Weretruck Desert Hawk is the Desert Hawk's Weretruck form.


The Desert Hawk's appearance changes dramatically at night. It's paint job becomes darker and its bodywork becomes more sinister, thus making it harder to spot in the night time. Its engine is completely cloaked with darkness, and it features dark (and somewhat extremely powerful) tentacles from underneath its hood bonnet; and it has dark turrets mounted on its roof (ultimately replacing its roof lights). Like many other Weres, it contains sharp Were teeth, hidden underneath its hood, used for trapping its victims and causing it to transform into other Weres.


In RP: Werehog Plague, after dropping off Albus at the hospital, its roof lights catch Werehog Kyle. It attempts to escape Werehog Kyle, but Werefox Hunter stops it from escaping and Kyle rips its hood away, thus revealing its engine. It uses Over-Rev to deafen KKyle and Hunter, but Werefox Hunter flips it on its roof, thus shattering its roof lights and rendering it not being able to escape. Werehog Kyle bites down its engine so hard, that the trophy truck blows up into flames.

It even attacks Kotuumath, unseen, by trapping him with its tentacles (once opening its hood bonnet), thus allowing Werehog Shima to bite down on his arm once more. Then, it encounters J's vroadster, the RG-15 and traps it with its tentacles, thus allowing Werecat Albus to bite off its engine.

The Weretruck Desert Hawk catches Alyssa and let's Werehog Shima to tear her alive, although the Weretruck grabs the now bitten Alyssa, thus allowing her to transform into her Werewolf form and starts searching for J and Hali. It manages to trap J in an attempt to pull him away (and squeezing his stomach, which crushes his insides), until its tentacles was cut off all of a sudden.


RP: Werehog Plague

The Desert Hawk is turned into its Weretruck form by Werehog Kyle during this roleplay.

The Weretruck was then reverted back to normal, along with the Werester RG-15 caused by J the Hedgehog, who was armed with the Light Gaia Pearl.

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