Willie the Hedgedeer is a young hybrid with an obsessive crush on Amy Rose

Willie the Hedgedeer

Current Years
  • Fur:Blood-red, w/ tan antlers and muzzle
  • Eyes:Crimson
  • Akubra w/ holes in it for his antlers
  • Cherry-red short-sleeve shirt
  • Whitewashed black jeans, almost white
  • White sneakers
Romantic InterestsAmy Rose (Obsessive crush)
WeaponryEuropean Broadsword
Super Form(s) None


Willie grew up in New Mobotropolis, where he quickly found a place as a squire in the court of King Elias. His teacher quickly revealed that Willie was a natural, and he became a knight at the age of 16. It was in the city when he was attacked by an entire squadron of Egg Gunners. Outgunned and outmatched, even with his swords, Willie almost gave in to his death when Amy Rose intervened. With her hammer and rudimentary stealth skills, she easily obliterated the remainder of the squadron with ease. Willie was smitten from that moment. After he finished his shift of patrols, he headed to the Team Sonic Fan Club, where he joined as a fan of Amy.

Days as an Obsessive Fan

After joining the fan club, he started following Amy and her family, including her husband Sonic and their kids. He also started talking about how amazing the girls were, and how bad the boys were. This creeped all of the family out, especially when he came up and started hitting on Maddy the Hedgehog while she was out, even though she was married. This was taken badly by both Maddy's husband Will and her brother Manic, so much so that Manic went out and challenged the young knight to a duel, which was won by the hedgehog after a heated battle.


Willie returned to the fan club, but swore that he will eventually have Amy or one of her daughters or female family members for himself, and that he would have his revenge on Manic. He still fights as part of the Kingdom of Acorn's Knights, and is readying himself for his revenge...

Notable Abilities

Willie is a notably talented knight, being made one at a remarkably young age, and his skill with a sword easily rivaling Manic, a master swordsman. Due to this training, both his swords skills and hand-to-hand skills are advanced. He also has Pyrokinesis, which he is only just starting to learn how to use in conjunction with his advanced techniques.


Willie has a highly obsessive personality, obsessing over people and activities that he enjoys. This is seen with all his physical combat skills, with him practicing and practicing until each move comes unconsciously, and his knightly skills, which again he constantly practices, not to mention his obsession with Amy and her family. He also seems to be rather impatient, and has learned techniques using Iblis's power, a rare sight.


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