West Allis
Consolidated city-county
Vital Information
Founded January 5, 1823
Country Federal Republic of Emeraldsbourg
County Allis
Type of government Democracy
Head of government Julie Harmare (ELP)
2009 Estimate 698,923
Density 3,500/sq. mi
Metro Population 2,900,394
Denonym West Allisian

West Allis is a city in the Federal Repbulic of Emeraldsbourg. The city consolidated with Allis County in 1983, thus tripling its population. West Allis is larger than its neighbor a hundred miles to the west, but does not have the same enterprise-based economy that it has.

The large mixed-use development called Prower Center is located in West Allis. The Prower Broadcasting Corporation is headquartered in the city because of the development.


The city's name is derived from colonial times. In 1699, the small community of Olde Allis was founded. The city had a thriving spice trading business, and the economy boomed. However, the colony failed and was abandoned by 1799. In 1820, West Allis was founded as a post office and was incorporated 3 years later. The name comes from the fact that it is 7 miles west of the former colony.

City History


In 1820, the EPC (Emeraldsbourg Postal Company,) set up a small post office in a wheat field. The post office grew to be a small village, and the town was incoporated by the Emeraldsbourg Parliament as West Allis on January 5, 1823.

The city would become part of Allis County in 1832, and was made the county seat in 1855.

Prosperity and Panic

It wouldn't take long for West Allis to boom and enjoy economic prosperity. Its location between the sea to the west and the capital Mobius Corners to the east ensured that the city would become an engine for the future. New schools and roads were built, and new businesses, such as Smith's Fur Trading, came to the area.

In 1916, however, the corn crop failed, and this started a ripple that would be felt through the entire economy. The Panic of 1916 took the whole country by surprise. West Allis was not hit as hard as its western neighbor, but nonetheless, the city's unemployment rate did reach 18% by mid-1917.


The city is served by the Allis County Public School District, which serves all of Allis County.

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