Hello, everyone.

So here's a little something I've been working on and I hope you enjoy it so far. And yes, it will be short. 

Kudos to whomever guesses why Jyn is being targeted, and who she was involved with prior to her amnesia.

Author: Julia Finitevus

Who Was I?


The female Echidna felt something hard underneath her, something like a rock. She stirred awake, and sat up slowly and weakly, trying to examine herself. But she couldn't see.

"Where am I?"  

That thought opened up a new question.

"Who am I?" 

The female was too tired to try and remember that. What she had to do was find help. 

"Hello?" She called uncertainly, her voice hoarse. "Can anyone hear me?"

The only sounds that could be heard were the rustling of leaves in the gentle breeze and the rushing of a nearby creek. Birds chirped and whistled their melodies, and insects buzzed about.

"Hello!" The Echidna called again, this time louder. "I can't see! Can anyone hear me?!"

She did not hear a response. The Echidna sighed, and felt around in front of her. Her hand touched something hard and she drew her hand back, startled. It didn't feel like stone. It felt like the bark of a tree. 

The Echidna reached out again, this time with more certainty.

"Okay, so I'm blind. I'm in a forest. I'm not going to let that stop me." 

Reassured, she supported herself against the tree and stood up- albeit trembling- and stumbled along. 

"I'll be okay. I'll find a way out of this, I'm sure."


The female Echidna had been stumbling around aimlessly for hours, and she suddenly collapsed from exhaustion.

"I was a fool. To think I could get out of this, being blind and weak. Helpless. Hopeless. There are probably predators out here. Predators who want to sink their teeth into my bones." 

The thought made her shiver. 

"If only I could see."

But she couldn't. She couldn't see, and that was a great disadvantage here. Wherever here was.

"Stop feeling sorry for yourself!"

The thought came unexpectedly.

"If you want to survive, you have to toughen up, girl." 

But the other half of her protested. 

"I can't see! How do you expect me to get out of this?"

"By being rational. So what if you can't see? Does that mean you should just give up, and wither away and die? No! So get up, girl, get up and go!" 

This pushed the female Echidna to try and stand up again. After several attempts, she barely managed to stand. She started to stumble again, and in about ten minutes or so, her feet hit a flat path. 


She was going to live!

"I can make it. I can make it!"

The Echidna moved faster and faster, her energy renewed. Suddenly her hand touched what felt like wood, and she felt it until she found a handle. The wood she touched was a door. She turned the handle, and pushed open the door. She stepped inside and felt around on the ground, until she touched some kind of dirty sack. She lay down on the damp dirt floor, rest her head on the bag, and slipped into a deep sleep.


The female Echidna felt the life ebbing away from her body. Her limbs grew heavy and weary, and her heart slowed its beat. Numbness overcame her, her body growing cold. She knew she was dying. And she wasn't the only one. She didn't know how she knew. But she knew that many of her friends, many of her enemies, were suffering just like her.

And then came the light. It was bright, treacherous, unwelcoming. In the light lurked a darkness too deep to speak of. It smelled of loss, of hopelessness. Of death.

And then everything went black.  


The female Echidna sat up, panting heavily. A nightmare! Or was it a nightmare? It no longer mattered. What mattered was that she was still blind. 

"Wait a minute..."

She suddenly realized that she was in a bed.

"A bed?" She panicked, and threw off the covers. "I have to get out of here!"

She stood up frantically and tried to step forward, only to fall to her knees. She was still worn out. Suddenly, she heard footsteps approaching. There was the sound of a door opening, and the footsteps halted.

"Already out of bed?" an unfamiliar male voice asked. The voice was thick with accent.

The female Echidna turned her head in the direction the voice came from, and she asked, "Where am I? Who are you?"

"No time for pleasantries," the voice said. "You need to rest." A pair of hands grasped the Echidna's underarms and pulled her upwards into a standing position. The female Echidna felt herself being pushed gently back into the bed, and she was too weary to resist. 

"My wife will bring you something to eat later," the voice spoke in a reassuring manner. Then the owner of the voice left, leaving the Echidna to fall back asleep.


The female Echidna awoke from her dreamless sleep, and she was shocked by a sudden discovery- she could see again! Some of the objects around her- such as the mirror across the room- were quite blurry from a distance, but she could see again. 

She stood up, still feeling a bit weak, and walked over to the mirror. And she saw her reflection. She could see her pink fur and her violet eyes. Her spikes were also pink, though they each had two orange stripes on them. Her medium-length pink hair came down in tangles, and there were scars all over her body- and on her face. There were some scabs on the palms of her hands, as well as on her wrists. Her shirt and pants were somewhat tattered and she had no shoes or gloves.

"What the deuce happened to me?" she thought. "A better question: who the deuce am I?"

The female Echidna shook her head. No time to worry about that right now. She looked around the room curiously, taking in the scene. Next to her bed was an old wooden table, with curved legs and chipped off paint. The walls were an ugly pale green, and some old pastels were hung on said walls. The floor was made of bamboo- or at least appeared to be. It was faded with age, and creaked under her bare feet.

Despite the quietness of the room, the female Echidna had a feeling that there was something going on outside that wasn't so peaceful.


The female Echidna walked towards the wood door at the other end of the room. She grabbed and turned the handle, and pushed open the door. It squeaked slightly, but not too loudly. Before her was a set of stairs leading down to another floor below.

She started walking down the staircase, grasping the cold wooden railing as she went down. The female Echidna reached the bottom and walked silently down a carpeted hall.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder- and she let out a sharp yelp. The female Echidna turned to see a male black-furred wolf standing right behind her.

New Faces, New Life, Strange Dreams

"Who are you?!" the terrified Echidna shouted, jerking her shoulder away from the wolf. The wolf was wearing black thick-rimmed glasses, a grey suit, a blue and black tie, and brown shoes. His fur looked completely black at first glance, but if one looked closer, they could see that some of the fur was going grey. His eyes were a dark purple and his nose was wet and black.

"My name is James Korronan," the wolf replied in a thick accent. He pulled out of his shirt pocket some kind of ID and looked at it. "And your ID says your name is... Jyn Oswald?"

"Jyn Oswald?" The female Echidna thought. "No, that can't be right. That's not my real name. I thought my name was... was..." She came close to remembering who she really was, but it quickly slipped away."I guess I'm Jyn for now."

"I guess that's my name," Jyn finally replied, albeit uncertainly.

"You mean you don't remember?" Mr. Korronan asked, a puzzled expression coming over his face.

Jyn shook her head. "No. I don't remember anything."

"Nothing at all?"

"I did have a dream some time ago... a nightmare, actually. But it was so strange... I doubt it was a memory." Jyn responded, frowning as the nightmare returned to her mind.

"Do you remember how you ended up in my tool shack?" Korronan asked.

"I was blind. I couldn't see a thing. I remember trying to find help... but other than that, nothing else."




Jyn's new life just outside Station Square was strange. Every time she went into the city, she couldn't help but feel that everything was wrong. Nothing felt right to her- and there was one strange incident that proved how she felt.

Jyn had gone into Station Square with Mr. Korronan's wife, Sarah, to go shopping at some mall. Sarah herself was a red wolf, with a lithe build and a graceful walk. In Jyn's opinion, Sarah seemed to make herself far too pretty in every respect. Too much makeup, short dresses, huge jewel-adorned rings- and it all really irked Jyn. But despite that, Sarah was a kind woman and can easily fend for herself when the situation called for it.

When they arrived at the mall, Jyn felt that there was something wrong with it. Like, it wasn't supposed to be where it was now.

"I thought that mall was somewhere else," Jyn had commented, her confusion growing.

"What do you mean?" Sarah had asked, puzzled by what Jyn said.

"I... don't know. I just thought... it wasn't supposed to be here. I don't know why." Sarah just stared and finally Jyn said, "Never mind. Let's just go inside and see what they're selling." She thought to herself, "And hopefully I don't have to wear a dress."


Jyn stood straight, her legs placed a distance apart, a proton pistol in her hand, at the ready. A young female bee floated in the air beside her, and behind them sat a large green gem, poised on some kind of stone platform.

The green grass rustled in the breeze, and ruffled both Jyn's hair and that of the bee's. Unrest seemed to fill the air around them.

"Do you think it'll be alright?" the female bee asked Jyn. Her voice was as clear as a flute. "He trusted us with it."

"What?" Jyn asked, confused. "Who are you? What are you talking about?" Suddenly the scene changed from a peaceful, sunny day to a dark and violent lightningstorm.

"What?!" Jyn looked at her hands to see that her proton pistol had vanished into thin air. "Where am I?!" She looked around to see enormous chunks of rock floating in the sky.

Suddenly a male brown-furred Echidna was at her side. "It's finally happening."

Jyn looked at the Echidna like he was crazy. Maybe he was. Or maybe she was the crazy one, mad one?

"What are you talking about?" Jyn asked, backing away. "Who the heck are you?!"

The Echidna did not reply. Instead, he vanished from her sight.

And then everything else disappeared.


Jyn sat up in bed, wide awake. The strange, nonsensical nightmares were becoming more frequent. They made less sense every night and it was scaring her. They were so strange, but yet so real. Too real.

Jyn shivered at the thought and got out of bed. She exited her room and walked down the old staircase. She needed something to drink, not because she was thirsty, but instead to help calm her nerves.

"Not of it is real," she told herself. "They're just dreams."

She walked down the carpeted hall to the kitchen, and started making some tea. There was a TV in there, and Jyn decided to turn it on- on low volume, of course- to distract her mind. The TV had apparently been on the news, and she watched with minor interest as she made her tea.

Suddenly the channel showed a picture of some blue Hedgehog- and below a headline that said something like: "Hero Attempts to Undo Super Genesis Wave." 

"Super Genesis Wave?" Jyn thought. "What on this entire planet is that?"

The reporter on the channel stated that it had something do with rewriting or bending reality or some other malarkey.

"Pfft, yeah right!" Jyn muttered. She changed the channel to a random cooking show, sipping her tea and snickering as she watched a cook chopping up jalapeno peppers when she was supposed to be cutting up green peppers.


Jyn woke up that morning, feeling somewhat rested. After breakfast, she went into the bathroom to clean herself up. She fingered her hair as she studied herself in the mirror. She couldn't help but feel that somehow her hair seemed too long.

Jyn snatched a pair of scissors from a drawer in a nearby cabinets, and proceeded to cut her hair short. Soon enough, there was a pile of hair on the tile floor and Jyn's hair was much shorter.

"That's better... I think."

She grabbed the hair on the floor, then put it in a garbage can. She looked at herself in the mirror again, but she felt something else was missing. But she didn't know what.

"Never mind," Jyn thought. "I have other things to do."

At that moment, the doorbell rang, and Jyn could hear someone- probably Sarah- running to answer it.

"This day just keeps getting better and better."

An Unusual Turn of Events

Jyn walked into the living room, where Sarah and a visitor were sitting on a large couch, apparently chatting. The visitor was evidently a female Falcon. She was slightly taller than Jyn and had a relatively good build. Her dark brown eyes seemed to look deeper than most.

"And your husband thinks she might be capable enough for the job?" the Falcon asked Sarah.

"Yes, he does," Sarah replied, not noticing Jyn's presence right away. "He said she's skilled with guns, especially pistols. And she is good at solving puzzles and using computers."

"Who is?" Jyn asked, already tired of waiting for someone to notice her.

"There she is now!" Sarah exclaimed, gesturing to Jyn. "My friend Detective Mira O'Hara and I were discussing possibly having you enter the police academy. If you want to, that is."

"Police academy?" Jyn repeated, an expression of puzzlement appearing on her face. "Why?"

"Well," Detective O'Hara said, "Mr. Korronan seems to believe that you should get some kind of a job. After all, you are an adult. And it seems he believes you would be well suited for a job as a police officer." She paused and continued, "But I wanted to see you for myself before I go telling my boss about a potential candidate."


"I want to see your skills in person first. Then we'll talk."


In Korronan's personal targeting room, Jyn grasped the proton pistol in her hand and aimed at a target. Somehow, when she felt the cold metal of the pistol against the furry palms of her hands, she felt so... right. It felt so right, when everything else was very wrong. It felt like she was freer, like she was no longer in chains. It was like nothing, nothing could hold her back anymore.

It was rather amazing how something so simple could move one's heart so much.

"Just a little to the left," Jyn thought, adjusting her aim ever so slightly. She pulled the trigger and a beam of gold burst from the pistol, hitting the target. It just barely missed the target's center.

Jyn fired a second time, this time hitting her mark. Then there was a third shot, which missed the target's center. Seven more shots and four of them hit the center of the target.

"Nice," was all O'Hara said. 

"Thank you," Jyn replied.


"Now I want to test your computer skills," O'Hara told Jyn, handing her a data pad. "This data pad contains information that needs to be found, but it's very encrypted. See if you can get into the system."

Jyn nodded and started decrypting the data pad. It took several hours, but she managed to get through about half the defensive programming. 

"I'm impressed," O'Hara commented, "but keep going. I want to see if you can get through the rest."

Jyn managed to get through most of the remaining encryptions and was almost through the system, but unfortunately the computer system beat her to it and reset the defensive programming. 

"Dang it!" Jyn exclaimed irritably, throwing her hands in the air.

"Close enough, I suppose," was all O'Hara said.


O'Hara and Jyn sat on the carpet floor in the living room, while the former prepared the final test. She took out of her suitcase five ID's.

"Now, we have here five ID's," O'Hara stated, handing Jyn the ID's. "Can you tell which ones are fake?"

Jyn felt each of them carefully and quickly knew the answer. "All of them are counterfeit."

"What makes you so certain of that?" O'Hara asked.

"All five of these are too thin, and can be bent far too easily," Jyn replied. "I'll demonstrate." She picked up one card and with a bit of pressure, easily bent it. She easily did the same with the other four. "Real ID's shouldn't be able to be bent so easily."

"Not bad," O'Hara commented, "not bad at all." She stood up from where she was sitting and grabbed her suitcase. "I'll call later, and let you know if you got the job. Good day."

Jyn nodded and waved as O'Hara exited the house.


Jyn suddenly felt herself being flung to the ground by something. While she lay on the ground, Jyn saw a male Tasmanian Devil- who was standing above her- pull a gold ring off his wrist.

"Your kind took everything from me... my family... everything. And now... I get my revenge on every last one of you!" With that, the Tasmanian Devil tossed the gold ring at the ground, and it suddenly grew bigger. And in the middle was what looked like a portal. "You see that Warp Ring? That's your new home... Julie-Su. Welcome to the last remnants of your civilization of death!" He grabbed Jyn by the scruff of her neck- or was she Julie-Su?- and tossed her through the Warp Ring.

Jyn awoke with a start, disoriented and confused. She was safe, she was in bed. But that nightmare... was so real. Too real. 


Detective O'Hara drove her car down to the nearest lake and parked. She reached into her purse- which was on the seat next to her- and pulled out a burner phone. She started dialing a number and someone answered on the third ring. 

O'Hara put the phone to the side of her head and heard a voice ask, "Who is this?"

"Agent Kyra calling," O'Hara (or Kyra) replied. A smirk grew on her face. "I've found the target. Apparently she's suffering from amnesia. Should I kill her now? If she really has no memory of who-"

Kyra was interrupted by the voice on the phone saying, "No. Not yet. See if she can lead you to them. Then kill her and anyone else involved."

"Even the Korronans? But they're our best agents!" Kyra exclaimed incredulously. 

"We need to make sure that none of this gets out. We need to make sure that no one knows what happened. The Korronans are good agents when it comes to finding things, but they're not good at covering up."

"Yes sir," Kyra responded, her smirk changing into an evil grin. "I'll make sure that it'll be as if nothing ever happened." With that, she hung up, opened her car door's window and tossed the burner phone into the lake. 

Spirals of Collision

The orange female Echidna banged her hands against the glass walls of her cell. The room her cell was in was dark, though her cell and a couple of near by computers glowed a soft emerald green.

"Who are you people? Let me out of here!" she shrieked, kicking the glass. All that resulted from her kick was a small crack.

Out of the shadows emerged a red female Echidna wearing a black suit. Following her was a red male Echidna.

"Are you sure we should do this, Moritori?" the female Echidna asked the male Echidna, w'hose name was evidently Moritori. "We don't know what it will do to them both."

"We have to, Lien-Da," Moritori replied, walking towards a nearby computer console. "It's the only way to get both the Brotherhood and the Clan out of there."

"B-but the process could kill them!" Lien-Da, the red female Echidna, shrieked. "Then what?! We can't undo their deaths!"

"If we don't do it," Moritori told Lien-Da, "then we lose our chance anyway!" With that, he pulled down a lever and all went black.


Jyn stirred, raising her hand to her head. That dream felt so real. Yet it didn't make any sense. Who were those people? And what did they do to her?

She shook her head and sighed. Another mystery. Maybe she should move on and make a new life for herself. She certainly wasn't doing any good staying in the house of someone else. Jyn heard the murmurs of talking down in the room below hers. Curious, she crawled out of bed, pressed the side of her head to the floor and listened.

"I don't understand. Why us too? We hardly know anything about this operation. We were supposed to get the girl, gain her trust, and try to get information from her," a feminine voice said.

A masculine voice replied, "She has amnesia. We can't get anything out of her, but the agency can."

"But what about us?"

"We lock up the girl and leave her to them. Then we can hightail it to Eurish faster than you can say 'done and done.'"

"You really need to stop saying 'done and done.' It's annoying."

Jyn, after hearing this conversation, pulled her head away from the floor. She knew they were talking about her. That detective who visited must have been another spy. But why did she come here?

And how was Jyn going to escape from this whole situation?


Who is the Betrayer?


The Attack


Revelations Of a Past She Had Never Lived


The Wanderer

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