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William John Red, aka William the Hedgehog, is a former bad boy turned hero, and with his heart free and spirit unchained, he came to the world's aid when there as no one else to fill the role. His adventures led him to save the worlds beyond Earth from being corrupted or consumed by the horde.


His physical appearance is exactly like Modern Sonic's, with bangs over his right eye. He has a facial scar, running down his left eye. His left eye has a white pupil due to an implant.

He wears clothes, with his attire being an onyx black hoodie with blue stripes that emit electricity scribbled all over them.

As he ages, he starts to look like King Sonic, with his hoodie transformable into an onyx black work shirt with blue stripes all over them, discharging blue electricity. His jeans and his shoes are the same.


He is a mixture of a good boss and a brave, heroic knight. He'll give his life for those that will help defeat the darkness, which means he has saved villains, which they repaid the act.

His loyalty for his friends and his capacity to forgive those who were evil or hurt him in a way before coming to the world's aid helps him greatly, as many of his ventures and whims would've have failed without his friends. Sophia is his girlfriend and princess, protecting her no matter what.

He's sometimes very naive with people older than him, but not being a complete fool. He has disrespected people in authority due to a lack of knowledge of their authority.

As the manager of a restaurant that goes to a yearly celebration in Christmas Island, he is very nice to the people who actually do their jobs, which is cooking good. When a staff of his restaurant is making his business look bad, he talks to them in a stern voice, usually giving them a warning before calling his boss.


Born in 2000, William John Red was a happy child, but soon realized the worst of humanity after his home of Christmas Island was destroyed by a 100 kiloton bomb when he was only 8.

Criminal Troublemaker

He was orphaned, and he went to an orphanage in Boston, being angry and scarred due to the nuclear bomb that went off in his home. He drew graffiti everywhere, becoming a troublemaker and a vandal. William would solicit with the wrong kind of people, doing the wrong things, getting into lots of fights with gang members, usually winning due to Hunter Form. He went Hunter many times during living in the orphanage, contributing to about 40 staff leaving the orphanage. Tolerating 2 years of this, the orphanage had enough of his bad behavior when he turned 13.

The RM of the orphanage demanded a priest examine him, saying the anger that turns William into Hunter is unnatural, even demonic. A priest called John Sullivan examined him, feeling the shame, anger, and loneliness that fueled his Hunter Form and bad behavior. With the power that priests have in this universe, John broke those chains, telling him that he went through the same feelings and thoughts when he was his age.

Near Insane (Amounts Of Fear)

In January of 2013, the orphanage found his mom through a Mobian woman named Elise Red claiming he was his mother, and with rigorous testing, it was confirmed she was his mother. William was scared and confused about this woman, who claimed to be her mother.

He was so scared to leave his home, his mind started to erode and warp, slowing going insane due to the immense fear inside of him. Attempts at helping him with psychotherapy were unsuccessful, driving him deeper and deeper into the pit of insanity.

His mother, worried and hating Willaim suffering for so long, tried to speak to him, him crying out "Please, just give up... let me stay..." to his mother. She looked at him into his eyes, telling him that a real mother would never, EVER abandon her children, making sure he listened. The fog of insanity was lifted from William by this speech, giving him the courage

This drove William to tell his psychologist , in his he feared being abused by her, her just putting that visage of motherly lovingness to get them to bring him to her so she could rule him with an iron fist. William added he made this assumpting because most of the kids at the orphanage came out of homes where they were abused, which the parents got them back by putting on a mask of lovingness and positivity.

As William's psychologist told Elise about this fear, Elise hardened her heart towards William, so confused why anyone, especially her own son, would assume she would abuse them. As Elise stormed out the doctor's office and left William, angry and with tears running down her face, William started to realize his mistakes about assuming his mom's intentions, asking his mom if her personality was really what she was or was a mask. She turned around, walking towards William with a heartbroken face. Elise, his mother, gave him a heartful hug, William asking for forgiveness for his assumption about her. She quickly forgave him for his mistakes, walking to the orphanage, and signing the papers to get him out. She got him a passport to go with her to her home in Austria, leaving July 5th, as William wanted to celebrate Independence Day with her before going.


On July 7th, 2013, Elise brought William to her home in Werfen, Austria, caring for him, him being taught basic life skills by her, including cooking. William was taught enough German to have a basic conversation with a commoner. Elise allowed William to explore, warning him of a castle, Hohenwerfen. She told if he ever went near there, he would be shot down by armed guards, which were really just mannequins of Bundespolizei posing with AUGs.

He didn't go to school, and this fueled his boredom, which got him to think about going into the castle. When he heard a enchanting and beautiful voice come from the castle, he wanted to go in. The temptation was too great, and he wanted to see what was the face behind the voice.

Sneaking into Hohenwerfen Castle

The temptation of the beautiful voice being too much, he sneaked into the castle in daylight hours, not wanting to get lost. He put on a ghillie suit, walking to the castle's exterior, which was barely a 5-minute walk. He wandered the castle, trying to find the girl who made such enchanting and harmonious tunes. When he heard that exact voice walking down the hallway he was on, he panted himself a death blue, and hid in a knight's armor. Her puppy barked at the armor, and knocked it over, getting him dragged to her room. She asked so many questions, responding with "The outside world is amazing!" Hearing the gates open, Sophia and William would be friends until Valentine's.

Suprised on Valentine's

On Valentine's, William, being the brave boy he is, gave Sophia a rose. Sophia wanted to whisper something in his ears. She lied to him and got a kiss from her! After she was done with kissing him, he recoiled slightly, William liking how she kissed him. He asked her out the next day, winning her over. He Rebirthed due to this, and changed, his keyblade summoning for the first time.

Eternal Darkness

As the dead rise across the worlds, William fights them, thinking them to be an accident like the ones in 1945. In fact, they were the minions of his self from a timeline where Nazi Germany won WWII, a twisted scientist with the goal to rule the world's energy. They attacked and hounded William, growing stronger as he got closer to the End Of The World to close off the portal that was allowing Thanatos to send his minions into his dimension.

With the power of corruption in his disposal, Thanatos fought William in his mind, almost winning until Sophia struck her keyblade into Thanatos's chest, shattering his spirit, and killing him in the process. William was freed from the corruption, thanking Sophia for saving him. They grew closer due to this...

Eggman is Goodman

After his adventure, he was contacted by Dr.Eggman, which he held his mother for a ransom of 1 million dollars. He busted her out, telling Eggman that his genius is better used to help than hurt, his annoyance at Eggman clear. Eggman didn't listen until he showed Eggman a picture of his home destroyed by the nuke. Eggman got up, and declared he would restore the place. He actually carried through, and within a year, Christmas Island was restored, and the animals bred back to normal numbers. Everyone that lived on the island returned to the island, except for William's family.

Epic Birthday, Ring Of Memories

When he turned 15, his birthday was epic presents, a cake taller than the table and so delicious that a hand came down from heaven to take a piece. The Keepers that set it up were thanked by William, them disappearing.

When the party was done, his mom gave him the ring that her father used to propose to him, telling him that if he ever feels a deep love for his girlfriend, and she gives it back, to marry her, and use the ring to marry her, to honor the memory of his father. He smiled, and

Nothing special happened during the 5 years between his 15th birthday and marrying Sophia.


7 years of commitment led to William asking Sophia to marry him, which she replies with a yes. She's engaged, and within a month, they are married. William's Mom was proud of him, as he kept the promise of using the heirloom that she gave him to marry Sophia.

I'm Pregnant!

After being married, and an unlucky night, Sophia got pregnant. His mother was excited for a grandson, and he was excited for having a baby. The doctor said it was a girl, and soon, a beautiful baby girl named Alicia Red came out. She was a blessing, and they treated her like one.

And so the story ends, for now at least.


He has control of the weather, the ability to teleport and time travel using storms, and ability to electrify his hands, something that was apparent from birth. The last ability listed takes a lot of Calories to do, requiring him to eat about 1000 calories for 10 seconds of electric powers. His hoodie enhances his powers, giving him the ability to shoot bolts of electricity from his hands at a reduced calorie consumption.


A Keyblade is a object from Kingdom Hearts, here in my fanon due to the Keyblade happening.

After a 5-year-old William was bequeathed the Keyblade by his mother, he can use it to open any lock, also able to kill any creature of mindless darkness. His Keyblade grows stronger as he becomes more and more connected to the light of the people he cherishes, which means Sophia is the main source of his power. With her light fueling his power, he protects her with his life. He can bequeath his keyblade to anyone he chooses, which he chooses his daughter.


He has adjustable night vision on his left eye, with a dial placed on his ear.

Hunter Form

His strength is increased to levels beyond strong, and his reflexes are sharpened, able to catch a bullet.


Cooking, and art. He'll spray graffiti that looks like a masterpiece in a boring brick wall, making streets vibrant with color. He'll cook a 5-star meal, and make it look easy. When someone insults William's food, they get a stare of betrayal from everyone that is William's friend. He can speak some German, enough to understand and greet commoners.


Becoming hopeless and losing his girlfriend, due to her being his guide and light. When he goes Hunter, like a Super Form caused by Anarchy Beryl, after he calms, he is completely drained of energy, helpless. If he uses his electric powers on a empty stomach, he'll wilt away, due to the powers requiring some calories.

Due to him having control of Lightning, when using his powers without his hoodie covering his head, being sunk in water or being touched by a copper object will electrocute him, overcharging him, causing him to pass out or in some situations, causing him to go comatose, depending on the shock. His hoodie acts like a Faraday Shield, keeping current away from his head and his chest.



Imagine Dragons - Thunder (Audio)

Hunter Form Theme


Mick Gordon - 02. Rip & Tear

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