Clash of Mythics


"Hm... Gotta give those Genesis punks some credit. If we were run-of-the-mill soldiers, we'd probably have gotten wrecked by those guys."
—Whirlwind conceding to the fact that the Genesis Corporation's research did yield some impressive results

Regular Matches

"Get ready for a storm."
—when selected
"Think you can keep up with my fists? Come on!"
—before starting a match
"So... you're the Gravebringer."
—before starting a match against Zagan
"Hey, Shadow! How about a little one-on-one, eh?"
—before starting a match against Shadow
"Yo, Dustin, it's been a while. How's your training comin' along? (...) Don't disappoint me then."
—before starting a match against Dustin
"Not a bad match. Let's go at it again some other time."
—winning a match
"Damn, you're actually pretty strong..."
—winning a match against Zagan
"So much for the Ultimate Life Form."
—winning a match against Shadow
"Back to the training field for you, Dustin."
—winning a match against Dustin
"Ah crap, pushed it too far!"
—losing a match


"I've had worse."
—commenting on any serious injury he may have just sustained
"Booyah, that was my best yet!"
—earning an S-Rank
"Alright, I'm on a roll!"
—earning an A-Rank
"Heh, I still got it!"
—earning an B-Rank
"Phew. Broke a sweat back there."
—earning an C-Rank
"Guess I've been slacking off. Hm."
—earning an D-Rank
"Aw, what?! Time to change my training routine."
—earning an E-Rank
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