Whisper the Huntress

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Whisper the Huntress is a main character in Sonic Piece. She is the Sniper of The Blue Blur Pirates.


Whisper used to be a member of a bounty hunting group called the Diamond Hunters. She was the youngest member. Unfortunately, one of the members, Mimic, betrayed them, taking out the crew, except for Whisper, since she didn't have as big as a reputation as the others.

Whisper, with a thirst for revenge, quickly started searching for Mimic. She hunted pirates, quickly gaining a reputation as "Whisper the Huntress".


Whisper is a sand colored wolf with white fur on her face styled as a mask and dark skin with noticeable fangs. She wears grey eye shadow on her squinting eyelids (which have thick eyelashes and her eyes are very light blue) and has a long tail which sticks out in many ends. For attire, she wears a black hooded cape (with the hood having holes for her ears and the end of the hood shows a long bang on the side of her face) with a cream colored armored tunic underneath with ammo of balls for her abilities and has a danger on her hip, dark grey gloves with long sleeves and with noticeable claws, light grey long pants with knee pads, and dark grey iron toed boots.


Whisper is quiet, reserved, and nonchalant, even in the most serious of situation. She rarely gets angry, and enjoys people who are interesting. Her friends are very important to her, and she is very protective of them.

Powers & Abilities

  • Accuracy: Whisper has incredible accuracy.
  • Chaos Energy: Whisper can imbue objects with Chaos Energy, and "fire them". She can even make the ricochet.
  • Swordsmanship: Whisper can use a dagger, but she is far from being a master.


  • Projectiles: Whisper often carries small objects, to use as Ammo.
  • Dagger: A last resort if she is out of ammo.
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