Friends and Allies

  • Liam Scarlet - Whirlwind's assistant and one of his closest friends in recent memory. The red panda is normally shy, especially around him, but he's almost always patient and friendly towards her.
  • Kris Rodriguez - a fellow GUN soldier, Kris and Whirlwind are in generally good terms with one another. However, her sharp-tongued attitude does occasionally get on his nerves.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower - A brilliant engineer and the founder of ProwerTech Industries, as well as Sonic's best friend and former sidekick, Whirlwind has always had a fairly close bond with the two-tailed fox ever since their first meeting during the events of Rage Against the Empire, even with his then-abrasive demeanor. Nowadays, though they have their own respective responsibilities, the two still remain close friends.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog - A fellow member of GUN, Whirlwind and Shadow are considered by a number of GUN soldiers to be polar opposites among the organization's ranks, with Whirlwind being the Yin to Shadow's Yang. However, despite being close, Whirlwind has expressed frustration towards Shadow's stubborness at times. In fact, Whirlwind was once not quite friendly towards the ebony hedgehog due to him supposedly being among Eggman's forces during the events of Rage Against the Empire.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - (Still got nothin')
  • Knuckles the Echidna - The Guardian of the Master Emerald and another of Sonic's closest friends, Whirlwind finds the echidna to be a pretty rad dude to hang around and go a few rounds of sparring with when possible.
  • Amy Rose - A pink hedgehog who definitely knows how to drop the hammer, Whirlwind often enjoys spending time with Amy during most of her training sessions and seems to care a great deal about her.
  • Dustin Wylde - A young mercenary that he met a few years back, Whirlwind has taken a liking to the young hyena's laidback demeanor and fighting style. 
  • Lyn Salazar - a close friend of his since childhood, Whirlwind is incredibly protective of her - especially after everything went to hell and their home ended up being destroyed beyond recognition.


  • Rouge the Bat - A fellow member of GUN, Whirlwind's relationship with her is mostly professional, and he doesn't talk to her that much off-duty as well. In addition, he finds her flirtatious personality and manners very distracting. That said, he does show respect towards her capabilities as a GUN agent and as an expert at stealth.
  • E-123 Omega - While he does find him to be a valuable ally and member of GUN, he doesn't actually interact with him that much aside from their occasional sparring matches.
  • Zagan the Gravebringer - (WIP)


  • The Genesis Corporation - As with the rest of GUN, Whirlwind has had his suspicions about the organizations intentions and means to uncover what they're really after.
  • Dr. Eggman - As the mastermind behind his homeland being destroyed, Whirlwind had set out on a quest for vengeance against him and the Eggman Empire as a whole during the events of Rage Against the Empire.
  • Infinite - as one of Eggman's prime soldiers, Infinite was one of Whirlwind's biggest targets in his quest for revenge.
  • Rubeus the Crimson Slayer - (WIP)

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