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Cquote1 I wanna get some dirt on those Genesis punks as much as you do, Shadow, but we do have a more immediate threat at hand. Cquote2
Whirlwind to Shadow, Clash of Mythics: Genesis

Cquote1 You move your fucking ass away, or we’re gonna have some problems, pal. Cquote2
Whirlwind to Chaos after intervening his sudden attack on Tails, Stage 4 - Winds of Isolation

Don't let his friendly face deceive you. Whirlwind will fuck your shit up if you push his buttons one time too many. He is a major character in the Clash of Mythics series, starting with his playable debut Clash of Mythics: Genesis, the first installment of the series, in which he and one of his subordinates join Shadow in a mission to find Burst and, hopefully, get some intel regarding the Genesis Corporation, which they have been suspicious of for some time.

He also serves one of the main protagonists of Rage Against the Empire, a fanfiction adaptation of Sonic Forces, in which he - accompanied by Tails - sets out on a personal quest to exact revenge against the Eggman Empire after his home was devastated by its forces after being found by the latter in Westopolis.


Whirlwind is an adult Mobian hedgehog of average height, standing at five feet, six inches, with a lean and fairly muscular body build covered dominantly with yellow fur. He sports six large spines that are quite short in length in comparison to the likes of Sonic and sport cowlick-like spines can be seen just above each of them, as well as large fringe that slightly covers one of his eyes on his forehead area. He also sports two more spines that point downward on his back, light tan skin on his muzzle, torso area, and the insides of his ears, along with a long black nose at the very center of his muzzle and eyes that bear royal blue irises. A tiny fluff of fur can sometimes be seen on his chest and among his teeth are a pair of noticeably-sharp fangs.

Whirlwind's outfit consists of a cyan long-sleeved dress shirt with the sleeves folded up to his elbows and a few of the buttons near the collar area left unbuttoned, a custom-tailored white waistcoat with calf-length twintails, the GUN insignia emblazoned on one of the front pockets and a blue wing pattern similarly adorned on the back, and a pair black trousers held up by a leather belt with a brass buckle. He also dons a pair of white fingerless tactical gloves with light grey knuckles specially designed for hand-to-hand combat, as well as a pair of white, steel-toed boots with cyan cuffs and a golden buckle, a white stripe that travels down the front of the boot until just before the toe area. Meanwhile, straps of athletic tape can also be seen wrapped around his forearms.

Whenever he happens to be seen off-duty, while he keeps his fingerless gloves and athletic tape on his person, Whirlwind instead sports a white shirt with elbow-length sleeves underneath a blue short-sleeved jacket, a pair of dark-blue straight cut jeans, and a pair of black loafers with white outsoles.

Rage Against the Empire

In this prequel story, Whirlwind appears at least a foot shorter than his present self. In addition, his quills seem to be a lot more tattered and his skin looks slightly bruised. This most likely stems from all the running he's had to do before that point.

He initially appears wearing what seems to be a martial arts uniform, consisting of a blue sleeveless jacket with white accents, a pair of matching blue pants, a pair of black sneakers, and a black obi-styled belt, as well as a pair of bandages around each of his forearms. He also wears a brown, tattered cloak so as to keep his face hidden from the general public and especially any of Eggman's forces.

Upon joining the Rebellion of Blue, however, he abandons the cloak entirely and dons a black shirt with a layer of bulletproof material underneath his jacket and replaces his sneakers with a pair of black combat boots with white straps, which the lower legs of his pants are tucked into. He also wears a pair of white fingerless gloves with white cuffs and black accents on his hands.


Whirlwind is seen as a pretty casual and genuinely friendly man to pretty much anyone. In fact, he has been shown to be quite the goofball, which is particularly noticeable whenever he is seen off-duty. He has been implied to be something of a big eater, which is fairly justified due to how frequently he trains and fights, and having something of a sweet tooth, as he has been mentioned to possess a huge fondness for sweets. Regardless, when shit hits the fan, as they say, Whirlwind usually takes off the kid gloves and, if there's a fight involved, will make zero attempts to hide that he will smack the enemy's collective behind.

Speaking of fighting, it's clear that he loves the thrill he feels from a good fight, whether he (implicitly) holds back or not. This can be attributed to his slight temper, which has been implied to have been a huge issue for him as a youngster, but has since mellowed out to an extent in that he doesn't immediately go ham if he does become angry. However, Whirlwind still has that one point where he simply snaps, if only for a short moment.

Since he works with GUN as a soldier in the Armed Forces and is a member of the Central Guard, many GUN soldiers show a great deal of respect and even a certain level of fear towards him. However, unlike most higher-ups, Whirlwind normally feels uncomfortable with formalities and prefers to be a good and reliable friend to his subordinates rather than just their superior. That said, there are certain occasions where he does feel the need to show some appropriate courtesy and etiquette, primarily formal events involving someone of significant status.

Rage Against the Empire

In his younger years, Whirlwind was far more temperamental and a lot more prone to bursts of anger that took quite a while to fade away. In addition, while still capable of showing some level of empathy and sympathy with others, he was decidedly less friendly and more reserved of an individual overall. Instead, he was more focused on exacting his true wish of vengeance against the Empire - something made apparent during his surprise encounter with Shadow. On top of his childhood friend, Lyn, having joined them herself, this lust for revenge was the only reason he ended up joining the Rebellion of Blue's ranks in the first place.

Initially, just about the only person apart from Lyn herself that he was even remotely friendly towards was Tails, who himself had lost someone important to him at that point, as evidence by him coming to Tails' rescue when the fox boy was nearly offed by Chaos and ultimately letting him join him on his journey. Not to mention, he was able to empathize with the boy's loss to an extent, having lost a lot of people that mattered to him when Eggman's forces ravaged his now-destroyed home.

Thankfully, being around the rest of the members of the organization has helped mellow him out, if only slightly. Particularly, his befriending of Elite Hunter and fellow rebel, Glacier Von Fang, helped him fully regain his ability to find trust in other people - something he would grow up to be eternally grateful for. Unfortunately, fate always manages to find some way to bring him down time and time again...


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Powers and Abilities

Whirlwind possesses the power to manipulate the latent energy within his physical form, or simply ki for short. When exerting a large amount of this energy, the aura that is manifested resembles that of a violently raging wind, hence his nickname. With the usage of this power, Whirlwind's physical prowess in general is greatly enhanced, and he has made several techniques that he uses in battle.

Some of these techniques include the Storm Rocket, which has him focus varying amounts of energy into his fists before landing a savage blow that knocks the opponent away, the Zephyr Blade, an energy projectile that can potentially cut through anything at full power, the Whirlwind Rush, a lightning-fast flurry of ki-enhanced punches, and the Rising Hurricane, a powerful rising uppercut enhanced by ki that launches foes into the air. The latter move is notable for having a more powerful variant, dubbed the Grand Hurricane, as well as being Whirlwind's go-to move for finishing any fights he takes part of.

One particular technique that Whirlwind has at his disposal but has almost never used is the Galeforce Blast, which can utterly devastate his opponent in one shot should it land. Of course, the raw power of this particular move means that unleashing it can cause him a great amount of physical strain in his usual state. Ergo, he makes use of it only in the most dire and desperate of scenarios - that is, not often.

Of course, Whirlwind wouldn't be able to make use of that latent power were it not for his incredible physical strength, which allows him to beat most enemies into a pulp with a few good hits, though it normally doesn't exceed that of the likes of Knuckles. In addition, while not quite as fast as either Sonic or Shadow, he still sports an impressive level of speed and agility, allowing him to hit his enemies with a flurry of blows at lightning speed, primarily with his Whirlwind Rush technique, as well as move around the battlefield rather quickly. In some situations, he can even create afterimages of himself in order to confuse the opponent by spontaneously moving at high speeds with his Split Second maneuver.

With this much power in his hands, Whirlwind makes for an incredibly-devastating and fearsome combatant in the battlefield, and those foolish enough to tangle with him are likely in for a world of hurt.


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  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 8 - Whirlwind's strength is certainly nothing to sneeze at, as his punches are capable of leaving craters of varying sizes, depending on how much force he puts into them.

Defense: 7 - He's certainly got the toughness and durability to back his awesome strength up. Meanwhile, experience has taught him a thing or two about playing the defensive game in a fight.

Speed: 7 - His speed can be enhanced with his ki manipulation, giving him a short boost. Even without, he's pretty fast in his own right and his strikes are rather hard to avoid.

Magic: 6 - Whirlwind's mastery over his own ki gives him a certain edge in battle, but there are certain fields in the usage of this kind of power where he is utterly hopeless at.

Evasion: 7 - His agility compliments his power by letting him evade powerful blows and dish out his own striking moves.

Intelligence: 7 - Despite his laidback and goofy nature, Whirlwind is perfectly capable of coming up with complex strategies and is generally able to think through a great deal of situations where punching his way out would be detrimental.

Skills: 9 - Whirlwind is arguably one of the most skilled fighters in the roster. It's a shame that he's been implied to be holding back a great deal, meaning he doesn't get to show off his true potential much.

Accuracy: 7 - Coupled with his great skill, the speed of Whirlwind's attacks mean they often make their mark.

Stamina: 8 - Thanks to his athleticism and physical build, on top of his frequent training sessions, Whirlwind is able to keep on the good fight for quite a while.

Tolerance: 7 - His past experiences have toughened him up and made him significantly less susceptible to pain.

Overall: 73%

Attack: 7 - Whirlwind's strikes are surprisingly powerful, as wild and frantic as they appear to be.

Defense: 6 - Whirlwind is fairly tough, able to handle quite a bit of punishment, though he relies little on fighting defensively.

Speed: 7 - Living up to the element of wind, Whirlwind is quite fast - both on his movement and in his attacks, the latter of which makes him all the more dangerous.

Magic: 6 - Having control over his ki does provide a certain edge, though just how much of it he can actually use before needing to take a breather is somewhat limited.

Evasion: 6 - Whirlwind is quite agile and can easily evade the enemy for a while, though he'd rather take the enemy down as quickly as possible.

Intelligence: 5 - Having a bit of a one-track mind, especially when it comes to the Eggman Empire, does make Whirlwind rather short-sighted at times.

Skills: 6 - Relying solely on his rage and raw power means that Whirlwind doesn't use as much finesse in his fighting as he probably should.

Accuracy: 6 - Due to his lack of finesse, smarter opponents can easily read his movements if he isn't careful, even if those blows hurt like hell.

Stamina: 8 - Due to his physical condition, Whirlwind can keep himself going for an impressive amount of time.

Tolerance: 7 - Whirlwind is able to ignore quite a bit of pain inflicted on him, if only because he's that dead set on beating the enemy in front of him.

Overall: 68%


Despite being very strong, Whirlwind has his fair share of weaknesses. First and foremost, despite being level-headed in most situations, Whirlwind is quite the aggressive fighter, preferring to rush the enemy down with his striking blows and having little in the ranged department. Speaking of which, he sometimes has trouble with opponents who prefer to fight from a safe distance as they can easily keep him at bay with their defensive plays.

In addition, he has to be careful in how much of his ki he actually uses in a fight, as using too much of it at once can merely tucker him out at best. In worse cases, he can put himself in a very dangerous situation due to fatigue with almost no way of escape and get himself killed. Not to mention, his ki flow can easily be disrupted should he be on the receiving end of any serious wounds and the consequent amount of blood loss. Alternatively, one simply has to find a way to disrupt his breathing in order to weaken him.

In his younger years, Whirlwind admittedly had very little control over his ki, due to a relative shortage of proper training at the time, and was quite reliant on raw power alone to deal with his enemies. While this has made him quite the powerhouse that could smash the competition quickly, this also makes him especially susceptible to opponents with more proficient control over their ki, such as Rubeus or Espio as a few key examples.


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  • Whirlwind's abilities - and by proxy, other characters who utilize ki in the Crimson Flame Continuity, take several cues of similar concepts from anime such as Ki from Dragon Ball Z, Nen from Hunter × Hunter, and Hamon - or Ripple, if you prefer - from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Whirlwind shares his current surname, Reyes, with Gabriel Reyes (AKA Reaper) from Overwatch.
    • The surname means "kings" or "royals" in Spanish, which is a good fit for his relatively important role in the series as well as his GUN rank.
  • Whirlwind's moveset is basically a mix of the basic Shotokan moveset from Street Fighter and a good number of Makoto Nanaya's moves in BlazBlue.
    • No, he does not wish to wear anything that resembles Makoto's battle uniform.
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