The White Sea is a major borderline between the Alpine and the Artic Region, the Southern and the Northern Tundra. It is also the former home territory of the Harper Seal Clan and the main base of the Alpine Dark Egg Legion.


Known for its terrible snow and hail storms, the White Sea is a perilous and harsh place where not very many people dare to go. However, those who do live there, are quite used to the weather there and have learned how to acclimate to these severe conditions.


Surrounded by an endless frozen sea, covered with a thick layer of both ice and snow, it is quite easy to see how the White Sea earned its name. A huge, iceberg wall separates the White Sea (Alpine Region) from the North Sea (Artic Region). Several small, sometimes unoccupied, islands are dotted along the White Sea but nowhere close to the border.


Though not many people have been known to live there, the Harper Seal Clan had been known to dwell there, once upon a time. However, after the Wolf Clan had made quick work of them, no one has been known to live there since, except for the Alpine Dark Egg Legion.

Notable Areas

The Alpine Dark Egg Legion's base is located between two slabs of the iceberg wall and border. It is built literally into the iceberg, an Egg Fortress whose towers rise to the sky. Slippery ice surrounds the fortress, making it hard to traverse, plus the wind is said to be very strong around it.

Abandoned villages Former human fishing villages and Harper Seal Clan neighborhoods are completely abandoned, leaving a ghost town of forgotten memories in its wake.


Ice Serpents, though they are rare, are said to grow twice as big as their smaller cousins, and swim underneath the White Sea's icy surface. It is said, that whenever they near the icy surface, they live huge cracks on the ice floor with their long tail and fins.

Several types of fish are known to live under the surface of the White Sea, though they are hardly seen and are believed to live down on the sea floor.

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