This article is for everyone who ever has or plans on creating a new character page. With the move coming up, we really need to clean up bad articles, so this tutorial will be your guide to creating a better page.

I hope you enjoy!

Starting out

First off, remove the placeholder picture and the first line on the new article. After that, start on a Character Template. You can find it in the "template" button at the top bar when editing. Here, list your character's age, powers, relatives, anything. Add the box in, then start on the first paragraph. This is the best opportunity to draw in readers. If the first paragraph is interesting and well built, everyone who reads it will want to see the rest of the article. It shouldn't be too in depth, but it shouldn't just be "this character is a hedgehog from this group" either. Stretch it out to one or two paragraphs (a paragraph is three or more sentences.) After this, start on the rest of the page.


On every clean page, there are sections for different aspects of a character: Personality, Relationships, Abilities. When building a new page, there are three crucial sections you should add:

  • History: Give the character an interesting backstory. The backstory can be split into even more headers depending on what point in their life this took place.
  • Abilities: Here, describe your characters powers, weapons, and abilities.
  • Relationships: Describe any important characters they've met.

In each of these sections, one should try writing at least three paragraphs.You can also add aditional sections for Quotes or the character's personality.


The gallery, a beautiful piece at the bottom of the page that sets your character apart from the rest. Add images to give readers a visual aid. It's one thing describing a character's appearance, but another to have an actual image.

Other Important Tips


I honestly can't stress this enough, but headers make all the difference when building a new page. They make the page easier to navigate and look cleaner. Headers too can be seen in the bar when editing.


When you finish writing the page down, go back and look for typos and spelling errors. If you're not sure about how the word is spelled, try an internet Dictionary. There will always be a typo here and there that you'll miss, but you don't want your entire page filled wsith mistakes.

Internet Speak

One of those things that are destroying our language and pages: Internet Speak. Do not put things like "LOL" or "OMG" or "XD" in a page that's meant to be taken seriously. Also, don't replace words with numbers, such as "for" with "4".


If you're strugging to write your page, try looking at other's pages. But under no circumstances should you copy a backstory or attack set. This is plagerism, and it can get you banned.

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