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Werehogs (ウェレホッグ, Weahoggu?) are mobian monsters featured in the game Sonic: Monsters from The Other World, be given as an inspiration by Sonic the Werehog in the Sonic Monster World series.

Monster Info

“ This monster is a runt that he is ready to pounce some butt kicking and have wild adventure to howl for all his might for the moonlight, about turning him into your favorite pet rascal.”
- Dr. Elleanor


- 博士はエレノア

True Divine Generation

Coming soon....



Sonic the Werehog used as an example.

Like Sonic's Werehog form, they have fluffy fur covered in full body, longer claws on their fingernails, pointy ears, and long tail (a little bit long).

Gender Identification

The male werehogs mainly can be vastly different with different markings. According to the concept art, werehogs look unique with ears, muscle growth, and fur increase.

The female werehogs are evenly more feminine, less fur wrists, mostly fur chest, and their eye shape, according to the concept.



Baby werehogs are called puphogs, applied to both genders. They were protected from their mothers as they grow up as toddler version of werehogs.


Manhogs are first feral, giving the male feral werehog taller as the average a teenage human, having the wolf features

Femhogs are the only feral forms that females have humanoid/less mobian body form, arms and legs grown very slim and middle wolf-like like the manhogs.

Beasthogs are the last second forms of the manhog. Their appearance have gone a larger size than a common bear, especially everything: their fur more fluffier, claws are more sharper, and their features and face have gone more lupinic than normal- which makes them more terrifying and abominated.


  • According to Dr. Elleanorvia, werehogs have a strong connection to minotaurs.


  • The term beasthog has the the word "beast" which is used to described to and only an extremely feral werehog.
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