesn't remember her family, and is thought to have been taken from them when she was a baby, and given to an orphananage. She was treated poorly there, doing chores and being shackled all of the time. Willow after that became very hard-headed and stubborn, also hard-hearted, and became depressed. She then escaped one night and was found by wolves who raised her.

She was later then taught martial arts and staff techniques by one of the old men in the wolf pack. She learned well, then left the pack and started traveling.


Willow is powerless.


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