This is an article about Whiskers the Koala, a character created by Shade234 on 07/22/2013.

Whiskers the Koala is an antagonist in The Chaos Chronicles.


Whiskers is a rather large koala, with brown fur streaked gray, a tan nose and mouth, and a brown tail. Whiskers wears a black long-sleeved shirt under a brown trench coat, black pants, black boots, a black eyepatch over his right eye, and a black, gold, and red pirate hat. All of Whiskers clothes are bulletproof. He also wears brown strap on gun holsters on his hips and thighs, and a brown belt with knives in it.


Whiskers is arguably the cruelest member of Nack's gang of Bounty Hunters. He kills people for fun. Whiskers is the self-proclaimed Captain whenever Nack is out hunting treasure and the rest of the gang have to do a job.


Whiskers was born in Metropolis. He killed people for money, and his own amusement, starting at the age of five. Eventually, Whiskers made a name for himself, and was offered to join Nack's gang.


Expert Marksmanship



Gang Members:

Nack the Weasel (Boss)

Bean the Dynamite

Bark the Polar Bear (Works Well With)

Teala the Bear (Works Well With)


Thorn the Fox

Rose the Hedgehog

Honey the Cat

Kyle the Squirrel

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