Despite appearing fairly well-rounded and simple to pick up, Whirlwind is actually a high-damage, rushdown-oriented character that is best played with a mindset not unlike "take 'em down, hard and fast". With great damage output, good defensive options, solid mobility, and a Style Action that is essentially a megaton punch that requires precise timing to unleash it at its strongest, Whirlwind is a devastating character in the hands of a master yet simple enough for beginners to pick up.

Whirlwind isn't without his weaknesses, however, as he is relatively lacking in his ranged options, as not even his primary projectile covers that much range unless fully-charged. Naturally, this means he will struggle against zoning-heavy characters. He also relies quite heavily on having a good neutral game in order to initiate his powerful offense, though his lack of reliable mix-up options apart from his Split Second maneuver make it fairly difficulty for him to slip through the opponents guard easily. 

Damage Defense Mobility Footsies Rushdown Zoning Difficulty


Storm Rocket - [delayable] Exchange button

  • Whirlwind's Style Action, where he focuses energy into his fist before unleashing a powerful punch that causes knockback and deals big damage.

Whirlwind Rush - Arcade Modifier Tap Attack h

  • Whirlwind performs a series of rapid-fire punches before blasting the opponent away with one last strike.

Zephyr Blade - [delayable] AS QCF + Exchange button

  • Whirlwind swings his arm forward, launching a lethal blade of energy as he does so. The amount of damage dealt and ranged covered depends on how long it was charged.

Split Second - Sprint - AS QCF + Attack light

  • Whirlwind dashes forward on the ground, creating an afterimage of himself that leaps forward.

> Cancel - Attack light

  • Whirlwind forces the afterimage to disappear and stops on his tracks, cancelling the move.

> Galestep - Attack medium

  • Whirlwind slides past his opponent, crossing them up and cancelling the move.

> Swift - Attack h

  • Whirlwind lands a swift, hard-hitting uppercut.

>> Skull Crusher - Attack light

  • Whirlwind performs a hard-hitting twelve-to-six elbow strike that hits overhead.

>> Sideswipe - Attack medium

  • Whirlwind unleashes a sliding sweep kick that hits low.

>> Blitz Raid - Attack h

  • An EX Move where Whirlwind fires off a swift flurry of strikes before landing a powerful cross that pushes the opponent away.

> (>>) Whirlwind Slash - [delayable] Exchange button

  • Whirlwind fires off a savage blow that deals heavy damage and knocks the opponent right into the wall.

Split Second - Leap - AS QCF + Attack medium

  • Whirlwind leaps forward, creating an afterimage of himself that dashes forward on the ground.

> Gale Scythe - Arcade Modifier Air Attack button

  • Whirlwind performs an aerial, forward somersault kick wreathed in energy.

> Royal Hammer - [delayable] Arcade Modifier Air Exchange button

  • Whirlwind performs a powerful dunk punch that causes a hard knockdown.

Split Second - Smash - AS QCF + Attack h

  • An EX Move where Whirlwind zips forward spontaneously before letting out a savage strike that sends the opponent flying, causing wall bounce.

Rising Hurricane - Arcade Modifier (Air) AS S + Attack light / Attack medium

  • Attack light Version - Whirlwind performs a rising uppercut with quick recovery.
  • Attack medium Version - Whirlwind unleashes a rising uppercut that hits multiple times, but has longer recovery

> Storm Spike - [delayable] Arcade Modifier Air Exchange button

  • Whirlwind can follow up with a powerful downward kick that blasts the opponent back onto the ground.

Double Hurricane - AS S + Attack h

  • An EX Move where Whirlwind performs two rising uppercuts, one that hits once and another than that hits multiple times.

Flying Cyclone - Arcade Modifier (Air) AS QCB + Attack button

  • Attack light Version - Whirlwind leaps a short distance forward and strikes the opponent with a few rotating kicks with both legs.
  • Attack medium Version - Whirlwind leaps forward and performs a series of rotating kicks and finishes it with one final kick that knocks the opponent away.
  • Attack h Version - Whirlwind flies upward across the air with a series of rotating kicks before landing one last strike that knocks the opponent away.

Galeforce Rush - AS QCF + Attack lightAttack medium

  • A Decisive Action where Whirlwind unleashes a barrage of punches before finishing with one final blow that deals heavy damage and knocks the foe back.

Typhoon Crush - AS QCF + Attack hExchange button

  • A Decisive Action where Whirlwind channels his energy into his fist before letting out a savage forward blow that deals massive damage and knocks them back.

Grand Hurricane - AS QCB + Attack hExchange button

  • Whirlwind's Decisive Climax, where he starts off with two uppercuts, the second of which launches himself and the opponent skyward. He then finishes it with a powerful dunk punch that sends them crashing onto the ground.

Galeforce Onslaught - Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down + Attack hExchange button

  • Whirlwind's Shutdown finisher, where he rushes forward before landing a punch. Should it connect, he then unleashes a lightning-fast onslaught of strikes before channeling a massive amount of energy onto the palms of his hands. He then finishes it by firing off a massive beam of raw energy, decimating the opponent.

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