A typical in-game screenshot of Racket the Raccoon,taken from its first level, Wild Forest Area.


The Wild Forest is the first level of the Racket The Raccoon video game (not counting the Training Room). It is a picturesque paradise with green forests, lakes, and brown checkered soil. It also has flowers, fences, cascades, as well as an island in the foreground. It is located in the Northern Islands. It is also homage to hero Racket The Raccoon.


Many Salvvia Verticillata plants make their home in the forest. Animals such as Chipmunks, Island Scrub-Jays, and Rabbits make their home here. It wasn't until evil scientist Dr.Cockroach appeared with his army of Roachniks to tantilize the forest, temporarily making it their territory, until Racket came and stopped them. Today, the forest is populated with cherished and celebrating animals.


The average temperature of the Wild Forest is 71 degrees Fahrenhite(21.6667 celsius). It rains very often, about 3-5 days every week, and lasts about 4-6 hours.


Back in the Game Boy days, the forest was originally a Jungle, and reached only 12 miles long. Wild cougars/snakes/insects/rabbits lived here back then. The Forest has spread in both lenght and wildlife/population, having more than 200 species, and reaching over 23 miles in length, almost two times its original lenght.


Act 1

Act 1 of the Wild Forest is generally a straight-foward level. Racket is met with a variety of enemies, objects, and items. Halfway into the level, Racket finds a Mid-Way goal, and once the player progresses even further, he/she sees the level's Gem Medal on a high platform. The player must use the spring right below it to access it, then the player must progress to the end of the level to finish it.

Act 2

Act 2 of the Wild Forest is constantly rainy. It is generally straight foward like the previous level, albit less.  The player begins to fight 2 Roachniks at the start, then 2 Bloomers ahead. The player must avoid bottomless pits around the quarter of the level. Near the end of the level, the player meets with a door, and by going inside it, the players gains access to the Yellow Switch . By pushing the switch, any transparent yellow block found throughout the game will become a solid, and the player may walk on it. 

Significant Populations

There are no significant populations.

Notable Areas

The Grandaddy of all Gems' shrine is located at the very depths of the area, concealed amongst thick vines/trees.


The Wild Forest has no landmarks.

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