The Wildcard clan is a secluded clan of mythical creatures called Carbuncles. Those who have heard of the clan will also likely know of their reputation as masters of the forge, as well as their innate ability of Manifestation, the ability to turn ones very being into power.


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The Wildcards are a naturally peaceful people who try to keep out of other peoples business as long as it doesn't involve them directly.

Despite their peaceful nature, the clan has an odd tradition called "The Right of Arms". When a young carbuncle comes of age they are given a custom made weapon forged specifically from on of the five forges to be used in tandem with their unique manifestations. This tradition came about because carbuncles are legendary creatures who naturally grow a very valuable red gem from their forehead which makes them a target for kidnappers.


The Wildcards live in a city called Oerbas, which is hidden within a mountain range. The mountains themselves are shrouded with a thick cover of mist generated by the creator of the mist forge. This mist cover serves to prevent anyone from finding Oerbas and even prevents people from just teleporting directly into the city, although this defense isn't perfect as anyone can find their way through if they know the route or sometimes, more rarely, sheer dumb luck.


The Wildcards technology is mostly derived from a specialized use of manifestation abilities. By using the Shadow forge to infuse a unique metal found under their city, the clan is able to make special battery like items called "Drives". These "Drives" can be imprinted with elements which results in a nearly unlimited source of said element. Manifestation abilities can also be imprinted but requires an improved version called a "Forge".

The most important pieces of technology are the five Forges: The Shadow Forge which creates the Drives,Forges and the weapons for Shroud type manifestations.

The Sun Forge which creates the main source of energy for the clan and weapons for Caster type manifestations.

The Mist Forge which creates the mist barrier that hides the town and weapons for Medium type manifestation.

The Blood Forge which creates healing items and bonding agents as well as weapons for Mimicry type manifestations.

The Amber Forge which creates the chassis for the guardians around the town as well as weapons for Proxy type manifestations.

Any other forms of technology are acquired through trading with the other carbuncle clans.


  • Ripper - Clan leader
  • Blitz - Shadow Forge master Shroud
  • Demo - Sun Forge master Caster
  • Blackjack - Mist Forge master Medium
  • Zero - Blood Forge master Mimicry
  • Phoenix - Amber Forge master Proxy
  • Pyre
  • Nanite
  • Sake
  • Spectre
  • Aegis
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