All Right guys Sorry for being gone so long.hehehehe -_-but this is my next big thing,I will be continuing Hedgehog trio but I thought I needed a bit of a break.You understand righ?Good.But enough about that I'll get started with tis stuff.Bye Now!


A force much stronger than anything Sonic's ever faced comes to destroy the enbodyment of time itself!Sonic and

friends team up to destroy the mysterious being and save the world!

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What I'm Made Of
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E-102 Gamma


Chaos the Hedgehog

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Time Eater



yet to be finished

The Following Story You are about to hear happened exactly 1 month after sonic 06.Please enjoy the story.

Chapter 1:The Beginning of the End

Eggman's base:Holoska:25:71

Eggman:OH HOO HOO HOO HOO HOO(Cough cough)Launch the Eggbird,Get ready for the test run.Hmph this time I can't lose! OH HO HO HO!

E-102 Gamma:(quietly)Thats what he always says.Right away sir!(snicker)

Seaside Hill:Apotos:25:75

Sonic:Ha!Are ya crazy Tails!?Old Eggy was obliterated! remember?

Tails:Haha!I guess your right!I guess I just worry to much.

Knuckles:So Sonic is it true?

Sonic:Is what true?

Knux:Is Eggman really dead?

Sonic:Yup.He was killed along with the Egg carrier!

Knuckles:Hm I thougt for sure I saw Him earlier.

Tails:Oh yeah I almost forgot! I need to finish the Extreme Gear For Rouge!I gotta go Bye!

Sonic:Huh?What was up with him?!

Knux:Oh nothing probably.

Tails' House:Apotos:25:30

Tails:Alright Rouge Here ya go!

Rouge:Thanks I needed this.Bye!

Eggbird:The Great Sea:1:56

Eggman:Let's head to the Seaside Hill Sonic's there.Mhmhhmm.



Eggman:Who are you and what do you want!?

???:I am #&^!$)(^&%$#^&^)(& but you can just call me Mantees the Great.I came hear to destroy you and that idiot Sonic!


Chapter 2:An Interdimensional Adventure

A few weeks later on a different planet known as Mobus:

Chaos Isle:The Great Sea:1:56

Hector:My World was destroyed before I was Born.I always ask people how it happened ,but they always point to the ice.

Chaos:Hector,It's appeared again!

Hector:(runs over)Huh!This won't ever end!What's the use of this?!

Chaos:Hector,it's not what you think.There's a way,I just know it!

Hector:How,how can we truely defeat it!?

Mantees:By knowing the truth of course.

(Record scraches then stops)

Megasonicfan18:Hold on.I bet you recognize this from Sonic 06.But it's all about to change trust me.(Fixes record)


Eggbird:The Great Sea:2:00

Eggman:(Chough chough)Please we're on you side we're trying to kill Sonic too!

E-102 Gamma:What are you talking about s-(Eggman turns him off)

Mantees:You fool!You honestly think you can trick me!?

(Silver blast through)

Silver:It's no use!(Uses Telekinesis to through Mantees of the Eggbird)

Mantees:STOOooo-(Can no longer be heard)

Eggman:Silver!?What are you doing here!

Silver:I came here to stop your plans!Where's Sonic Where did you keep him!

Eggman:What are you talking about?I just began searching for him?!

Chaos Isle:The Great Sea:3:00

Hector:What do'ya mean?

Mantees:Just Jump into this portal and you will be in the Dimension of who you wish to meet.

Chaos:What portal?

Mantees:(Throws out Ring and enlarged it so that Hector,Chaos and Mantees can enter it)This is a Ring Portal.If you enter it you will be where you wish.

Hector:How can we be sure this isn't a trick?

Chaos:Yeah How can we!

Mantees:(Pushes Chaos and Hector into the Portal)Hmph(Jumps into Ring as well)

Chapter 3:Scattered

Sometime later


Chaos:Hector!!Hector!!!Can you hear me!!?Uhg it's no use.I'll never find him.

(Suddenly a Ring Portal appeared and Mantees fell out.)

Chaos:Huh wha- Mantees are you ok!?

Mantees:Chaos! Hector Attacked me!He said I tricked him and that you only let me push you into the portal is because you didn't have the strength!

Chaos:What?That's a lie!You,you tricked me didn't you!?

Mantees:Haha.So you figured me out did you?Well I guess this is as good of a time to kill you as any!Ha!

Plains:Green Hill:23:70


Tails:SONic!(Voice fades as he falls of the Jet)

Sonic:(Sobbing)No Tails!You!It was your fault wasn't it!

Mantees:Ha!You figured it out did you?You see,I've been warping through timelines and here,in your timeline I came here to get you so Heartbroken that you couldn't fight me!Hahaha!

Sonic:So you did this so that I would be to sad to fight ya?Whell ya made one mistake!Ha!(Turns to Dark Sonic)

Mantees:What's this?AHHH!!!(Get's nearly killed by Dark Sonic)What kind of-of power if this?!

Dark Sonic:It's time to end this!Ha!(Gets knocked of the plane by Mantees and turns back to normal)


Hector:Chaos!!Where are ya!(Gets mauled by Mantees)AH!Mantees!Where's Chaos!?

Chaos:Right here!HAAAH!(launches at Mantees)

Mantees:(Groans in pain)You won't get away with this!(Fades into nothing)

Hector:Thanks Chaos!What just happened?

Chaos:I really don't know.


Mantees:Mas--- -v-- fai--- y--.--ll y-o for--ve me?

???:Never!- m-st k--- you --r --- m--d-eds!

Chapter 4:Unkown Data


???You fool!You don't stand a chance!

Mantees:Hah!(Throws Ring Portal and enters it)Escaped what a relief!wah?Ahh!(Falls back into the ???)M-master!How did you do that!?

Master:I see you can't stand living here.So I will let you go back to Mobus!YAH!(Uses Black Magic to warp him back to Mobus)

Mantees:Yes!I escaped him!Wha-(Looks down and notices he looks completely different)AHH!Wha-what happended!?

Hector:(runs up and stop after seeing Mantees)Hey!Who are ya!?You Don't look like your from he...wait one minuet..Your Mantees!

Mantees:Yes I'm glad you recodnize me.But,we have to leave this world now!

Hector:Wh-(Chaos runs up and smash into him trying to stop running)Hey!?What'ya do that for!?Any way ,what I was saying,What!?We gotta leave!?Why?

Chaos:(Breaths Heavily)R-run He's h-here!


Mantees:My Master!He's Unstoppable!

Chaos:Who the heck are you?

Mantees:I'm Mantees you fool!My master,he's invincible!As long as he has this mysterious Unknown Data I found while I was hacking a computer at knothole!It turns out it's some sort of invincibility mechanism!

Hector:Do you know anything more about this mechanism?

Mantees:Yes,come,let me tell you more.A few months back I was searching in knothole for something my master needed.He never told me exactly where to look ,but at the point I didn't know I shouldn't trust him.As far as I knew I was doing a good thing.What a blind bat I was.It was late at night so I thought everyone would be asleep.I was wrong.There was this blue hedgehog cald Sonic and h-

Chaos:Did you say "Sonic"?

Mantees:Yes ,I did.Why?

Chaos:Did you fight him?


Chaos:Huh!?He's one of my best friends!

Mantees:Sorry about that,anyway.Your lucky,He kicked my butt.So as I was say-

(suddenly a strange airship approched.)

Chapter 5:The end of time


(Airship stop as a large mysterious portal begins to suck up everything on Mobus!)

Hector:RUN!(Jets of but gets pulled into the portal)AHH!Help me!

Chaos:(digs a 10 foot hole in the ground that took about 5 seconds)Gah!Hel-(gets sucked into portal)

Mantees got sucked in as well as the entire planet

Sonic:Ugh.Whe-where am I?(walks around for awhile and finds Tails!)Tails!Buddy!How did'ya get here?I thought you were dead!

Tails:Sonic!Sorry,I really don't have an explonation for that one!Sorry!Haha!The last thing I remember is falling ,but before I hit the ground a strange black light formed around me.I wasn't sure of what it was ,but I think it might of been the eternal darkness I read of in my science book!Before I could say a word I felt like something was poking me.I felt as a mystrious power was pulling me into...into...I really don't know!

Sonic:Sweet!I think.Say,Do ya know where knux is?

Tails:Yeah,actually I do!I think I saw him in that huge black castle over there.

Sonic:Thanks!See'ya!(jets of to the black castle)

Tails:Hey!Wait for me!Haha!

-Suddenly the scene switches to Knuckles-

Knux:(Yelling)Sonic! Tails! Shadow!? Anyone!(Coughs)Hmm...This isn't Mobious anymore ,that's for sure.I'll take a look around(Runs off)

Megasonicfan18:Sorry I'm having a brain fart.soo I'll right more later,K!

to be continued


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